Police Appeal: 14-Yr-Old Girl [Found]

January 10, 2012

[Updated] The Bermuda Police Service is appealing for the public’s assistance in locating 14 year old India Burchall.

A police spokesperson said, “The teenager is described as brown skinned, approximately 5’6” tall of slim build weighing 122 pounds with low cut naturally curly dark brown hair.

“She was reported missing on Friday, January 6th and apparently has been seen as recently as Monday, January 9th near West End Primary School on Scott’s Hill Road in Sandys parish.

“Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of 14 year old India Burchall is encouraged to contact the Vulnerable Persons Unit on 295-0011.”

Update Jan 11, 12pm: The Bermuda Police Service said they would “like to thank the public for their assistance in locating 14 year old India Burchall. She has returned safe and well.”

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  1. Can't Take It Anymore says:

    So she isn’t missing, but rather AWOL! Or better put, she ran away from home.

  2. typical says:

    so clearly she’s not missing if she’s been seen…she’s doing what she feels like doing

  3. Furious says:

    My oh my how the tables turn!

  4. Kittles says:

    Clearly Not Missing. Just out ther doing what she know’s her parents would not approve if they knew. SMH My mother would have long found me by now because she would be out there searching every friend’s house etc etc.

    • Kittles says:

      Needless to say I do hope she gets home safely because this is not a safe place for little girls to be roaming the streets any longer

  5. D. Evans says:

    I have a daughter about her age. I hope that she is ok and returns home safely. Obviously there is a problem at home why she feels the need to leave. I hope that she can find a trusted adult and speak to them about whatever the situation is

    • Um just sayin says:

      Most likely the problem at home is “RULES”.

  6. Think About It says:

    There isn’t anything going on at home that made her leave, she’s just being a typical girl her age and doing anything and everything in her power to piss off her parents and do what she likes.

  7. The Hell says:

    She aint missing she knows where she is

  8. Sinking feeling says:

    I agree with D.Evans she is not missing in the usual sense of the word but obviously there is a problem with this child and yes she is a child. I also have daughters around her age and hope and pray that she contact her family and return home safely.

  9. India go home!!! It’s only trouble out there. Such as early pregnancy, drugs , filthy lifestyle and a bad reputation. There problems in your household can’t be worse than the streets. Don’t waste yourself. go home.

  10. Kim Smith says:

    I am curious at how judgemental some of us are. None of us know what the situation is with this young lady and her family and yet look at how quick we are to act like we do… and at how unkind our remarks are.

  11. Concerned Grandmaother says:

    I am glad that she is safe and at home. My question is, “What happens to the person/people who were harbouring her”.

    • Jo Public says:

      I agree. We see this way to often with runaway youths. We need to sttart punishing those individuals that help hide these kids from their parents and the police….unles their is evidence of abuse within those homes.

  12. VJ says:

    A teenager going missing is not necessarily due to “problems at home”. My daughter ‘ran away’ at fourteen. Turns out she had run up my Cable & Wireless bill calling some boy overseas and had been hiding the bill from me for months. On the day she ‘ran away’ she had taken a phone call from a C & W representative who had called the house to discuss the bill. Under mounting pressure, she packed a bag, left me a note and left to go God only knows where. It was a very understanding Policewoman that probed her and found out why she had run away. I still have the note and we have sometimes have a good laugh about it all these years later. Sometimes teenagers just do silly things….

    • Makes sense says:

      People love to jump to conclusions when they know nothing about a situation.

  13. Jo Public says:

    Glad she was found.