Lane Closure On Middle Road In Southampton

February 2, 2024 | 5 Comments

Middle Road in Southampton at Jews Bay will have a single lane closure “due to repair works for a collapsed property wall” starting today [Feb 2] and continuing until Friday, March 15th.

wall collapse Feb 1 2024 (1)

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works wishes to inform the motoring public that Middle Road, Southampton at Jews Bay will have a single lane closure in place due to repair works for a collapsed property wall. The road closure will commence as of this day [Friday, February 2nd] through Friday, March 15, 2024.

“The Ministry of Public Works representatives will be closing the eastbound lane from property #179 to property #181 with barricades, traffic lights, and signs. Motorists traveling from the West are encouraged to use alternative routes via South Road or Church Road to avoid this lane closure. Motorists traveling from the East are encouraged to use alternative routes via South Road or Lighthouse Road to avoid this lane closure.

“The Ministry of Public Works encourages the full cooperation of the public and apologizes for any inconvenience that may result. Should there be any questions regarding these works, contact Mrs. Tina Beer-Searle, Principal Highways Engineer for the Ministry of Public Works, at [441] 501-3044.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Won’t be long before the stretch of Middle Road and Devonshire Marsh falls in. Large cracks and heavy construction equipment, similar to the road by Saltus.

    • Wassabi says:

      Your are 100% correct. Sad thing is that none of the Gov ministers that read your comment or drive past there will do anything about it Neither will any of the many people that work in the ministry responsible. They will all pretend they didn’t know rather than. be proactive. Until we get closer to an election. Then the ministers will and election hopefuls will start working to save paychecks.

      • Well said. says:

        Maybe they have on head phones and can’t hear or dark glasses abd can’t see. Or they basically don’t care until it happens. So very very sad.

  2. Marine Life says:

    Wow! NO SURPRISE! It is April 16 and the Wall is only half Built! So much for scheduling. A private company would have been had it done, replanted new hedges and swept the road clean. This Government is an EMBARRASSMENT TO IT’s people! They are shameful. This goes to the bosses, PS and Minister without calling names.
    Ok, How about Saltus Wall from last year August? How about Scour Hill wall ready to fall in!?
    How about south Road hill at the bottom, Paget, by the Tennis courts? The wall is separating from the road.
    This is just the West End. Must be some more Central and East. Don’t talk about the POTHOLES and STRESS CRACKS in many of the roads. Quality of life continues to Downward Spiral……………

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