Airline Diverts After Reports Of Fire On Board

April 30, 2013

[Updated with videos. At 8.20pm the captain of a flight heading from Mexico to the UK called in saying there was a fire in the cabin and requesting an emergency landing in Bermuda. Dozens of fire fighters responded to the scene as a precautionary measure, as did the police and medical personnel.

The plane landed without incident at 9pm, and the 338 passengers/crew stayed the night in Bermuda. There were no reported injuries, and the aircraft was mechanically assessed and left the following afternoon.]

A massive presence of emergency personnel could be seen at the airport this evening [Apr 30] as they prepared for a flight that diverted to Bermuda due to what we understand to be a fire onboard the plane.

The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service got in position well in advance and appeared to be making extensive preparations as the Thomas Cook flight #149 — which was was traveling from Cancun, Mexico to Manchester, UK — prepared to land in Bermuda.

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The police are also on scene, and there appeared to be some traffic restrictions for a short while as authorities took safety precautions as the flight made its way closer to the island. The flight landed at about 9pm, and appeared to have gone safely.


Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 9.25pm: The passengers are disembarking, while the Fire Service stands by. It is understood KEMH was on standby preparing for a ‘worst case scenario’, which fortunately does not appear to be the case.

Update 9.39pm: An ambulance can be seen entering the area. It appears many of the passengers are fine, but further details remain somewhat unclear now. We are expecting to receive an official statement shortly.

Update 9.49pm: BFRS Lieutenant Jay Donawa said the airplane captain declared the emergency at 8.20pm with a report of a fire in the cabin, and the flight landed at approximately 9.01pm without incident.

It is now located on Apron 1, and the passengers are being assessed. There were 338 people on board, and Lt Donawa said he cannot confirm or deny any injuries at this time, as the situation is still ongoing.

Update 10.22pm: Obviously it is probable that passengers will stay in Bermuda overnight. They have still not exited the airport. Emergency and medical personnel who had responded to the airport are leaving the area.

Update 10.32pm: Speaking over the PA system at the aiport, an airline official said that the passengers will be staying the night in Bermuda. You can listen to the audio here [not the best quality sorry!]

Update 10.43pm: Quick video of the flight arriving

Update 11.08pm: Passengers are starting to make their way out of the airport now


Update 12.07am: The police confirm that it was an electrical fire, and said there were no were no reported injuries. The full police statement is below

Around 8:20pm on Tuesday, April 30th emergency services including the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service and King Edward VII Memorial Hospital personnel responded to L.F. Wade International Airport to a reported emergency aircraft landing.

It appears that a small electrical fire occurred during a Thomas Cook flight en route from Cancun, Mexico to Manchester UK. As a result the plane diverted to Bermuda.

The aircraft landed safely around 9pm with 338 persons aboard. There were no reported injuries. The passengers and crew disembarked the plane and are staying overnight at local hotels.

The Thomas Cook aircraft will be mechanically assessed and is expected to leave sometime Wednesday afternoon to continue on to its intended destination.

The video below contains audio of a passenger explaining what occurred on the plane. He said the flight crew had fire extinguishers out, however they did not appear to be used. He, and his friends, were quite happy to be in Bermuda and were in no rush to leave, saying they could “stay a couple of days.”

Update May 1: According to flight trackers, the plane left Bermuda this afternoon and is en route to Manchester

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  1. Errin Butterfield says:

    Hope everyone is fine.

    • Moojun says:

      So do I, but it does bring to mind their tag line: “Don’t just book it… Thomas COOK it”.

      • Thanks says:

        Thank you BERNEWS for all of the excellent work you & your crew do in keeping the public informed on breaking news. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST news agency by far in bermuda !!!

  2. Hello says:

    Where was the flight going

    • Terri says:

      To the UK. Read the report.

      • mixitup says:

        the report initially didn’t state the destination…..TERRI

        • Myzterri says:

          When I read the report it stated where the flight originated from and where it was heading.

  3. mixitup says:

    Flight was enroute to Manchester England.. Bernews more pics please :(

  4. smiths says:

    Cancun to Manchester

  5. Prayerful says:

    It sounded like Iraq as the emergency vehicles were trevelling east. Thankfully everything is okay.

  6. US Observer In Pink Sand says:

    Prayerful: Have you ever heard the sounds of IRAQ?

    • bermudaUSMCsniper says:

      i surely have! its not something u would want to get used to!

  7. waiting.... says:

    Flight was going to UK. Be safe out there you guys! You got one of mine out there!!

  8. RawOnion says:

    Looks like they’ll have to overnight here. Good for Bermuda and maybe nice for the passengers (providing they have not been overcome by the incident and delay)…..Cancun and Bermuda in one trip.

  9. lmao says:

    Lol- same thing I was thinking us observer..small minds I tell u!

  10. waiting.... says:

    Be safe out there you guys! Always in our prayers, you have one of mine out there :(

  11. Doug says:

    sounded like Irag? really?

  12. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Bernews beats Skynews!!!

    (lmao…Sky? news).

  13. Prayerful says:

    Obviously you all have not heard Iraq! It is a terrible sound.

  14. Honestly says:

    Nice free way of advertising! Hopefully they come back to Bermuda for a vacation!

  15. goodidea!dbadidea says:

    They almost went half way back to the US judging by the flight track. Glad that everyone is ok and they get a free “test taste” of Bermuda. Even if we’re not necessarily a strategic location for the military anymore, we’re certainly a convenient diversion point for unruly passengers / emergency landings and the like.

    Maybe some of the passengers will come back to our sandy shores for a visit later. WHEN THEY SEE HOW NICE WE ARE (hint hint) to anyone working at the hotels, taxi services and other places that this group might encounter.

    Admittedly most of them are on the way back from a package holiday where they’ve ate, drank and partied themselves to death in Cancun. But maybe Bermuda is a nice place to decompress for a day before the real world hits them again.

    Just hopin’

    • Darwin's Child says:

      Sadly for us, that package holiday was probably a fortnight all inclusive – food, drink, nice hotel and flights thrown in – and still cost less then a BA ticket to Bermy.

  16. Kelly says:

    Hi , my mum was on that flight and everyone is fine!
    Thomas Cook have put them up in a hotel until another plane arrives to bring them back to Sunny England.

  17. Shell says:

    My mum, sister and other family members are on that flight. I received a text this morning saying they are all ok. And getting treat like celebs at one of the best hotels!

  18. OMG says:

    We should bring Thomas Cook here to show what we offer so Charter flights can be brought to Bermuda.

  19. Fansy Face says:

    Anyone knows what hotel they staying in? No success in Dockyard at the cruise ship for us mini buses so far maybe can make a few dollars with hustling them back to the airport. Own a 15 sweater bus.

  20. Mad Dawg says:

    What an ordeal for the passengers. I hope everyone is ok, and also hope they have a nice time while they’re here.

  21. James says:

    Um um like – you didn’t realize countries have sounds? Try lifting anywhere near flats for a week. Bermudas sound is beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. Loud stereos in cars and noisy bikes.not exactly tranquil .
    I still can’t believe that a plane landing here makes the news. Now if there had been injuries I would understand.

  22. John P. says:

    I would just like to thank all Bermudians for thier help and hospitality. My daughter was one of the crew on board the aircraft and says that they were made welcome.
    We have relatives in Bermuda so its a very small world.
    Thanks again Bermuda!

  23. James says:

    Just a shame that this weather will not entice anyone back here.

  24. disillusioned already! says:

    Glad everyone is OK, welcome to Bermuda if even for a short time.

  25. Kerry says:

    Thank you Bermuda. We have been taken care of very well and everyone we encountered was wonderful. Even with the immense pressure they were put under at such short notice, A beautiful place and we hope to return voluntarily one day :)

  26. british bulldog says:

    Well done Bermuda….thankfully everything turned out ok, but the response by the emergency services to the captains mayday call was very professional,and the treatment of the passengers first class