Men Charged: North Shore Shooting

October 13, 2011

photo oct 8 2011Two men appeared in Magistrates’ Court today [Oct.13] charged in connection with the shooting outside Gravity Nightclub in Devonshire at 3:15 am this past Saturday [Oct.8]

22-year-old Pelealkhai Williams and 28-year-old Jonathan Dill were charged with conspiring with others to kill Rodney Grimes, 24.

The pair did not enter pleas, as the matter can only be heard in Supreme Court. They were remanded in custody.

As Bernews previously reported, the court heard that the bullet grazed Mr Grimes’ head and hit his ear.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said: “Two men, Pelealkhai Williams and Jonathan Dill, appeared in Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, October 13, 2011 charged on indictment in relation to the shooting of a man outside the Gravity Nightclub in the early hours of Saturday, October 8.

“Williams and Dill were jointly charged with ‘Conspiracy to Commit Murder’ & ‘Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence Using a Firearm’. Williams was additionally charged with ‘Possession of a Prohibited Weapon (Firearm)’.

“The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank those members of the public that have come forward to assist the investigating team. However, we are still interested in speaking with any members of the public who may have witnessed the incident or that can provide information or evidence to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

“The firearm used in this matter has not been recovered and we are urging any member of the public that can assist in its recovery to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Well they must have some real eveidence like a shell casing. I mean a so-called bullet zinging past your ear is not evidence.

    Must have been a 9 or similar.

    Dah gutta start using .38………..


    • andre says:

      Your an Idiot Terry!

      • Terry says:

        Oh Really? In what respect or are you just talking crap.

        Read what I wrote.

        “Your an idiot Terry?

        Lord help you lutt.

        • Bermuda says:

          Why does everyone always pick on Terry, do you guys have anything better to do. By insinuating deragotory and provoking comments doesnt make you any better. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

          • WTH???? says:

            Couldn’t have said it better my self, like you all dont know by now after how many months Terry has been commenting that he/she is STILL gonna comment weather you like it or not. Like i have said before if you dont like the comments Terry post just DONT READ THEM.

    • dee dee diva says:

      Terry, that’s low even for you.

      • Terry says:

        How is that.

        I am adressing facts or purported facts by the police and bernews.

        Bernews put it here not me.

        Find another fall guy/gal

    • fed up..... says:

      It’s amazing that when they think someone from 42 has shot at someone, they are picked up right away…camera or no camera! But when someone from 42 is shot at they can’t seem to find anything. No witnesses, camera’s not working….all the excuses in the world. What is the little guy from Friswells hill,that got caught with two guns on his property doing out on bail. If it was in a 42 yard they would still be incarsirated…no bail, no evidence. How many shootings have their been since a certain Parkside BOY has been let out of prison? What does he have on the law? We know his their snitch….but come on!

      • Organic Bermudian says:

        I feel you this DOES NOT ADD UP!! In a recent case is was STATED the ACCUSED was an INFORMANT!!!!

    • FYI-- umjussaying says:

      How does purporting or suggesting that .38 mm is the ideal gun of choice? And yes, despite the connontation or opinion implied, what is to stop some stroke of genius from using this platform to consider other guns??

      You talk about evidence let’s start with ANY OF THE POSSIBLE ideas:

      1. Eye witness accounts – description of the bike or shooters.
      2. CCTV action
      3. Victim’s account (perhaps there was a previous history with the suspects)
      4. Shell casings
      5. Perhaps the same gun has been used in recent shootings and the finds are similar

      6. Perhaps the suspects weren’t as clever and dropped a glove or left fingerprints

      There could be a myriad of things to point them to the suspects, but hell if I would suggest to use a different gun of choice!!!

  2. $treet n1gg@ says:

    Shut up Terry

  3. WTH???? says:



    • Terry says:

      Irony is for all you haters of Terry is the fact that my comments matter.

      Read what is written. Read what Bernews has printed as a result of what the Official Police release says. Bernews don’t make it up.

      Guess none of you know the differance between a 9mm/45/.38.

      Your frustrations prove themselves with every comment about what you think about negative or incoherant comments on my part.

      Answer me this. What evidence do the police have that a firearm was used.

      • street talk says:

        I guess going to the hospital with a wound similar to that of what a gun shot wounds look like isn’t enough evidence to suggest that a weapon was discharged.

        People think your an idiot who writes stupid comments because of the context of what you say. Instead of writing “good job” or “I hope they get time”, you write garbage like you know more information then the police.

        • Terry says:

          Street talk, he could have injured his ear two days earlier by getting it pierced.

          And your point is?

          An injured ear means nothing.

          Where’s the evidence.


          Maybe the police found something.

          Now go back to your street and talk. Don’t talk crap here.

          • Talk2mestr8 says:

            @ Terry…first all casings were found. Secondly, there is a little thing called WITNESSES!! His ear was half blown off….it has been said because of the victim’s sudden movement, his head wasn’t blown off! BUT, if it wasn’t a bullet maybe it was your VERBAL DIARRHEA!!

      • Bad Girl turn Good says:

        Didnt the first police report say that casings were found to prove that it was in fact a shooting.

  4. street talk says:

    Now this is news..

  5. North$ide says:

    certified squeezas

  6. not interested says:

    this s**t is neva gonna end

  7. GPS says:





  8. ds m1 says:

    Them lames needs 2 learn how 2 move smart. They fighting a battle they aint built for they gotta learn how 2 move. But until then keep going jail running foreing or catching up on ya eternal rest
    People always talking sh#t bout parkside n middle town when things happen 2days ago it was parkside responsible for this 1 too lol clueless mutha f*ckers. All my garrison fam stand up they can’t stop us. N who the certain person that got out of jail the other day is big up yaself too.

    • Letlightshineinhere says:

      U are being stopped! All of u who have chosen to live a life of rebellion toward the living God are being stopped by jail, getting shot and by road fatalities! Get a spiritual clue before you also meet your Maker at a time of His choosing! God is watching and taking note of all of u more closely than any CCTV camera could ever do!

    • Terry says:

      You ell um dsM1. Bring it on.

      Vat yoo…Sgt. Major?

      Irony is a bitch. Your wordsspeak volumes for what the situation is in Bermuda.

      Call Government Serivices for help. I am sure your in need after comments like that.

  9. Questions says:

    I would like to know that now we have a new court house and police station in one building which eliminates the walk of shame. Are the laws of Bermuda going to be updated to release persons mug shoots similar to other countries. Bernews it would be great if you could research this. Thanks

  10. We need to know says:

    The authorities do us a disservice by not allowing us to see these guys faces. We have a right to know who walks among us when being in proximity to them could potentially cause harm to us or our family. Had those parks employees had this info I can guarantee u that the majority of them would not have allowed themselves to be put in harms way! We have the right to have danger pointed out to us the same way signs are posted warning about cliffs, pot holes and DEAD ENDS.

  11. darkside 666 says:

    Its darkside ting ! Everybody whose somebody already knows n those who no don’t talk those who talk don’t no a thing !rip fingas n yae yae

    • STEWEY BABCOCK says:

      Everybody probably knows somebody who is retarded enough to be involved in this . You are right to say that not anybody is privey to the sick inner circle that you imply that you intimately protect . Nobody is You because of your juvenile attitude towards rotten behavior .

    • Truth (Original) says:

      We will all give an account for the deeds done in this life. I hope you will contemplate that great and terrible day now, while you have the life and opportunity to repent.

    • Christ side 777 says:

      There are NO parties in hell bruh and if your friends die without Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour then they a truly Not rip(resting in peace). I pray that the Living God will manifest His greatness, majesty, authority and power unto you shortly leaving you with no doubt as to who is Lord of Lords and King of kings! Because up until now u have been the walking dead and like an empty barrel that can make plenty of noise but has no substance! I pray that you meet the God who is a consuming fire on in this hour before you cross over into eternity and may you have the grace and wisdom to receive Him as Lord!

  12. Terry says:

    But you already know. Whats your point.

  13. STEWEY BABCOCK says:

    Wonder what he heard that was so serious as to want to shoot his friggin ears off ?