Traffic Delays Due To Wall Collapse

September 1, 2011

[Updated] Morning commuters faced traffic delays this morning [Sept. 1] after a wall collapsed on Harbour Road in the Paget area. Traffic was restricted to one way as of 10am, with those heading out of Hamilton diverted along another route.

wall collapse sept 1 2011 (2)

Bystanders suggested the collapse may have been predicated by the recent rainfall. Works and Engineering were on scene working to clean up the area and restrict traffic.

wall collapse sept 1 2011 (1)

Update: A police spokesperson said, “At approximately 7am on Thursday September 1, Police responded to a report of a collapsed wall in the Harbour Road, Paget area.”

“On arrival, officers noticed debris in the road and began the cleanup process. Department of Public Works was later called in to assist. Traffic was initially diverted onto Middle Road, which caused some traffic delays. Harbor Road was re-opened later in the morning.”

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  1. Cassy says:

    Thanks for the pics Bernews. I still can’t tell exactly where this is even though I take this road twice a day.

    • Hannah Gibson says:

      Just up around the corner from the old Beuna Vista Guest house going towards Somerset.

  2. Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

    Sounds like structural issues to me. Wasn’t this wall rebuilt earlier this year? Did the planning dept. do a real check of the structure and engineering soundness that went into building this wall, or was this the case of the normal Bermudian laziness coming in to play? Or, did the owners even go through planning to rebuild this wall? I never saw the required number that is facilitated to those doing work of the sort on the site at the time of the build. Either way, eyebrows and questions should be raised.

    • Hudson says:

      Please, get a life.

    • Typical says:

      How is this normal bermudian laziness if there is a good chance that the Planner was a non-bermudian and more than likely the constrcution crew who built the wall (if the wall is new) was non-bermudian?

      perhaps it is typical ex-pat laziness???

      You should do as your screen name states and stop pointing fingers…

      • Cha says:

        Considering government employs majority of the local workforce on the island I would say it is safe to assume that it was built by Bermudians. The wall may have been engineered perfectly by either a Bermudian or a non-bermudian but ultimately if it was not built right then the engineering would not be sound in reality no matter how good the plans were.

        If it was built by non-bermudians then consequently that should raise an eyebrow considering what has happened in the landscaping industry having to get rid of their skilled ex-pat workers and replace them with unskilled Bermudians. Surely this should apply to construction as well. Otherwise there really is no point in the exercise.

        And if you listen to LaVerne Furbert people can only be considered “Bermudian”; whatever that means.

        • Typical says:

          I dont think it is safe to say that the wall was built by Bermudians because: a) we dont even know if it was the wall was even recently secured b) who is to say that the Gov’t was even involved in fixing the wall

          The whole point of me responding to the poster was the fact that I hate when people push negative sterotypes on us. Most of us are not lazy, many of us are educated and are good workers and when I say us I mean ALL BERMUDIANS regardless of color.

          • Cha says:

            Cool I am referring to the possibility that it is a new wall. There is a very good chance that it is old and simply gave out. All retaining walls along a roadside however are required to be built by works and engineering, which would likely have been Bermudians (provided government follows its own rulings and mindset).

            I want to believe that works and engineering are competent though the retaining wall that took them excessive time and cost to build in Warwick and the fact that they had to tear up the round-about on St. Johns road twice and within a month does not offer up much faith in their planning, performance and work ethic.

            I am Bermudian and agree that we are all not lazy and are quite well educated, though there is a majority (educated or not) that hide behind a sense of entitlement and want all the riches of the world without having to offer up the necessary time and work ethic in order to achieve these things. The wall could be looked at as a metaphor for our economy, the storm is here and the foundation may not be strong enough to weather it.

            • ross says:

              @ Cha

              The same problems that exist in Bermuda can be found in the UK and the US. The Big Dig in Boston comes to mind immediately and there are countless similar situations in both countries.

              While we must accept that we have shortcomings and move to address them, it is tad tiring and boring to constantly hear Bermudians routinely slam other Bermudians for the manner in which we speak, work and our social ( unsocial ) behaviour, as if the problems that we have to deal with are unique to Bermuda.

              The riots in London is a case in point and good luck attempting to decipher what is uttered by Scousers/ Geordies / Scots/ folk from the deep south of the US and the Boston Irish…

              • Cha says:

                Fair enough, but you cannot really compare a project at the magnitude of the “Big Dig” to any project that takes place in Bermuda. The scale and vision of the Boston project was drastically ambitious. All I am saying is when you cannot complete a simple project such as widening a round about so that trucks can navigate the corner how will you ever be able to bring a larger project in on budget.

                Jurisdictions around the world complete government projects on time and according to schedule, often particularly in the US, there are bonds in place which induce penalties to the contractor for not following the schedule (especially in larger projects). There will always be instances where projects run over both budget and time, though here it is every project.

                In Bermuda the incentive is to rack up overtime which does not promote efficient work. It is not that Bermuda is unique it is that the proximity is unique and magnifies the issues.

          • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says says:

            Bermudians did build this wall by the way.

      • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

        ‘Typical’ response from someone who chooses to have a ‘typical’ thought pattern. Your focusing on one part of my statement instead of viewing the whole thing. All you saw was Bermudian laziness. What about my other questions? Maybe you work at planning and was offended by my comments. Did that strike a nerve, or was it the truth and you are now trying to defend your honor. Nevermind that it is everyones responsibility on this island to point things out that may or may not be in breach of the law. When I saw this wall being buildt I did report it to planning that there was no number being posted. And guess what, nothing was done about it and the wall was completed without the number.
        So come on, give another typical response that completely ignores the fact that our country as a whole has become and advocates laziness.

  3. through the lens says:

    For those that travel Harbour Road on a daily basis, most of the walls are in need of repair. The majority of the walls are built the same wall, pieces of rock that were just stacked up back in the day. I guess Terry and his cronies will somehow try and blame the PLP, but whatelse is new.

  4. Surious says:

    If you take a right off chapel road towards town, it is about a .25 miles on the right…soon after the view of the harbor emerges again

  5. Bda Jayme says:

    This is right by the house with the elevator – and looks like an old time dry wall that collapsed. They obviously didn’t have inspectors back in the day but then these type of walls usually last longer than walls made of block and mortar, no need for weep holes as they are available due to the make up of the wall.


    Cheece……. @ Typical and Stop Pointing Ya Finers – GET LIVES ALREADY. Find Jesus and stop being so typical. It’s a wall for cripes-sake.

    • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says says:

      U go find Jesus, even though thats not his name and that same man tells you to not worship him but his father for he is the giver and taker of life.
      Go mow a lawn!

      • REEEALLY TIRED says:

        WhatEVERRRRRRR mate. I will mow my lawn thanks – it’s great exercise and I need a tan! I didn’t know that you would take me back to the playground with your response. Grow up and still do get a life.

        • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says says:

          Them say the truth hurts, who can’t take it go splurt!

  7. Bulla Bulla says:

    It was Bigga running up the steps to check his Momma!

    • Fred Flinstone says:

      If you call your place “Rimrock” and “Pebbles” what do you expect! Barney Rubble

  8. through the lens says:

    and the wall wasnt recently built by Bermudians, but by a local company ( let”s just say, opposite Heron Bay Market Place ).

    • See'n I says:

      If I remember correctly the wall that was rebuilt was just above the roadside in front of a hedge, the wall that fell is higher up the hill on the south side of the steps. Perhaps all of the people that seem to be experts on wall building would serve a better purpose by offering to help clean up and fix the problem.

      • See'n I says:

        Went by this morning and the new rebuilt wall is on the next property west of this old wall that gave way

  9. Marie says:

    OK *sigh*…. How about this for consideration, The wall was properly built by whomever, and Mother Natures effects since oh I don’t know we’ve had a literal deluge of RAIN these last days (feels like months when your a bike rider)has weakened the structure of the wall. I mean really, must we as people find something to argue about all the time?

  10. Relax! says:

    Here here Marie, well said. I guess all of Vermont was built by lazy Bermudians too!!

  11. through the lens says:

    Marie, unfortunately there are a few people who have nothing better to do but complain and argue. Just ask Terry.