BA To Offer Paperless Boarding Pass

February 16, 2012

Passengers will be able to download their boarding pass on their cell phones, Minister of Transport Derrick Burgess said this afternoon [Feb.16].

British Airways will be the first to use the technology in Bermuda. Each paperless boarding pass is displayed as a two-dimensional bar code along with passenger and flight information. Passengers without checked baggage will be able to bypass the check-in queues and proceed directly to the lounge.

Minister Burgess said, “It used to be that when travelling abroad we had to go to a travel agent and would receive tickets and other documents well in advance of travelling.

“We then moved to online booking and e-tickets. It is now possible to check in online and print your own boarding pass at home. Well, today I am happy to announce that we have moved even further into the digital age with the advent of the paperless boarding pass, also known as the mobile boarding pass.

“The Mobile boarding pass enables passengers to download their boarding pass on their cell phones. While this technology was incorporated into our systems during an upgrade several years ago, and is also available at other airports around the world, none of the airlines serving Bermuda have decided to use the function here – at least until now.

“British Airways will be the first to use the technology in Bermuda. And I’m very pleased to be joined by BA’s Bermuda manager Marianne Wilcox today to launch this initiative. This innovative approach streamlines the customer experience while heightening the ability to detect fraudulent boarding passes.

“Each paperless boarding pass is displayed as an encrypted, two-dimensional bar code along with passenger and flight information.

“The Bermuda security officers use scanners to validate the authenticity of the boarding pass at the checkpoint.  Presently only British Airways will use this system here in Bermuda. It enables their passengers, who have no checked baggage, to bypass the check-in queues and proceed directly to the lounge.

“This is yet another way of improving the airport experience for our travelers. It also helps our sustainable development efforts just a little more by eliminating yet more paper from our lives. So on behalf of the Government and travelling public, thank to British Airways for making travel a little less stressful,” said Minister Burgess.

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  1. Enough already says:

    How is this a Minister Burgess accomplishment? Im struggling to understand why Min Burgess would even be included in announcement?

    • moojun says:

      He’s not claiming it as his achievement, he’s simply congratulating BA on implementing it. And rightly so as our Minister of Transport. Did you read the article?

    • Barking Dog says:

      Well, he is the minister and its part of his job.

  2. Rummy says:

    I agree ‘Enough’.

    Then again, Wayne is in New York locking horns.

    Then again, Burgess is Ministerof Transport right?

    Or am I missing something again.

  3. enough says:

    Really? Really?
    This is BA’s big improvement? How’s about lowering your prices to either an arm or a leg, not both.
    How about forcing your cabin crew to smile.
    How about getting a fleet that’s even close to inflight standards across most of the Asian and UAE based companies.
    $1500 for a 7hr flight; come on, no paperless boarding pass is gonna ease that pain.

    • Finally left! says:

      lol i do agree BA is a bit expensive… but frankly i’d rather pay that price for the service you get than the prices/hr that you pay on anythign that heads west.

    • kiskadee says:

      Why doesnt the minister concentrate on getting us a cheaper airline.?? BA has been robbing us for years.

      • says:

        The only good thing about BA is that they have never killed anyone!

  4. Honestly says:

    Derrick Burgess is reitterating what was said by British Airways! He also thanked BA for making travel plans a little less stressful. Nothing mentioned with Derrick Burgess implementing this new plan…just restating what was said.

  5. Absolutely amazing says:

    It is truly amazing that something that has been available elsewhere for years is suddenly coming to the Island. Not that Burgess had anything to do with it but it gives him a couple of column inches.

  6. Soooooo says:

    Woohoo…. The Bermuda airport is now only 5 years behind the rest of the world….

  7. Really says:

    More ministers pretending to do or be part of something that they had nothing to do with do they think it makes them look good?

  8. US Observer says:

    The following statement caught my attention: “It enables their passengers, who have no checked baggage, to bypass the check-in queues and proceed directly to the lounge.”

    Hmmm…let’s see. I’m taking a transatlantic flight from Bermuda to London and I have “no checked bags?” Ohhh…this does not pertain to a Bermudian who actually lives in Bermuda; it’s for the short hop visiting who just needed a carry-on with clothes to last them a few days or so.

    • Necromonger says:

      You’re absolutely correct..!!! This will only bennifit the few.
      But hey it’s a small step towards a paperless society….

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Its an ease into the new world monetary system of making paper cash & credit cards obsolete. All major banks are looking into adopting this & the best way to make it global is to introduce it to travelers first. This is the bigger picture air travel ease is just a small part of it.

  9. Victor says:

    Could be useful for anybody needing to make a speedy exit – philanderers, forgers, fraudsters, con artists, Government ministers, etc. Could be why his good self is so excited by it.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      It actually do the opposite. The type of people you mentioned will get to the airport not knowing authorities have put a warrant out for their device. They will unknowingly swipe it & hear a beep, beep, beep & a customs officer will approach them & say, “You’re under arrest.” This is the beginning of the matrix & wether we like it or not we will all have to conform. All who don’t have a mobile device should purchase one now if they want to travel in the years to come.

  10. scott wade says:

    Its the frequent use of the word “we” that is the killer.

    The only element requiring involvement from the Airport – and via a very long and weak chain, the Minister – was adding of barcode scanners at the security checkpoint.

    This was probably paid for by BA.

    Its an election year so minisiters are desperate to accumlate “acheivements”.


  11. Really says:

    If We could get folks through immigration quicker might serve as a better achievement!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      This technology will get folks through a lot of things quicker & will almost completely wipe out drug dealers. The problem will be an increase in stolen devices.

  12. scott wade says:

    I hit the submit button to early…I mean to finish with

    Frankly the low level politicking is embarrasing…


  13. Tommy Chong says:

    BA is a bit late on the ball this is technology the Japanese have been using for years now. Soon all purchases will be through mobile devices. Then mobile device thefts will become even more common worldwide.

    A few more years & the grain of rice implants will be available though I won’t be getting one. I’ll eat fish, feral chickens & snails to survive before being tagged like a doggy.

  14. USObserver says:

    Delta Airlines introduced this technology a few years ago…this is nothing new.

  15. Get Real says:

    everything happens to late in bermuda big part of the problems

  16. Get Real says:

    also take a lot more than this to make us forget the Brown /Burgess affair!

  17. Captain obvious says:

    In other news, the minister of transport has announced that since the events of 9/11 Bermuda airport will now step up security and travelers will be subjected to random searches…..

  18. longtail says:

    Maybe with this improved efficiency Government can consider lowering its departure tax???? LOL!!!!