Video: Road Closed Due To Collapsed Wall

November 19, 2023 | 11 Comments

[Updated] There has been a “wall collapse on Middle Road, just east of Flatts Post Office,” this afternoon [Nov 19] the police have confirmed.

The Bermuda Police Service posted on X/Twitter saying, “Good afternoon all. There has been a wall collapse on Middle Road, just east of Flatts Post Office. The roadway is now blocked. All traffic is being diverted onto North Shore Road.”

Update | Report from Don Burgess: Around 3pm, a deafening boom rattled the house perched above the road on Flatt’s Hill. The home’s tenant thought it was a thunder clap, but she checked outside and saw a large section of the wall collapsed spilling large concrete blocks and dirt across two lanes of traffic on Middle Road.

The tenant told Bernews, “I was in my room and I came dashing and saw the wall was all down in the road. At first, I thought it was thunder, but no, it was the wall. I am praying that nobody was under there.”

She said she was “shocked” to see what happened before panic set in. The tenant added she is “going up to my sister’s house. I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

Update | The police said, “The roadway has now been cleared and reopened to regular traffic flow.”

Update | A Government spokesperson said, “Following the wall collapse earlier today, the Ministry of Public Works dispatched crews to attend to the area.

“Workers assessed the damage and in the interim ensured that the area was made safe for passage. The road has reopened. The Ministry will provide further updates and including safety advisories regarding this incident in due course.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    Guess the house will be next.
    Hope not.

  2. Right Ru says:

    Road near Tennis Stadium collapsed months ago – August I believe and still closed. Now one near Whitney. Wonder how long this road will be blocked before declared safe to pass.

    Meanwhile in other news: the goverment is celebrating their 60th Anniversary becuase there is soooooo so much to be proud of and celebrate.

  3. Right Ru says:

    Just happy that nobody seems to have been hurt. When this wall is rebuilt I trust they will be forced to use reinforcement rods, fill blocks with concrete and put a safety rail on the top. How nobody or no animal has been hurt before is a miracle.

  4. Toodle-oo says:

    With the traffic on these roads it’s just incredible that no-one was going by at that exact moment .
    It could have been very serious . And there’s probably many other roadside walls or dirt banks on the verge of collapsing after all this rain.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “it’s just incredible that no-one was going by at that exact moment”

      Agreed. Of course it is also possible that a bike was going by at 50mph or 60 mph on the wrong side of the road and was saved by the combination of speed and being on the wrong side of the road!

  5. Kittie says:

    How God my Yahweh is so good. My family and I was the closest to seeing the wall fall on our family funday drive, heading east. Driving consisted of my two grandsons, son, daughter and myself when suddenly my daughter cried out STOP. Which I came to a holt to thankfully seeing and not be under the pile of bricks, sand and debris. The sound itself was so scary, a loud thunder like sound and the thought of it could have been my family under all of that which made us back track and thank Yahweh for being there for us all to carry on our family funday drive. A little shocked but humbly thankful. God is good, no one was hurt and the house did not follow.

  6. Langton Hill says:

    Is called St.John’s Road. Unlikely Goverment will fix this soon as they have not even started. Residents of the area need to think twice before voting for this Government again. They just don’t care.

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