Father Gets 18 Months: Abusing Daughter

June 2, 2011

A Bermudian man was today [June 2] sentenced to eighteen months in prison after having been convicted and found guilty of sexually interfering with his daughter. The man cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The offence had occurred seven years ago when the victim was in her mid teens. Between then and now, the defendant, now convicted and sentenced, had maintained his innocence and had lodged several appeals which had helped protract the final resolution of the case until today’s sentencing hearing before Magistrate Archie Warner.

In reading out the decision of the Magistrate who had first decided and convicted the man seven years ago, Magistrate Warner was told, in that written decision from that original trial, that the victim had alleged, in her testimony, that the defendant – her father – had claimed that his behavior towards and with her was accepted within the culture of the community from which he came.

At today’s sentence hearing it transpired that the man had finally admitted to his guilt in a very recently prepared Social Inquiry Report. Crown Prosecutor Robert Welling asked for an immediate custodial sentence.

Lawyer Elizabeth Christopher, in seeking sentence mitigation, pointed out that the man and his daughter had finally reconciled; that he had apologized to his daughter, had rebuilt a relationship with his daughter, and that this rebuilt relationship was not abusive.

Ms Christopher said that the man was now willing to publicly apologize to his daughter, who was present in Court for this hearing.

Ms Christopher argued that how the victim currently feels should be taken into consideration when determining sentence.

Ms Christopher also provided a letter from a doctor. This letter indicated, the lawyer said, that the man was seriously ill and that time spent in prison might well cause his medical situation to worsen.

Asked by Magistrate Warner what he had to say, the man replied: “I am sorry for what happened between me and my daughter. Please forgive me. I want her to forgive me. I plan to spend the rest of my life with my wife and daughter. It should never have happened.”

Magistrate Warner’s sentence of eighteen months in prison is to be followed by two years on probation.

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  1. Sheriff says:

    What culture says >> yes, of course you can go ahead and touch your daughter sexually, it’s ok… sicko ! Please give these fools a pamphlet of the do’s and dont’s on the plane when they’re coming across to live! no morals and values.. touch huh…break yah fingers, cut ‘it’ off and scratch out yah eyes!

    • White Christ says:

      Exactly! And I’ll bet 100% wherever he comes from they probably hang ppl like that in the street or behead em. He was lying, trying to take advantage of the western worlds often lack of multi-cultural understanding.

  2. Bermudian says:

    ONLY 18 MONTHS?!?!?!?! You have got to be kidding me….

    • Notorious says:

      Same thing I said! Ridiculous. If he’s capable of doing to his own flesh and blood he’s capable of harming anyone. He needs to be locked away forever, that’s disgusting.

    • Mike says:

      That sentence sends a dreadful message to young girls everywhere.

      • reality check says:

        I agree. where the heck is the real justice for this girl?

    • True Dat says:

      Thats how In feel!!! What the Hell is 18months?!?!?!??!?!

  3. United says:

    His own child?! Not that fiddling someone else’s child is acceptable. But where the HELL in the world that this guy comes from that it is ok? And why not post his name? In the U.S. once you are indicted and convicted it is public record and the name of the guilty party is published, I can understand not posting the victim’s name. That is really awful and despicable.

    • Protecting the Victim says:

      In cases like this, the offender’s name cannot be released because to identify him would automatically identify her. Bermuda is a small place so when identifying the perpetrator has the potential to identify the victim, the victim’s protection takes priority to avoid further trauma.

      • United says:

        Good point. I hadn’t thought about that.

      • Real Talk says:

        It would not be an infringement on the victims rights to have mandatory sex offender registration upon completion of the sentence of incarceration – that way the register can simply be updated upon the individuals release without details of the victim being uncovered…

        • Protecting the Victim says:

          You’re right. But that is different from publishing the offender’s name upon conviction.

  4. Kathy says:

    …uh, let’s read it again, it says a “Bermudian man”…he comes from OUR culture…which has been worsened by the media and games we play, some of which allow you to rape a woman during the play of the video game.

    Why is this man sick? Because we are allowing our culture to change and these things (similar to gun crime) are becoming more and more acceptable in our society. It is we, as a whole group of people, that need to change…don’t allow your children to play these sick video games, watch offensive tv and video programs. We have to take control of our own culture.

    Hats off to the young girl who probably had to testify against her own father for his wrongdoings! God will forgive him, if she can. He should be closely monitored after his release from prison. Quite often an offender is a repeat offender.

    • White Christ says:

      ……uh there CAN be a difference between one’s nationality and a ‘culture from which one came’ whatever that means. It is possible that he’s a bermudian by nationality and it can still be possible that he lived, grew-up, or spent an amount of time somewhere else in the world. Or you could be right and that community or culture he’s talking about is right here in Bermy somewhere. But he def aint talking about Bermy

    • starman says:

      We lost our culture way back when American tv arrived on the Island.

  5. YES MATE! says:

    Any decent doctor knows that sex offenders CAN NOT BE CURED. This so called man will do it again.

  6. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Theres no excuse in the world for this type of reprehensible behavior . Archie had every right to break his friggin foot off in this perverts backside . Kick all the dust outta his pants .

  7. Me says:

    What is wrong with these judges? How is it they are meting out slap on the wrist sentences for paedophiles?

  8. White Christ says:

    Our daughters are doomed! I am losing faith in the court system. Anybody touch my children in that way they better be permanently institutionalized for insanity or imma kill the bastard myself! Ta hell with 18 months

  9. Haha says:

    Bermudian man yes ,but that’s not our culture to sleep with our daughter. Dats sum bull$h#%!!!!!! What type of people accept this type behavior from which they came from? Maybe those that say Ajoe I’m just saying SMH

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      WTF are you talking about? AJOE? You are a disgusting fool! It is NOT right in any culture especially the Portuguese culture for a man to touch his child inappropriately!! F@$# you and the horse you rode in! How dare you insinuate that Portuguese men molest their daughters!! PIG! Furthermore, don’t act like you’ve never heard of Bermudian men touching their family members. It happens more often than you’d like to know, but I’m sure you know that already. Open you eyes man!!

    • Not Suprised says:

      @haha: YOU my dear are a moroon I’m just saying! And I phrased that nicely!

  10. Interesting.... says:

    Hmm….. this is disturbing! I wonder what age he chose to be a sex offender?


  12. donna says:

    name this person this is disgusting

  13. It's gonna be a long hot summer says:

    This man is pure evil. If you read the story, he told HER that it was acceptable behaviour in his culture.

    “that the victim had alleged, in her testimony, that the defendant – her father – had claimed that his behavior towards and with her was accepted within the culture of the community from which he came”

    Then he spent 7 years denying it

    “The offence had occurred seven years ago when the victim was in her mid teens. Between then and now, the defendant, now convicted and sentenced, had maintained his innocence and had lodged several appeals ”

    And now he finally admits his guilt. Not only did he assault his daughter, he denied it for 7 years knowing it was true. And she had to live her young adulthood, knowing this happened to her and was basically called a liar by him.

    And now that he is “seriously ill” he gets away with a year in jail. (two thirds of 18 months)

    How the heck can the victim or her mother forgive him? Who are these people? What is WRONG with them? I just don’t understand the mentality. He should spend the rest of his short life rotting away in a cell for what he has done. This sickens me to my core. It must be a cultural thing because I just don’t get it.

  14. confused? says:

    It’s only one culture that does this to the little girls becuase they wanna break them in first i think it begins with a P. Mind control is a serioius thing the hands dont always have to be chained sometimes it is the mind that is in chains!

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      Look at this comment above everybody!! Another ignorant jack@ss hits Bernews again! Bernews…you have to do something about accepting comments from people with an inadeqaute level of intelligence to paticipate in these type of forums. Disgusting!!! AGAIN….PORTUGUESE MEN DO NOT MOLEST THEIR CHILDREN!!! The fool in this article obviously made the comment that it ws acceptable within the culture of his community to justify his actions. Also, if he is a Bermudian man, I wonder which community he is talking about? DUH!?!?

    • Not Suprised says:

      I’m Sorry and what culture would that be that begins with a P? I’m Portuguese Bermudian and if you are referring to my culture, then you too are a moroon. I don’t know where you get your information but you are dead wrong and for you to even suggest that about the portuguese culture is disgusting and you are one ignorant person just like HAHA above!!!!

      THE PORTUGUESE COMMUNITY does NOT do that. Get your facts straight before you open your pathetic, uneducated mouth! or in this case allow your finger to prove how stupid you really are! PATHETIC!

      • It's gonna be a long hot summer says:

        First please understand that I am not claiming I believe this but unfortunately it is an opinion that is out there. I am not from Bermuda so I am not basing this on personal experience however when I was looking for a home caregiver for my baby, my Bermudian husband and other Bermudian friends did suggest that these kinds of things do happen in Portuguese families from their experience and conversations with Portuguese young women. I am not saying this is true or correct but it is a misconception that is out there that people may not say to your face but you should be aware they are saying it behind your back.

        • Not Suprised says:

          Well then there are more stupid people in this little island that we call home then I thought there were. Makes me sick. And anyone with an ounce of sense would figure out that that is Ludacris! I’m sure I could go on and on about the things people say about Bermudians or blacks and other cultures that are also ludacris and not true . But I at least have brains, unlike others ,to know they are horrible falsities and never even consider such things.

          To my fellow Bermudians, YOU ARE DEAD wrong. This is not a Portuguese thing and never ever has been, EVER!!!! It’s is the biggest load of Sh!t I have ever heard. So let me set the record straight! If this has happened to some young women who happen to be portuguese, It’s because like this perverted a$$hole, Their fathers were too!! and has nothing to do with culture. Our Portuguese ancestors would turn in their graves!! All of the dedicated ,honest , good and hardworking portuguese fathers and families in Bermuda should be sickened and insulted to know that this is what is said. I can not tell you how much these false statements have angered me! It has made me sick to my stomach. I am Portuguese, My father is the best man on this planet! He did not or would ever do anything like this as well as my uncles or anyone i have ever known. In fact if anyone ever did anything like that to their daughters they would be dead. Our families always taught us to respect ourselves and our bodies. And saving yourself for marriage is a huge thing!! NO ONE HAS EVER BROKEN ANYONE IN!!!

          And the portuguese nannies “Tias” are some of the best out there.

          I’m sick to my stomach that people on this island would actally think some as deplorable as that of the Portuguese people.

  15. shame of the system says:

    In other times, they was cutting they genitals and leaving them for the crows….I just wondering if we could do the same for this b%$tards!!!!!! Pedofilic hurting his own blood!! I’m so furious!!!

  16. disgusted! says:

    i cannot believe this sentence, and to say that they are now building healthy relationship is so disturbing , one does not simply stop being a sick minded person! and a sexual preditor! , and only a 18 month sentence for such a heinous crime ! sets an example for others that they can too do as they please and get a slap on the wrist. What that poor girl has to live with for the rest of her life is heartbreaking and he should be put away for the rest of his days for causing such harm! – GET IT TOGETHER BERMUDA ! protect are youths!

  17. reality check says:

    my word…the family and community dynamic definitely needs to be fixed. this is diplorable! my heart goes out to that young girl and someone needs to get a hold of that man and put some licks into him.

  18. Let's Think About This... says:

    I’m proud the girl/young woman for coming forward about her abuse, and of anyone else who has come forward about being abused. So much more goes unreported because the victim is scared or their family “sweeps it under the mat” because of who the perpetrator is or to spare the victim of the trauma of a trial. The punishment needs to be harsher and the legislation against offenders tighter. These victims, especially the children, are being messed up for life. Not every one recovers and becomes a productive adult. Even then, they still battle with the damage. Offenders need to be banned from interacting with kids, living close to schools, their names publicized if it won’t expose the victim. This isn’t only to shame them, but to alert parents of who to keep their kids away from. These children will take care of our country after the present generation moves on. They need to be protected now. Stand up for your kids, listen to what they say, question changes in behavior, report people when they mess with your kids. You might save your child further abuse, and save another from any.

  19. Kim Smith says:

    When is Bermuda going to come out of the dark ages and set up a Sex Offenders’ Registry – it would go a way to blocking the perpetrator from being able to sculk around behind the protection of anonymity that the court currently provides.

    • Nothing But the Truth says:

      “Sex Offenders’ Registry” – I completely agree. for a small island we have to many of these stories. it makes me sick! why are we protecting the offenders? you should lose that right when you decide to destroy other peoples lives.

  20. youngblackbdafemale says:

    I understand all of these comments above. But anyone who hasn’t been in that situation, would find it hard to believe that the girl can forgive her father. But ere is what most people fail to realize – in abuse cases like this, oftentimes the perpetrator has experienced abuse at the hand of someone else. It can become a cycle that is hard to break if the issue remains unresolved. He could’ve had something similar happened to him, perhaps by one of his parents or a close family member; thus making his comment about it being “accepted in the culture of his community”.

    His daughter chose to forgive him because a)she was probably tired of walking around with this unbearable burden of this ordeal; b)she probably incapable of having a healthy relationship with another male because of the ordeal; c)she was probably having a difficult time fulfilling her life’s dreams because of this experience; d)or she has probably felt all of these things and more – was tired of being his prisoner even though the actual abuse has ended years ago.

    You see, whatever her reasons were – I’m sure she did it to maintain her sanity! Trust me, I know…I’ve been abused just like her – I was abused by one of my brothers.

  21. Stupid Comment says:

    @HAHAH that comment was really uncalled for about AJOE! This type of behaviour happens all around the world and it is not a culture thing so stupid offending other races! It is a sick indivdual no matter what his backround is!!!I have noticed it is happening alot lately in Bermuda with Bermudians! So is this a new culture practive in Bermuda??? Think before you write! I feel for this young lady and hope she recieves the help that she needs to recover from this.

  22. Gina says:

    Pervert – culture my A##, its an excuse of an idiot – and he should have gotten 20 years, if it is his culture then go back to his homeland and live there and take himself and his family out of Bermuda.

  23. Disgusted says:

    How is 18 mths enough???! The daughter has to live with this for the rest of her life! Very very disturbing as well as sex offenders do not deserve to have their identity protected!


  24. huh says:

    he’s Bermudian… they did state what he is….

  25. Goose says:

    Genesis 19:30-38, the story of Lot and his two daughters condones this.

    Until we erase this Christian menace from our land our people will continue to be corrupted by it. Hurricanes will come and wash us all away, and the ground will split and swallow our Christian nation whole.

    • reality check says:

      Um ok Lucy Goosey…Let’s get a few things straight. The Bible has every story and life scenerio possible. Just because it happened in Biblical days doesn’t make it appropriate and I’m pretty sure that if you read a little further down or any other story this lewdity is looked down upon. Oh…and in case you hadn’t realized incest is ILLEGAL! It’s sick and perverse! I’d like to say that if this took place in your family you’d be pretty heated but from the looks of things you’re just as sick as the perp.

  26. cocoa says:

    This is very sad and disgusting. My hope is that she will be able to lead a normal adult life, which I doubt very strongly. Eighteen months is not enought time for the father, his daughter has this “hanging over her head” for as long as she lives. Pathetic.

  27. Uncle Nick says:

    I wonder if people actually read about this in the Holy Bible (having sex with family) will they still think it’s sad & disgusting…. I hope so! I been reading Ber-news forums everyday. I’m glad to see that Religious is failing its people. Especially Christianity!

  28. Bermuda is Devil's Isle says:

    18 months but yet the police officer got 25 years for molesting them boys, who is he is he a free Mason or something like wtf is wrong with Bermuda system it takes 7 years to give 18 month prison sentence out in 1 year —- Cut his dick off and put it in his mouth then put him on Front Street down the flag pole for every1 to see, like in the Slavery Days When a Black man rapped a white woman, go back to the old school days!!! Bermuda court system is run by Magistrates in England a Magistrate is some one that does Community Service in the court system and does it for free and any1 in England can apply to be a magistrates Bermuda Court system is a joke man… No were else in the world would this sentence be acceptable, Then you wander y u have shooters on the loose, no 1 knows what their child hood days held!!!