New Restaurant Opens On North Shore

February 22, 2012

It’s not often the catch of the day you see listed on a menu was actually caught by a restaurant’s owner — but that’s going to be the case at a new North Shore eaterie.

Located on North Shore next to the old Clayhouse Inn, the Sea Side Grill takeout restaurant opened last week Wednesday [Feb.15] and specialises in a wide variety of seafood and other dishes.

Offering both local and foreign fish,  25-year-old owner Tonka Simpson already has a fishing business and plans to provide his own freshly-caught fish at Sea Side Grill which will cut down on costs.

The eatery is open from 11am to 10pm through the week, and the opening hours on Sundays are 8am to 1pm, with a traditional Bermuda codfish breakfast on offer.

The business also offers a food delivery service, and in the first week have already made deliveries spanning from Baileys Bay to Warwick.

When asked how he hopes the business fares in the recession, Mr. Simpson said he feels confident,as everyone has to eat, and people like to treat themselves to take out food.

The young Bermudian entrepreneur is employing three people at the new establishment.

For more information please call 292-1241.

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  1. cocoa says:

    All the best to you and your new venture! Very good!

  2. J says:

    Yessss, delivery!

    Just put your number in my contacts. ahahaha

  3. US Observer says:

    Wow…Bermuda is truly another world. $10.25 for a fish sandwich. Two slices of bread and a few pieces of fish in the middle. Amazing!!! The almighty Bermuda dollar.

    • Positive in 2012! says:

      With all due respect US Observer I just got back from Cambridge Mass (IN THE US) and stopped by Harvest Restaurant. A Grilled Fish Sandwich made of inexpensive COD) in Ciabatta Bread with a small side portion of green salad was $15.00. Plus tax.

      I was also at the MGM in Las Vegas and got a sandwich prepared at Wichcraft. I ordered the tuna sandwich. It came with Fennel, green olives, aioli and lemon on a roll. $8.96 + plus tax.

      They were both good fish sandwiches but considering one was a tunafish and the other cod (low priced fish) and purchased in volume at low prices by restaurants at much lower rates…I wouldn’t consider $10.50 high, when compared to the US.

      • Barking Dog says:

        It is still expensive in Bermuda considering that people are having tough time finding job and you want people paying for two piece of bread for that money? Go to the store and get the tuna and bread for far less. I was at one of the princess hotels and asked for Bermuda Ginger Beer that can of ginger beer cost me $4.50 and that is just a soda!

        • Understanding says:

          Are you tired of complaining yet?

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Then it is not for you. Those who can afford it, will buy it, simple.

  4. What Next says:

    All The Best! But please try and stay away from that soft soggy fish. I had a dinner from there last weekend and that soft fish isn’t what people want… I know you are just opening up but people are looking for that BDA Fish.

  5. webb69 says:

    Best fish sandwich @ Seaside Grill will definitely go back.

  6. Mars says:


    Delivry yayyyy! Can’t wait to try the food and if the fish is what “What Next” say it is, then there will need to be a change indeed.

  7. SeaSide Grill says:

    Thanks for the support. There has been a change in the fish fillet. Feel free to stop by and try…

  8. Jenny1 says:

    I had dinner there lastnight. I ordered the Bermuda Turbot dinner. Must I say it was soooo good!
    Good Luck Seaside Grill. :)

  9. Joonya says:

    And free shots in the parking lot for Happy Hour Fridays!

    No bie just kidding. Cant beat a good local fish sandwich. Good Luck!!

  10. D. Evans says:

    tried it and it was delicious. will definitely be back
    Best of luck to you guys. Bermuda please support your locals

  11. Nice says:

    Nice Will have to try you out. Love fish :)
    Best of luck to you and your staff :)
    Was also wondering how far would you deliver your orders?

  12. amen says:

    Only in Bermuda do they charge you 50cent and 75cents to put cheese, lettuce and tomato on burgers and sandwiches. It should be an option to have it or not and no charge. Even charge 25cents for a slice of lemon? Wow.

  13. Mars says:

    Seaside Grill, kudos to you for letting us know the Fish has changed. Now that’s service – listening to your customers and delivering great service to go with it :-)

    Can you give us an idea of the delivery charges for the various parishes please? Thanks so much!!

  14. SeaSide Grill says:

    To: Nice – We deliver orders between Bailey’s Bay and Warwick Parishes.

    To: Amen- Everything has a cost. Every order of fish or a fish dinner comes with 2 slices of lemon included. But if the customer wants extras there is a charge. For lemon if a customer wants extras its 25cents for 2more slices.

    To: Mars – Delivery in the devonshire area is $3 charge and long distances to warwick or Baileys Bay is $5 charge. Also there is no minium order deliveries. You can buy a Hamburger and we will deliver.


  15. Pleaseee says:

    You go all the way Warwick, might as well come St.George’s too! ;)

  16. D. Evans says:

    You will never be able to please everyone. All I am saying is the service is great and the food is delicious and reasonable IMO. Seaside Grill you are my new favorite local restaurant Thank you. Now I’m wanting one of those sandwiches

  17. AccessDenied says:

    What sort of fries do you provide? Please don’t let it be crinkle cut or pre season salted. That’ll make or break it for me.

  18. FoodieQueen says:

    DELICIOSO!! Best Wishes!

  19. Silver Lining says:

    OMG! Delicious! Quality!!! Going back tonite! :-) Well worth the money and the drive – because I live Southampton.