18-Yr-Old Killed: Police Launch Investigation

October 28, 2011

[Updated - Police confirm 18-yr-old was killed, and they are treating it as a murder investigation]

Bernews unofficially understands the Police have launched an investigation this afternoon [Oct.28] after an incident  in the Warwick area. The Police are presently on scene in the Bulkhead Drive area, by Khyber Pass.

Details are limited at this time, however the incident is unofficially said to be involve a young man who was stabbed. We are expecting an official statement shortly, and will update as able.

Update #1: Police confirm that a young man was found injured in the area after being assaulted, and was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries. Police said they are treating it as a murder investigation. They confirmed they “do not believe he was shot”, but would not specifically confirm how he died.  Police said they are not releasing further details at this time, but “believe he was 18-years-old.”

Update #2: Video of police statement:

Update #3: A statement from Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield is below:

Around 12:40pm on Friday, police and paramedics responded to a reported assault in the Railway Trail, Bulkhead Drive, Warwick area. When officers and EMTs arrived at the scene, they found a young man who had been seriously injured.

The victim, believed to be an 18 year old man, was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance but subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

As a result, this is now being treated as a murder investigation. It is not clear at this time how the young man died; however we do not believe he was shot.

A full police investigation is now underway and the scene is being forensically examined. It is unclear at this stage how many people may have been involved in this incident.

We are appealing for anyone who may have been in the Railway Trail, Bulkhead Drive, area around 12:40pm Friday, October 28th and who may have seen any suspicious activity or young men running away from the scene to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

You will also be aware that the Police Mobile Command vehicle is parked nearby at the junction of Khyber Pass and Middle Road in Warwick. That will also be manned and anyone with any information which may assist our inquiries can attend that location.

The Bermuda Police Service expresses sincere condolences to the family and friends of the victim. No further information will be given at this time as the process of informing the next of kin is underway.

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  1. Cassy says:

    This is so sad to hear. But arent the police sitting at the bottom of the hill? How is it that someone is able to dump a body right under their noses? How about instead of them sitting inside their comfy truck, they scout the neighborhood.

    • Bda Jayme says:

      Do you honestly think that people are sitting at the bottom of the hill ?

      • Cassy says:

        They had one of those big police rv things there. Not sure if its still there. I saw it this morning though.

        • Grubster says:

          When I drove past the police van on Middle Rd around 12 today, it looked as if no one was there

        • Smart. says:

          Let me tell you, that police truck sits down the hill, sits on court street, and the police officers, SIT AT HOME. There is no one in those trucks, they lie. Thats it. That police truck sits around to SCARE the public, NOT protect us.

    • fedup says:

      @ Cassy that RV thing has NO officers in there! Its just sitting there for LOOKS! It looks

      • SIGH says:

        *thumbs up* fedup…. slow down and have a really good look next time you see it cassy :)

      • Cassy says:

        I had a feeling you know. Half of me was hoping that someone was actually there. But the other half knew that it was empty

      • Dumb! Da! Dumb! Dumb! Duh! says:

        Ummmm…. “fedup”, when you typed dis did your nose grow? Because I drove pass der two days ago and I saw what I thought were police officers sittin’ in dee RV thingy. “Cassy”, things like this are very sad to hear but the truth of the matter is that the last time I checked no police officer on dis island came from dee planet Krypton. Really… when are we gonna stop blaming dee po po for everyding that goes wrong and take these rude little brats by dee arm and give em some old school positive reinforcing. Instead, when little jonny does wrong we give him time out in his room to play XBox and chat with his friends on Facebook. No wonder we have problems with our children. Cheesh!

        • Smart. says:

          You are a god damn clown. A dumb ass clown with no life. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! Smh, your all going to hell.

    • outkasted says:

      WTH? How do you know the body was dumped?

      • Cassy says:

        Well either he was dumped there or stabbed at the scene. Dumped happened to be the first word that came out.

    • Emeka47 says:

      Really , the police are just siting around in their comfy cars………get a life!!!! How can the PBS be everywhere and in every place at all times. FYI Bulk Head drive is not on Middle Road, Warwick where the police sometimes park. They are NOT GOD!

      • Talkin' 'bout reality here folk's says:

        I live out there and didnt HEAR SEE OR HAD ANY CLUE. UNTIL I SAW THE RESCUE TRUCK…so how the Police should have known is beyond my comprehension…It is up to YOU to stop this s**t…Mothers Fathers Brothers Sisters Aunties uncles but most of ALL FRIENDS of these Little baby wanna be GangSta’s…Face it , it cannot be stopped unless you take the stigma of being respected as a Gang Banga!!…Gangbangas are sissies coz one at a time they are absolutely NOTHING to fret..they jus need someone to open a 55gal. barrel of WHOOP A$$ on them then you will see a change..but don’t worry its coming!!..trust me

    • White Christ says:

      Yes! Being that we have RoboCop, Terminator, and Chuck Norris on our police force there is no way a crime should happen that they don’t know about. It is especially since we have those new ‘person-about-to-be-stabbed/shot’ detection devices (PATS) that I can’t understand why they weren’t there BEFORE the crime even occured. Really we expect more from our police service. I mean, cheess man my neighbor slapped his girl up the other day, you meant to tell me they can’t have a car in de driveway 24/seb’mmm? Disgusted!

  2. True Dat says:

    WTF?!?!?!?!?!? Huh?!?!?!? :(

  3. Tired of nonsense says:

    Come on BDA…we are better than this nonsense!!

    RIP to this young man and condolences to all his loved ones at this time

  4. N/A says:

    “Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, & let’s change the way we treat each other!” – 2Pac Shakur

    • St. Davids says:

      “And still I see no changes. Can’t a brother get a little peace?
      There’s war on the streets & the war in the Middle East.”

      Words spoken years ago and still ringing true to this day… Wake the *&#@ up Bermuda!!!

  5. nicky 23 says:

    What is really going on in bermuda

  6. to be continued says:

    Why do you people act like Bermuda is the only place on earth where crime happens. Just like mother England, Cananda, the USA and the carribean islands, crime has steadily increased year over year.

    • Observant says:

      No one is sayingnthat Bermuda is the only place crime happens idiot…..All they are saying is why does it have to happen here and that it needs to STOP!!!!

      • Anonymous says:


      • Jamudian says:

        to reiterate what N?a said.
        Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, & let’s change the way we treat each other!” – 2Pac Shakur

        This is the source of Bermuda’s problems. The way people talk to, talk about and treat each other. yeah it may seem simple and like its innocent but its not. We are living the fruits of that now.

        “the pen is stronger than the knife”
        “The tongue is sharper than a two edged sword and holds the power of life and death”

        Real Talk from a young Bermudian looking from the outside in.
        I love you people!!!
        I love my island!!!
        GOD HELP US.

      • tricks are for kids..... says:

        No need to name call…this is ONE of the many reasons why the island is the way it is..No one can seem to express THEIR opinion with out someone bashing them because THEY don’t agree with it..I’m with “to be continued” EVERYTIME there’s a serious crime committed everyone fens surprise, and sentiments of OMG..Let’s face it, we cannot, and I have said it before, be stuck in the fairytale that “bermuda is another world” WE are part of the REAL WORLD and unfortunately as sad as it is we are not exempt it is worlwide!!!!!! Yes it is horrible that it is happening here and yes hopefully in the future we can get things back to the way it used to be..The first step in the right direction would be to RESPECT each others opinion whether we agree with them or not…..

    • Chart says:

      In proportion to our population size and comparative wealth, our crime levels are quite high.

    • Guest Who? says:

      @to be…
      you have got to kidding to make that statement,right?

      odds of being murdered in the USA 1 in 190,000
      odds of beibg murdered in Canada 1 in 220,000
      odds of being murdered in Mexico 1 in 92,000
      odds of being murdered in Bermuda 1 in 4,500

      Crime does happen every where but this is 22 square miles so think hard about whats going on here!!

      • Logic76 says:

        Those facts are misleading to say the least. Let’s take into account that the majority of shootings and murders in Bermuda are targeted and gang related. I’ll take my odds in Bermuda over Tijuana, Mexico!

        • Billy M says:

          @Logic, you need to change your name; your point is vacuous and illogical. Those facts are FACTS. You make your own conclusions, so they’re not misleading in the least bit.
          Fact is, a huge percentage of violence in the US, Canada and Mexico are gang and/or drug related. Bermuda is a far, far more violent and dangerous place than ANY of those places. In fact, Bermuda is among the most dangerous and violent places on earth.
          You may disagree, but you’d be wrong.

      • Grubster says:

        The odds are even higher if you take into account that the people being shot/killed are young black men

      • same old same old says:

        @ Guest who? In most countries their are pocket of crimes, with your calculation Bermuda is worst then Jamaica,and Chicago. zero would nice. but no need to exaggerate, stats can say anything the writer wants it to say. Let focus in real solutions…Do you know a young man or family at risk? Can you take the 7 year old to a soccer game or practice on a Saturday morning. so that his 15 year brother, that is already up to no good has limited time as a his care giver, whiles their parents are at work trying to just keep food in their belly and a roof over their head.

        We complain quite well, can we help the situation with the same gusto.

    • N/A says:

      We as Bermudians have to hold ourselves to a much higher standard my friend. Accepting this behavior simply because it also happens in the countries you mentioned, is accepting failure..

    • one of the GOOD young men bermuda has left says:

      Are u listenin to what ya saying? Look at those places & look at Bermuda. Compare the sizes, popularity, population, everything. Everyone knows who England, Canada & all those places are. Bermuda is a small island where everyone knows everyone & has a community feel to it. So obviously its gonna impact our small island harder. An 18 year old got stabbed to death & plenty of people know him including me so obviously its gonna have a serious impact. Keep ya comments to yaself if u don’t care about dis situation. RIP Brah Gonna Miss You

      • Just Saying says:

        I Feel You Bruh Like Theese People Are Being Ignorant Like He Was Loved By Soooo Many People And Gonna Be Missed by Many To He Was One Of Ah Kind

        • Talkin' 'bout reality here folk's says:

          So …you guys that know him as One of a kind…should know whats poppin …should know whose beefin…give ya info to those that need it .. bring the punk that did this to justice and let the neighborhood decide his fate!!!!
          WHOSE WID ME ON DIS HERE ???

    • White Christ says:

      @to be continued: Why do you act like the local people of those regions accept crime in their hometowns?? On behalf of all decent citizens around the world who are tired of crime in their locales, “shut the hell up”!!

      • Logic76 says:

        Instead of “shut the hell up” why don’t we say “speak up”. Last time I checked the Crown can’t come close to a conviction on a number of cases due to a lack of witness testimonies!

        • Pastor Syl says:

          Where were all you folks at during tonight’s Take Back the Night walk? Violence toward one, in whatever shape or form, is violence that impacts and affects us all! In the face of all the talk about ending the violence, there were only about 20 women and children present! Is that all we are? All talk and no action? Do we think once we have had our say, we have done something? That talking about it is all we need to do?

          • White Christ says:

            Seems like you are disparaging the efforts of those 20 women and children. Value the small turnouts and we’ll appreciate the large turnouts. Too many times we are driven by the sensationalism that accompanies large crowds only to see everyone burnt out when they return from the magic show. Those 20 women each have something perhaps more valuable than the mob you hoped for.

        • White Christ says:

          Because we have to speak up AND speak out; and when people speak against those who are speaking out i’m obliged to tell them to shut the hell up. Double edged sword, to those who are tired speak up and speak out. To those who couldn’t care less please “shut the hell up”!


    I guarantee it was all over nothing .

  8. to be continued says:

    Its people like you who is an IDIOT and once again show your true colors. Why does it happen here, because just like the rest of the frigin world, Bermuda is not immune to drugs and crime.
    Yes it does need to stop, but take off ya frigin blinders.
    With comments like, the police are sitting in comfy trucks and it happened right under their nose, doesn’t help now does it.
    Are the police supposed to be in every neighborhood every minute of every day.
    When the majority of the residents finally have had enough and work together to take back the streets and communities, than Bermuda will be a safer place. The place we once knew and the world used to judge us by.
    So don’t huff and puff at me. IDIOT

    • Observant says:

      I am huffing and puffing at YOU because you’re the IDIOT that made the idiotic comment……IDIOT!!!

    • to not be continued says:

      I would never in a million years take your stance…..so because everyone else is doing it it’s OK????? didn’t you learn at age 6 that’s not an excuse or reason???

      • Logic76 says:

        Nobody is saying it’s right or OK, “to be” is saying it’s a reality. People have been fighting since the beginning of time…there has always been crime and war, there always will be.

        • This is the problem says:

          The name calling, the disrespect for each other, and the disregard for each other is just as bad as killing but with the tongue…..

    • Eastern says:

      @to be continued: Why do you have to call people an idiot.
      Be a part of the solution, not the problem

  9. Pastor Syl says:

    Expecting to see you all at the WRC “Take Back the Night” walk tonight

  10. Cancer says:

    Here we go!!

  11. concernedyouth says:

    The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral; returning violence with violence only multiplies voilence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  12. Ming says:

    @ Pastor Syl. Would you mind producing further details for the walk tonight?

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Ming: So sorry! Just saw your comment and it’s 9 pm. The walk was at 6:30 leaving from Victoria Park. I’m actually considering whether it might be possible to do it again in a couple of weeks, just to give those who would have come but didn’t have the details a chance to participate.

  13. irritated says:

    This is so disgusting to see! As a resident of this area, I have seen that big police emergency van at the bottom of the hill for a week with NOBODY in it. What are the police doing!? They always try to take action after the fact! They need to do better than this. 18 years old?
    Also, if these children weren’t out of school for break this week, I believe that this probably would have never happened. This will be another UNSOLVED case.

    • Annoyed says:

      Have their minds made up about what? So far all I’ve seen is that fact that this little boy didnt deserve to die. IDGAF what he did to anyone, NO ONE has the right to take ANYONE’S life, point blank period. If you want to be assine about it, a males right to take someone’s life is even less of that than a female – they actually bring life into the world, WTH do males get off taking it?!?!?! I am PISSED! This death is taking a BIG toll on my little brother and I’m afraid of what he’s gonna do. I knew with all the latest passa happening around my neighborhood, even the passa that has YET to make the newpaper, that a death was going to occur soon, and I KNOW the police did too.

      • Annoyed says:

        Sorry, that reply was meant for “Bermudians jus Talk”

      • Grubster says:

        Sorry for the loss to your little brother, but what do you mean by “I’m afraid of what he’s gonna do”? What are you prepared to do if he does what you are afraid of?

  14. Bermudians jus Talk says:

    The sad part is that all yall talkn BS on here r potential JUORS already got ya minds made up about sh!t and dnt even have the facts!!!LMAO f#kcn jokers

    • Guest Who? says:

      @ Bermudians jus…
      I’ve just found the real idiot…

    • hmm says:

      Who is talkin BS on here? we are all pretty much thinking the same thing, THAT THIS CRAP NEEDS TO STOP! Regardless of what the situation is, NOONE deserves to die. And it sounds to me like you know a good bit of information regarding this incident. Perhaps you should use your time and go talk to the police instead of wasting time commenting us concerned bermudians on bernews.

      P.S the sad part isnt that “we are talkin BS”. The sad part is that this young men’s life was taken. And we “Bermudians jus Talk” because we are concerned about the place that we call home.

  15. Missy says:

    This page should not be used to for blame. We need to pray and uplift the family! We as a community need to come together for a solution. Stop with all the he say, she say. Justice will sort it self out. We need more action of love and put away the anger. RIP young man, may the grace of God comfort your Family!!! Bermuda no more running your mouths, time for some positive action!

    • Pastor Syl says:

      Amen! @ Missy
      Just learned whose son this young boy is. So sorry for your loss my friend. My deepest, most heartfelt sympathies.

  16. k says:

    its that’ wanna be’ gang mentality thats causing all of the stupidty !!!!!!

  17. Youth says:

    Its sad that things like this are happening My condolences go out to the victims family!!!!!
    Bermuda has bad social issues And the GOV ar not focused on empowering youth !
    We as youth have no voice and the inteligent youth have no faith in the the people running our island!!
    our GOV has thier own agenda and providing a better future for our OWN or rebuilding bermuda is not it


  18. Terry says:

    Having read all of the above comments over an incident where a young man was murdered it seems it has become the norm to jump on anything with conclusions, accusations et all about the system and the workings thereof.

    It boggles my mind, really.

    The Police are doing a tremendous job.

    People are talking. About time.

    I am sure that it has not come just killing people on railroad tracks. More to it. We have seen enough carnaige in the past few years and it has nothing to do with unemployment.

    Family, drugs, money, control.

    It will continue sadly.

    Most don’t give a sh!t because the “most” are in the same position as others around the globe.

    Until it’s hits home……irony….It’s home, take it back or be part of the problem which many are.

    I am tired of all the ‘RIPS” et al. That means nothing especially from babbling fools on differant blogs/forums.

    Another young man has lost his life through circumstances that we are not fully aware of. We will.

    May his family find some comfort in the fact that others care and that the Police will do everything to see justice is done for this young mans demise.

  19. Jamudian says:

    to reiterate what N?a said.
    Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, & let’s change the way we treat each other!” – 2Pac Shakur

    This is the source of Bermuda’s problems. The way people talk to, talk about and treat each other. yeah it may seem simple and like its innocent but its not. We are living the fruits of that now.

    “the pen is stronger than the knife”
    “The tongue is sharper than a two edged sword and holds the power of life and death”

    Real Talk from a young Bermudian looking from the outside in.
    I love you people!!!
    I love my island!!!

  20. Second says:

    So very sad!! We are all family Bermuda. This violence by black men against black men has to stop! What can we as the older generation do to help these young men and to give them a ray of hope?? My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this young man. God be with you!!
    I also ask God to help the young friends of this young man to make him proud and to make sure he did not die in vain by helping to stop this madness. Get us all to help!!

  21. Peaches & Cream says:

    May the family find comfort in the Lord! RIP Young Man! You are in a better place.

  22. Whoa Nelly says:

    i Know this young man personally and he was not in any gang what so ever didnt do drugs and every thing he had he worked for and paid for for himself……this is a tragedy and my heart goes out to this young mans family and his friends as i now have to console my own as she was one of his best friends…….starting to feel like i need to lock my children in the house and never letting them out

    • mixitup says:

      I concur, such a nice kid. Very Playful but I saw nothing in his life that could have predicted this outcome. I am shocked! I wonder what happened and why?

    • Observant says:

      I echo this as I now have to console my son who was also a Good friend of his. My son is taking this Very hard and there are NO words that can describe what I feel as a mother, searching for words of comfort. Nothing seems to be working right now, and I haven’t even lost my son. To the family, you are in my prayers

  23. Now now, from a 15 year old says:

    Please, these instances are not the time to lash out at one another and act barbarically towards our neighbour(s),or utter unecessary words to each other.NOW is the time to join together (In a civilized manner) and pray, come up with solutions, an help those who are in need of it the most.

    People, before we enter these blogs, we must remember a few things:
    1) evrything you have typed is now in cyberspace, and will NEVER be erased.
    2) Coming onto these forums just after an incident, you are probably “hyped up” and have alot of emotional data to sort through – sort through it first, compose yourself then give your thoughts. you will not regret it as much as if it were a comment of passion (i.e. negativity)
    3)There are people who come onto these sites to iterate commments and opinions that irritate people purposely, and want to get people to feel a certian way. If you think that there is someone doing this, ignore them – eventually, they’ll get the message.

    I am not going to comment that ‘people are so eager to jump on the negative news than on the positive’. But i will say this: if you take the time to fill your minds with postivie imagery, rather than negative, you get a better outlook on life from every perspective. God bless everyone! and my condolences to those close to the young person.

    • Terry says:


      But true.

    • Talkin' 'bout reality here folk's says:

      DONT tell us that… you need to be telling the trigger pullers and knife weilder’s

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ 15…”Out of the mouth of babes” much wisdom!

      Thank you for reiterating something that has been said before in one form or another. It carries more weight for me that one of our youth that so many of us lump into one negative basket, has come forth with reason, intelligence, pertinent points and good spelling to boot!

  24. wow says:

    I can’t really beleive that one of the first comments on this is about how the police arent doing their job. How can you expect for police to be everywhere at every moment, they are not superheros and the police have nothing to do with what happened today, they just have a matter in helping to SOLVE what happened today. This is the problem right here, were all looking to blame someone!! Well theres no point of pointing fingers now, what’s done is done and we can only work as a community to improve this! Today a young man’s life was taken for im sure no legitmate reason and were sitting here on BERNEWS pointing our fingers at the police? Whoever said those things should be ashamed of themselves and furthermore are you guys working with the police ? do you have proof that no one is sitting in that van at the bottom of the hill ? that is rediculous. AMEN to ‘now now, from a 15 year old’
    My heart goes out to his family and friends and people close to him. May god be with you at this time. God Bless !!

    • Seeking change says:

      @ wow, I totally agree with you. Most of these comments have been about how the police havent been doing their job. Bermuda so small and if those ppl who know about the incidents would talk the police wouldnt have such a hard time solving the crimes, let alone having to call in help all the time. We have no excuse to keep quiet. Stop complaining and help the situation by speaking up if you know something! And for those who dont see anyone sitting in the van, fyi there has been someone sitting there, y dont u take out time and go talk to them.

  25. lionheart says:


    Barrington Levy Vice Versa Love


    stop it fellas pls

  26. mixitup says:

    I knew this kid personally also, and for the life of me cannot imagine what he could have done to deserve this? I know this sounds so similar, but this kid was really a nice kid, sorta quiet, somewhat nerdy, very playful and fun! I can’t believe this!

    • PEPPER says:

      mixitup…. that is a great memory that you have of this young man….you knew who he was.

  27. France says:

    Another young life lost, another parents worst nightmare, does the police have any chance of catching the murderer? Not a cat chance in hell. Why? Because Bermuda Police adopt an on a “need to know basis”. You “the Public” doesn’t need to know.
    In countries like UK and America, Police will give as much details as possible about the crime, what the witnesses saw the color of the perps, the cloour of their clothes and even CCTV recording if available, in some cases they will recreate the crime using actors, Why because it jogs people’s memories. Bermuda Police want help from the Public but they are not giving nothing to help the Public help them. Mr DeSilva haven’t you work out yet why members of the public are not triping over themselves to help the Police?

    • Grubster says:

      Let’s give it a guess shall we? Dark skinned male wearing dark clothing. It’s always the same. Ain’t rocket science

  28. Terry says:

    Go back too France a#$hole….

    • Terry says:

      Plus you just outed yourself………………….

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Terry: name calling and negativity are counter productive. Your comments are unnecessary

  29. babbling idiot says:

    I am not the type who would usually post what I am thinking, but this recent event has really hit me hard and hit close to home for me “literally”. People! Just think not long ago it was rare to hear about shots fired or even someone being shot in Bermuda; now we here about shots fired almost twice a month, some murdered at least once a month, and other acts of violence or theft throughout the month. I know we need to keep up with the times but I don’t think this was intended, other statements made about the negative way we treat each other is absolutely correct. We do need to think more about how we treat each other, as well we need to try harder to look out for each other instead of talk about each other. It should take a community to raise a child not just one mother or father by themselves, especially when we see that “they” need help and all we do Is say to ourselves it must be hard or I feel sorry for “them”. Life in this country should not be that hard were some need to resort to violence, theft, drugs to survive, well I guess I am just one of the so called fortunate ones, also the average “self worth/arrogance” of the average person in Bermuda can be said that it promotes these types of acts. We are all equal even if you are a politician with your 6 figure salary, a blue collar worker living above your means, or the person doing odds jobs just to get by each day, but keep in mind that if you have children they learn from example more than instruction. I guess we all are looking for the get rich quick scheme but I never would have though some would need to resort to murder to achieve this, and I now the saying goes “sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me” this is no longer the case.

    Please criticize what I say, it only helps me; oh and thanks for allowing me to babble.

    • Talkin' 'bout reality here folk's says:


      • Pastor Syl says:

        @ Talking: did you really mean to send us to a video about legalizing marijuana?!? as the ONLY solution to our problem????!! I would say that drugs, including alcohol are at the root of our problem. Legalizing yet another mind-altering substance with brain damaging consequences for fetal victims of use during pregnancy is very far from a solution.

  30. through the lens says:

    Killing one another by means of a gun, drugs or any other type of violent acts, to resolve a dispute will never be the answer. Innocent bystanders are being severely injured and/or murdered (someone’s mother, brother, sister, son, daughter and friend). We must say out loud, Stop killing one another – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We must find a better way to settle our differences and bring peace to our communities.

    Where is the outrage when it comes to killing one of our own? Why have we become immune and anesthetized to these horrific acts of violence? When will we hold ourselves accountable and take action? Each and every one of us (regardless of race, but especially those of African decent) has a responsibility to lead the next generation. This responsibility starts with education.

    It is up to us to change the mentality of the young people today and guide them into a more promising future. Children learn by example and mimic what they see and hear. Unfortunately, many of our youth that reside in underserved communities, don’t have good role models to idealize and duplicate their lifestyles after. The responsibility starts within the home, but it most certainly does not end there. We must take precaution in the way we convey our messages everywhere ~ in the school system, in the music we make, the television shows and movies we create, the books we write, the way we portray ourselves in the media and on the streets and various other sources that children have access to.

    Parents – our children are crying out for help (our help)! They want our affection and most of all, our attention. A lot of parents overcompensate with material things (for example, all the bling and the latest fashion) in exchange for the quality time we need to be spending with our children. That is not acceptable! It is not possible to watch our child every second of the day, but we shouldn’t think the impossible. We have to think about what we can and will do to make a difference in these youngsters’ lives. We have to stay in tuned with our children’s whereabouts, know who their acquaintances are, what they are learning in school and how well they are doing academically, behaviorally and emotionally. This is both reasonable and doable. There is just no excuse to not be involved! We owe them that much (in the very least) and it doesn’t take a miracle to make it happen. It takes willingness, courage, love and common decency from people who care. Statistics show that Black-on-Black crime has been the leading cause of death among black males and the second leading cause of death for black females in this century. This is a critical issue and one that demands our attention and needs to continue to be addressed until it has ceased! It has manifested itself as if it were a communicable disease that has spread world wide. Just as it has taken years to become this large, it may possibly take that many more years to combat such a huge issue, IF not enough concerned citizens take action FAST!

    May GOD bless this young man’s family and his soul rest in peace….

  31. Lawless says:

    My heart goes out to this family… May you find comfort in God during this time. And for the murderer/s, I pray you find God as this is not the way of life and you can offer so much more…

  32. R u kidding me says:

    well said 15 year old… Adults …
    My condolences to the family and friends the young man.
    People,Let’s be sensible/sensitive how we “talk” on here.

  33. Friendly Faces says:

    Ah, this is so sad, sadder than so many of the shootings because its daylight, he should be out and about then (should 18 year olds be out at 3am? – I guess legally they should, but I hope mine aren’t) but saddest of all because its a stabbing which is somehow worse, and it could be a fight over something relatively innocent, for once it might not be a gang thing. I saw on the Gazette website a great post about how you know it was a black child that killed him, and that he was black too. Look – before you jump down my throat, there are times this isn’t the case, but really count em’ – its so few, almost never. And I’m a 48 year old black man saying this. Before you know the facts, you can picture a grieving black mom, and a black kid on the steps of the courts wearing orange on his way to Westgate. It’s just so sad, I keep shaking my head, its said for him, for the families, for the community, but what are going to do about it? I think we need to face up to some home truths here.

    • D. E says:

      @Friendly Faces, where does it say anything about 3am? this happen in broad daylight around 12:40 in the afternoon, and it was close to his home
      R.I.P Malcolm, gone too soon…………

      • Ex pat guest worker says:

        I think the point that Friendly was making was that this weas somehow worse because it wasn’t 3am, because it was broad daylight in an accessible spot when anyone could have been around. I agree with him, it is worse.

  34. name says:

    R.I.P malculm

  35. Bda girl says:

    :’( I love you soo much mal you was the best bestfriend anyone could ask for…..My condolences goes out to all the outerbridge family,friends and loved ones..
    You would forever have a place in my heart
    <3 Gone to soon <3

  36. So sad says:

    Condolence to this young mans family and friends. RIP young man RIP.

  37. Violence is like a “virus” that is extremely contagious. We need to look at the violence affecting our island from a different perspective. Right now we are reactionary. We react to the violence after the fact. Like a virus, we must study ways to prevent the ‘violence’from spreading. We need violence ‘interruptors’. People from each ‘hood’ who are respected in the streets and who can be trained to stop the virus/violence from spreading from one senseless act to another.

    We have too many young men in the streets. Some of whom come from good homes. Unfortunately when the pack mentality kicks in, too often there is no voice of reason. No one to say let’s think about the potential ramifications of our actions. Old school gangstas had a code of sorts. New shcool gangstas have no code.

  38. bermyshotta says:

    RIP Malcolm

  39. mindlessness!!!! says:

    @ Babbling, thank you for your thoughfull comments. We all need to look at how we treat one another. It would appear that the murderous element in our society has stepped to a new low. Is it now time for a sustained campaign aimed at every the whole community, arming us with solid information to aid us in getting under the surface of the pshyce of our young people. We must find out what makes them tick, and most importantly, they must tell someone if they are facing danger. I do not know this latest murder victim, nor do I know his parentsl but like most people here I am looking for solutions.RIP young man.

  40. mindlessness!!!! says:

    @ Pastor Syl, I hope you do repeat the Walk… but wcould it be earlier in the week, in my humble opinion a Friday night is not usually a good time for so many people.. and what about 6.00 pm.I will make the effor to attned, and I am surprised that I did not know about it… how about posting to Facebook et al.

  41. strong says:

    Firstly, Condolences to the Outerbridge Family !!! I am a mother of a 29yr old son i also live in the area, next to where this incident happened.Of course all the males in my hood was questioned without any problems, i saw the look in some of their faces and it showed me that they are very concerned young men.However i must add the feeling of discomfort at this time.When night fell it was an airy feeling just knowing that their is a killer out there!!!!!! So i am asking that people just stop and think before they post their comments as they are read by so many.Bermuda we are in a critical stage and what we need is to call on the name of Jesus.Lets just pray for the entire Bermuda and for a change of the atmosphere.GOD AND ONLY GOD IS ABLE.To the family our heartfelt condolences sincerely go out to you from the famlies in Jones Village .

  42. Chronologically Backwards. says:

    Two dark skinned men in dark clothes with dark helmets and dark visors were seen leaving on a dark bike wiff no plate.

    Dark times indeed, a dark problem.

  43. So clueless says:

    I am laughing at all you lot.
    I mite get on TV and fill your little brains in on whats going on in Bermuda and around the world when I feel like it. You all should be able to figure it out if you all was not so blind. Let me give you a clue.

    If I had an animal and I knew how negatively it would react after being put through different stresses. So I found ways to condition that animal so that it could go through the different stresses with out reacting negatively.

    If I wrote my finding in a book and gave detailed examples stresses and condition methods in the form of stories, that book would be called the BIBLE.

    • Terry says:

      God may save your soul but man taketh it away. Whats your take on where the Bible was written and the ethnic cleansing that is taing place there now. And around the world.

    • Chronic Backpain (Original) says:

      Congratulations on deciding to write a book. Unfortunately, there is already a book called the Bible. It is a work of fiction supposedly passing off as fact. Interesting in places but mostly it is total B.S.

  44. fedup says:

    @ DUMBL you must be an idiot! No one was blaming the police, they’re just NEVER around when these bad things go down! For example when kimwondae walker was shot dead in front of all those lil kids at the Victor Scott School on Good Friday the murderers rode right pass an empty police RV and got away! The news cast even showed the reporter knocking on the door of this RV which was EMPTY! No one has been bought to justice ok! You must be one of the police officers that was on a doughnut break when this terrible act occurred

    • Dumb! Da! Dumb! Dumb! Duh! says:

      Ok fedup, No I’m not an idiot, quite the opposite in fact and there is no need for name calling but since you went there… The fact of the matter is that you are the idiot, a right a$$ and you write trash. Your initial post read “@ Cassy that RV thing has NO officers in there! Its just sitting there for LOOKS! It looks” which was based on ASSumptions not facts. Your second post you wrote “You must be one of the police officers that was on a doughnut break when this terrible act occurred”. There you go again making an a$$ of yourself by ASSuming that because I am in support of the BPS I must be a cop. To answer that, no I am not cop never have been and never will be. I wouldn’t have the patience to be one because of idiots like you… and if you weren’t blaming the police then what were you insinuating by your comments? Cheesh!

      • Smart. says:

        You need to face reality, SERIOUS NOTE. Bda cops don’t do anything for our island and at the end of the day they just care about that fat ass paycheck like everyone else. SO! Dont matter if the cops were there or not, s**t happens and I guess it was just Mals time to go. Same with every other soul thats been takin on our streets, we can’t change the workd unless we change ourselves.

    • SMH says:

      serious!! you really think the police can be at all places at one time?????

  45. Bda is not another world says:

    a few thoughts –

    many of the young people committing these crimes have been born in a decade where gangsta culture and violent video games (ie. call of duty) are some of the images that were imprinted in their minds and psyche since early childhood if not at home on the tv set then perhaps at a friends house where parents may not have been so discerning as to what their children were seeing. death, guns, drugs are commonplace. they are not phased by any of this like we are. this lifestyle is normal to them. even now, i was appalled at my daughter’s nursery where a man commented on his 6 month old smacking another child as ‘good, she has to learn to fight to get what she wants’

    this young man who sounds like he was one of the good ones, may have been targeted because his path to a positive life intimidated those who are heading down a one way street to westgate. like that young man that got stabbed at elbow beach before he was off to college. good boy done in by low life thugs who will never be nothing but crime statistics.

    what can the police do to prevent this? with a court and parole system that is a revolving door. not much. just do their best to find out whodunit and i imagine they feel just as degraded as the public when they finally catch their guy and he’s out in 18 months with a full belly and bigger muscles and a giant smirk on his face. i’m sure they’d rather be home with their children than working overtime every weekend catching johnny criminal for the 15th time just to have him mock them and threaten his family’s safety. please it can’t be easy for the men and women in the BPS to watch this facade of justice and then be condemned for its failures.

    And what difference would it have made if they were in the big van or not – they don’t have xray vision or superhero powers, how can they see what happens on every road, in every railway trail, in every back alley – it is our jobs to call them when we notice something suspicious.

    This lack of morality and decency is not only affecting Bermuda’s young persons. The mindset is worldwide. Try reading the newspaper of another city and you will see. Bermuda is not another world anymore, it is just another place – in a world that is becoming a scary place to be.

  46. Lawless says:

    My prayer is that everyone be mindful that finger pointing is not going to solve this issue…neither is name calling… these children come from our homes… maybe not ours directly, but a bermuda home… Lets start finding a solution…

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem?