Man Charged: Last Week’s Shooting

January 30, 2012

A 20-year-old man appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Jan.30], charged in connection with the shooting last week which was followed by a high speed police chase.

Gariko Benjamin was charged with possession of a firearm, discharging a firearm, taking a motorcycle without consent, and three charges of making threatening gestures to three police officers. He was not required to enter a plea and was remanded in custody.

The shooting occurred at around 10:30am on Wednesday, January 25th in the Mount Hill/ Overview Hill area in Pembroke. No one was injured; however the suspect[s] stole a blue motocross cycle from the scene and fled in a westerly direction with police in pursuit.

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  1. Nothing But the Truth says:

    Smh this guy is an idiot. Lock them all up!

  2. M.G.T. says:

    free Riko! stay up souljah..

    • BERMUDA.GUY says:


    • MUFC says:

      M.G.T = T.W.A.T!!!

  3. MUFC says:

    Great news. Book him Danno!!

  4. not a happy onion says:

    Good and they should charge Benjamin driving without due care, no cycle insurance & licence, speeding, etc.

  5. ashley says:

    Free Garry ( vexxedd ) i miss u Garry<3

  6. M.O.# says:

    Stay strong my dude!!…and the ppl that comment after me!..can eat a d*#% wit $#@ on the tip times two!!.

    • BERMUDA.GUY says:


      • Just saying says:


      • 0_o says:

        @BERMUDA.GUY How about YOU STFU with telling everyone else to STFU. EVERYONE’S entitled to their own opinion. Which is why you were allowed to post your REDUNDANT comments! Until you can come up with an insult better than calling everyone dumb, take your own advice!

        • MUFC says:

          O_o, the guy was charged and probably on some pretty sound evidence. Are you supporting the criminal too. BERMUDA.GUY, I’m with you.

  7. STAiNED_PARADiSE says:


  8. MORE LAWYER FEEE$$$ says:




    • Compassion says:

      I agree that this young man should definitely stay behind bars for a while. However, Bermudians have become so mean to each other. How can you say “to the parents of this wanna b …. Slap yourselves on the way to your lawyers office”. So insensitive – Bermuda is pretty bad at the moment when people can’t even be nice to each other. Just suppose they are good parents – one day it just may be your relative. Why judge, your not helping the matter. All Bermudians do nowadays is judge – why not come up with some solutions!

      • young person says:

        @compassion i agree 100% with you! people are so quick to blame parents for he thing their child does! our parents can only teach us so much cut our axx when we was little but as we grow up we have a mind of our own he is almost 21 years old he is basically an adult and knows right from wrong! so there is only one person to blame and that him himself not his parent friend anyone but him!

        • dangerousMinds says:

          AGREED!! How dare you judge and Confuse someones wrong doing with how their parents raised them, Everyone makes mistakes whether they know what they getting into or not. Don’t Judge cause it could be your son, brother or nephew NEXT.. His parents are God-fearing parents and do nothing but pray, but God has to sometimes show the child things for themselves, Parents cannot control everything especially when you become of age. He is 20, NOT 16. So think before you speak, better yet get ya facts right before you make DUMB remarks about someone and their family. Only GOD Aunt Stacey & Uncle Coolie. -PRAYER-

      • empora says:

        i agree with you on crabs in a bocket have turn into sharks.

    • SOMERSET LADY says:

      I agree with you @Compassion…if you don’t know the guy’s parents you shouldn’t make insensitive comments like that. His parents are decent and they are in no way supporting him! You can raise a child to the best of your ability and they can still take the wrong path. Don’t point fingers like that…

  9. Honesty says:

    When keeping it real goes wrong *white guy from Dave chapelles show voice* guess he thought life was like grand theft auto. Unfortunately there isn’t a ‘police wanted’ cheat buddy lol

  10. Bermy Onion says:

    Clearly these idiots are not afraid to go to jail. Bermuda get your act together, stop being afraid of your children and go back to old-school punishment.

  11. shafika says:

    Stay strong Rico, see u when u get out, will miss u

    • You are joking right says:

      Don’t worry about Rico, He going to have fun with his new boy friends!!!! Why you all so eager to get up that place…..Like a bunch of squirrels chasing after nuts!!!! Guess you gang girls really like your guns lol

    • Somerset Girl says:

      Stay strong? Is this a joke. If he were strong to begin with he would not be in this mess! If he was strong his parents would have been dishing out money for his school fees not lawyer fees! If he was strong he would have been able to pull away from all bad influences and choices! Sorry to say but ya boy is weak!

      • Alicia says:

        everybody has something negative to say until its one of your family members or friends in the cross fire. who do you think you are to add more neagativity to the siuation. its non of your business.

    • MUFC says:

      Give me strength!! You’re a complete moron.

  12. BRICK CITY says:

    no one should judge, ONLY GOD

    • Family Man says:

      You’re right. Take him 15 mile off North Rock and toss him overboard. Let Poseidon judge him.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      You supporters of this little almost adult should all be up there with him ….otherwise let him go and continue his tirade in your island ….bunch of dummies ….you’all dont wanna turn this island around….bunch of jokers
      OH and by the way ….to all of you that say “no one can judge but God”…its true but we all can form an opinion of you by what has been seen by your actions ….so get over it punks!!!

  13. Curious George says:

    I think my company will sponsor this guy once he gets out and starts racing down the track! Bermuda’s own Bubba!

  14. M.O.B says:

    free garyson !!!!!

    • ashley says:

      spose too!! free garry forget what ppl got to say about him !!

  15. Somerset Girl says:

    To you silly, stupid obviously young girls, grow up. Have you lost your mind? “Stay strong Rico.” He has alledgedly committed a crime. Do you honestly think his parents are having some sort of a party right now. They probably feel like beating him. Stay strong????? if he was strong from the beginning he would not have gotten caught up in this mess. If he had …. oh never mind, only the wise can see that this is a bad, bad situation.

  16. Captain Q WoW WoW says:

    The Gun play needs to stop on the rock. On a positive note he should be hire by the BERMUDA POLICE SERVICE as a driving instructor. If the POLICE CAN’T STOP A BIKE FROM MOUNT HILL TO SOMERSET thats a wake up call for them.

  17. Get Out Of Bermy says:

    SMH! Bermudians. What is wrong in that country? Do you realy need to live on that small “Going to Hell” island all ya life? Help ya children get out quick!

  18. YA serious thouuu?? says:

    Those of you who are supporting Riko & wishing him well CAN’T be serious right now! We have to be getting punked! *que: Ashton Kutcher*
    He actually is my relative and I in no way support his ignorance and think that he needs to serve all the time he is sentenced if convicted. All you small minded people who feel like you know anything about his parents need to GROW UP & catch a clue!! If you know nothing…say NOTHING! A simple piece of advice for simple people…

  19. MYSTERY LADY says:

    do u know what he is been charged with so those that think it is cool to do the crime he should be able to do the time now he is surrounded by 4 wall and a metal door he can now think what life is really worth i no for sure he is crying for his mom and dad sorry nothing they can do for u now or your so called m.o.p now

  20. RealliThough says:

    My Ni**a Rico.. People Who Dont Know ..Will Talk, People Who Do Know..Will Talk.. Regaurdless Bermudians Love To Gossip. Thats His Profession Let A Brother Be!.. Most of You People Have A Good Education n Parents Who Could Afford To Send You PLACES!!.. Bermudas Full Of Judgemental A$#holes. . . im not saying it was the wisest idea to do what he allegedly did. But what can u do when the only person you trust. IS THE PERSON YOUVE BECOME OVERNIGHT!! If youve never been in the shoes of a man with a gun what makes your comments any better than his decision. Put Up SOME MONEY CHANGE BERMUDA!! Give Youth Something To Do. Other Than Go Outside DRink n Get HIGH. While Parents Sit HOME N DO NOTHING!. bermuda doesnt have a damn thing inplace for youths in there 20′s to do but go out clubbin get in fights.. n live to do the same thing next week

    • Huh? says:

      Brah…u dont become a gun toter overnight! You build up to that dumbness one mistake after the other. And somewhere between the first mistake to the firing of a gun, there were many times when ppl attempted to stir them in the right direction and away from foolishness. The amount of activity available in this island used to be even more limited when i was growing up yet we found positive things to do besides drink, drugs and shooting other ppl ! And we didnt have parents handing us money, we had to go out n work for it by packing groceries, cutting grass, washing cars or working at restaurants. Now you younger lot think you’re so much smarter than us so why can’t you figure out a way to do something positive with your time and energy. And on top of that, we had deeply institutionalised racism in our educational and work opportunities yet we managed to hold our heads up and do the right thing despite the fact that some of us never attended university! Come on young ppl, value yourself more than this.!

    • YA serious thouuu?? says:

      “Thats his profession” Once again….we MUST be getting punked!
      Lemme tell you something, I know plenty of people & there are plenty of people in the world who become remarkable people DESPITE their upbringing. That is no excuse to become a menace to society & people who support that excuse are right on his level. If that’s what he woke up and decided to do that morning than that’s what he felt he needed to do not his parents.
      The fact that we haven’t been in the shoes of a man with a gun makes our comments better than his decision. What type of an ignorant question is that?! A man with a gun without a license and with the intent to hurt someone is wrong no matter how you look at it. Imma need you to stop making ignorant comments, take your own advice and go change Bermuda THANKS!

  21. ashley says:

    ummmmmmm…… all u ppl thas happen at the fact tha ppls sayen free him could clearly get over it and please dnt tell me stfu cause everybody has different feelings ok soo u stfu end of convo soo stop tlken& dnt comment bakk ….. like i said FREE GARRY <3 SPOSE TOOO!!

    • MUFC says:

      Hmm, you’re still a TWAT!!

    • Eyes wide shut says:

      This dude could be freed from jail tomorrow and he still wouldn’t be free! His mind was imprisoned long before his body…..just took a while for his body to catch up! How bout u? What direction is your thinkin taking you?

    • YA serious thouuu?? says:

      So tell me something…you feel like he’s done no wrong?
      Imagine if on his way from town to somerset, he struck one of your little cousins and kept going. Would you be mad at your little cousin for getting in his way or at him for hitting your cousin? Let’s be real..

  22. Rard says:

    Losers attract other losers. The girls on this thread are attracted to these boys. End of story.

  23. Palm Tree Living says:

    Free My N$#@# Gary! Stay Strong Brah!

  24. tricks are for kids says:

    What I find more concerning is the lack of respect given everytime someone gives a comment that may or may not be in alignment with yours. We are all unique individuals and we are all going to have a different opinion. I’m not in agreement with a lot of the comments but I don’t feel that it is necessary to result to name calling either. He may have been wrong for what he did but if he has friends that support him than so be it…The PLP have supporters even though they are partially responsible for the islands decline, the klu klux klan have supporters even though they used to go around killing black people and so on and so forth. Whilst it might seem like comparing ‘apples and oranges’ the fact remains the same that one should be allowed to voice their opinion without fear or reprimand or being called names….It baffles me that we want and expect our young people to act accordingly when we as supposed adults can’t do the same thing….Let people voice their opinion without all the name can get your point across without “putdowns”…I just did…

    And as far as those ‘condemning’ his parents…I can honestly say that in reading your comments that it is obvious that you don’t know them…..

    • MUFC says:

      Um um, excuse me, Tricks but the support for this perp is tantamount to harbouring a criminal. They are all obviously his gangsta clan.

      • tricks are for kids says:

        @ MUFC if that’s YOUR perception than your entitled to it….As I don’t know who’s who due to the use of “pen names” when posting I wouldn’t necessarily come to that conclusion….

  25. Praise says:

    Many thanks to the Bda Police Service for their hardwork on this occasion!

  26. Rastayout. says:

    Jah kno no1 know wat dis yout ah deal wit. He the only man in his shoes. If he is the one that done wrong he gonna have to face the consequence. This is our reality, not as a country but as a world society. Bermuda is not immune to what’s goin on in the rest of the world. There is no1 that knows for sure what situation hey may be forced into 2ma. So judge not, else you’ll be judged. selassie

  27. jenn parker says:

    Lock him up, give the public a sense of security. 10 years minimum for possession of a deadly weapon, a GUN! pack him up and keep him there if convicted.. All theses idiots sharing their condolences and pity, for what? He desrves what he got. Anyone who condones in this foolishness is just as immature and disgusting as he is. This is oathetic. LOCK HIM UP & GIVE NO MERCY!

  28. jenn parker says:


  29. jenn parker says:

    And screw all that “people dont know what hes going through” bs! HE DOESNT KNOW WHAT THE PEOPLE HES allegedly SHOOTING AT ARE GOING THROUGH EITHER FOOLS! Open up your eyes and see more that only what is given to you! Think outside the box. You people are sticking up for the alleged criminal! To say the least, this young man wants to act grown but i bet hes sitting up crying like a baby now. Dont act grown but cant handle the consequences! LOCK HIM UP!!!!! THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY! He should look gorgeous in ORANGE

  30. STFU says:

    Only reason all u stupid a%s ppl are talkin s%$t is cuz ya identity is hidden. Im sure none of u would say fu$%s 2 him or the familys face. Lay in d cut no 1 knows anything about him 2 cast judgement, 4 all u kno they can have the wrong guy. Not everyone that is charged is guilty. Fu$#@in $#@!. Ppl really spend thier time hating? . F%$#in weirdos.

  31. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    Gariko Benjamin was charged with possession of a firearm-so this means he allegedly had the gun on his bike all the way to Somerset? Or does it mean they assume he shot at the house but still do not have the gun. Do they have the gun? I hope they do. Remember Innocent until pruven guilty. We do not know all the facts. For all we know someone might have shot at him . I met him last year and my first impression was he was a good young man. I hope it is not true for him and his family.
    We all have to answer to what we do in life one way or the other

  32. Jenn Parker says:

    To the fool who’s name says “STFU” your clearly a hypocrite. How is it that you are going to comment and say that people are only commenting because identity is hidden? Yours isn’t either! Some people, YOU for example, need to think before posting such assine things! And since no one knows anything about him, how do you? Learn to back up your statements before you make them.