Photos: 547lb, 641lb, 668lb Marlin Weighed In

July 4, 2013

[Updated with photos/info/video] With more than $300,000 prize money on the line, three marlins weighing over 500lbs were landed today [July 4], as the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship is underway with 46 teams in Bermuda competing with anglers around the world.

The “Sea Toy” pulled into Albouy’s Point at around 10.30am with a 547lb catch, which was caught by Nancy Kohl from Ocean City, Maryland. Based in North Carolina, the 59-foot “Sea Toy” made the trip to Bermuda to compete in the tournament.

Fish Weigh In Albouys Point Bermuda Airport, July 4 2013-3

A few minutes later “Blank Check” came in with a 668lb catch, caught by Kevin Gaylord from North Carolina. The 77-foot boat also made the trek to Bermuda to compete in the tournament.

A small crowd gathered at the dock to welcome the anglers and watch them hoisted on the dock by a crane, and Minister Michael Dunkley could also been seen chatting with some the crowd and visiting anglers.

The tournament has a unique format which allows anglers anyplace in the world to enter. The rules allow for teams to fish for 8 hours with the heaviest blue marlin over 500 pounds taking all the winnings.

Teams have entered the World Cup in Bermuda, Hawaii, Madeira, Angola, Canary Islands, the Cape Verde Islands and other blue marlin hot spots in between. The tournament, now in its 29th year, has been won in 10 different locations around the world.

Bermuda and Hawaii are tied with the most wins and traditionally field the largest number of teams. Last year the “Queen of Hearts”, fishing in Bermuda, won the tournament with a 768lb catch and collected the 6-figure prize money. The tournament is still underway, and we will update as able with more information.

Update 5.01pm: The tournament is not yet finished, however at this time the 668lb marlin caught in Bermuda holds the lead. The next closest at this time, by unofficial reports, is a 613lb catch in Cape Verde, which is located off the coast of Western Africa.

Update 5.24pm: Minister of Community & Cultural Development, Wayne Scott dropped by the weigh-in and met up with Bermuda Big Game Classic Tournament Director Dan Jacobs.

The Minister took the opportunity to express his appreciation and support for this year’s tournament pointing out that it provides significant exposure for Bermuda as a premier visitor and sports fishing destination.

Minister Scott and Mr. Jacobs:

Minister Scott Big Game Classic

Update 5.56pm: Crowds gathered at Albouy’s Point waiting for Bermudian Captain Peter Rans and “Overproof” to arrive at the dock with what many hoped to be a winning fish for the day.

overproof marlin bermuda 2013 (5)

The gathered crowd was excited as they thought “Overproof” had a chance at toppling the previous high of 668lb, however when the crane hauled the fish out, it weighed in at 641lbs.

Tournament Director Dan Jacobs said the prize money is around $350,000.

Photos of all three marlins below, click to enlarge:

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  1. 1minute says:

    I’ve never seen Marlin on the menu in Bermuda.

    • Come Correct says:

      Not sure how edible the blue marlins are, had some white marlin the other day from a friend, only ever seen that once before as sushi.

      • Jesus Fairytale says:

        It’s not great eating, you can smoke it, or BBQ it with lots of sauce, but either way its bad. Other fish like it though,you can bait it all day long.

        • Come Correct says:

          I’m assuming its a top feeder to so a good bit of mercury content in the meat? I would rather tuna if I’m going to poison myself.

          • pwndwg says:

            Marlin have exceptionally high mercury levels. No one who can afford to eat something else chooses to eat marlin.

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Can we tax the Americans on the prize money if they win since the fish were caught in OUR territorial waters?

    • Bermudian Overseas says:

      exactly… or maybe the fish should be kept here? we have such limited resources i don’t know what i think about foreigners coming in and taking our fish.. also for environmental reasons ?! #over #fishing

    • Necromonger says:

      You sound like an American…. Wanting to tax the winners prize money.. SMH.

    • Sad when people do not understand economics 101. Txes on fuel,groceries,landing fees,departure fees,hotel occupancy fees,taxi fares etc…are all paid by these folks. Keeps us working. TRUTHFULLY. Please stop it people .

      • pwndwg says:

        We could let them shoot longtails and cahows too, for a few bucks.

  3. Christina says:

    Horrible! How can we protest?!

  4. Coli says:

    Poor dead fish.

  5. Nice catch. Go and get a Grander..come back soon

  6. think about it says:

    All these aweful Americans stealing your fish and prize money have brought money into Bermuda…they stay in hotels that employ Bermudians-they eat in restaurants that employ Bermudians-they buy stock for their return trip to the US from Bermuda stores which (you guessed it) employ Bermudians…they rent bikes, shop in town, buy booze, and they pay the entry fee for the tournament just like Bermudians and often employ Bermudians as local knowledge on the boat. How aweful are the Americans now when they pump money into our economy?
    And as another point…do you really think these marlin circle soley around Bermuda?!!!?!?!

    • Clive Spate says:

      Are you suggesting these aren’t Bermudian marlin?

      Why should foreign marlin get caught when there a plenty of Bermudian marlin?

      Are these marlin on work permits??

      • Floyd Pitcher says:

        There is no such thing as a Bermuda Marlin. These are Atlantic Blue marlin they do not solely reside in Bermuda. Neither do the tuna, wahoo or any other pelagics.

      • Floyd Pitcher says:


        From NOAA

        3.2 Long distance movements
        Despite having the lowest recapture rate for Atlantic billfishes, these recaptures indicate that blue marlin have
        the broadest range of any Atlantic billfish species (Orbesen et al. 2008), with 20 incidents recorded for transAtlantic (i.e., crossing the mid-Atlantic ridge) and six incidents showing trans-equatorial movements (Figure 4).
        Blue marlin are also the only species documented for inter-oceanic movement, in this case a single individual
        moving from the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean.

  7. bir says:

    sad this type of sport is happening killing those beautiful fish FOR WHAT so now they have it all wrapped up what on earth are they going to do with it.

  8. Question says:

    Folks, these guys pump millions of dollars into our economy every year. Berthing fees, landing fees, retail purchases etc. I’d love to eat some fresh marlin…

    • pwndwg says:

      Nowhere near millions mate

      • Car Battery says:

        You clearly have no clue – it is in fact Millions.

        • Floyd Pitcher says:

          Sad how ignorant people really are!!!

  9. Young Bermudian says:

    I wish those feeling empathy for the fish would care that much for our disenfranchised youth and young adults.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      @young Bermudian, being a black man myself, I have empathy for both. However, these creatures have no voice of their own.

      This is a terrible waste of life.

      • Jesus Sneezus says:

        White man here, as if that is somehow relevant. They are fish, screw em. Young black youth is worth fighting for, as is young white youth.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          It’s not an either or scenario.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Oh um, white youth in Bermuda are not disenfranchised, hence the racial relevance.

      • Unjrust Realities says:

        And neither do our disenfranchised youth . . .black and white . . .hence the reason we see them striking out and behaving the way we do.

        We as a people have more sympathy for an animal/fish than we do our own kids!!!

      • Christina says:

        I appreciate your comment very much, Truth, innocent people and creatures need protection. There is no good reason to kill these huge creatures. Often times killing the mature females then using them for chum… The negative impact on the environment is completely selfish… PS. I work with the disadvantaged youth… That is what my life is dedicated to :)

  10. @young Bermudian, well said young man……and i bet they all eat other fish too……

  11. Muff diver says:

    A Bermudian boat will win this tournament!

  12. Truth (Original) says:

    This is a waste of life. The death of this beautiful creature fuels no other purpose than people’s pride. If it were going to be sold for food, I wouldn’t bother posting.

    This is just a waste.

  13. Marjan Zahed-Kindersley says:

    If eating OTHER animals weren’t awful enough, as a “sport” it’s truly revolting, especially because it is so UNBELIEVABLY DUMB.

  14. pwndwg says:

    Get with the 21st century Bermuda: Catch and Release! There is no excuse for killing these magnificent fish which even ICCAT recognize as “vulnerable” and most people consider endangered. Killing the big ones so that they can be hanged and weighed in public is disgusting. Especially since they are just chopped up for bait.

    • Cousin says:

      Before you start talking crap I suggest you get your facts correct. These tournaments bring MILLIONS to Bermuda!!! I’ll give you an example, one boat make 5 fishing trips and put 12,000 dollars into its fuel tank. Most of the boats are here for 6 weeks and fish an average of 20-25 days. Do the math.
      95% of blue marlin are released world wide by the sport fishing boats and Bermuda is no exception.
      And trust me, if a tournament director was to hand you 400 gran Im sure you would hold both your hands out and be on the front page showing off your cheque !!!!!!

    • Christina says:

      You are exactly right, pwndwg ! They kill the mature breading females and use them for bait. It is absolutely irresponsible. So ignorant and harmful…

      • Christina says:

        oops…meant to write “breeding”

  15. Amazed says:

    Wow….just wow.
    Not hard to figure out how the country is in the state it’s in by reading some of these comments.
    The fishery is managed, they can only boat a fish over a certain size. The fish is used and not thrown away, even if it’s for lobster pots.
    Anyone think that they might have to pay taxes on the winnings if it’s an American based tournament?
    Do you realize how much money that they bring to country? How about fuel, food, plane fare for crew, hotels, repairs…..How about the exposure to the rest of the world that bermuda is a hot spot for big fish? Guess you don’t need that either..
    FWIW I think tennis and cycling are stupid….SO I DONT WATCH OR COMMENT…hmmmm

    • Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

      @amazed I just have to co-sign your statements. There is no pleasing everyone.

      • Marjan Zahed-Kindersley says:

        Tennis and cycling tournaments, as stupid as they may be, are done between CONSENTING adults, not humans preying on other beings, to show prowess of amusement (with very little skill, but heavily relying on gadgetry, created by others) and get heralded and paid for the VIOLENCE.

        It is of true sadness, that this sort of circus, and obviously not only in Bermuda, brings in tourist money.

        • Amazed says:

          Cycle to the death….I’m in. Might be easier to drive in the east end on Sunday mornings.

    • Floyd Pitcher says:

      @ Amazed – Ditto, What a wealth of ignorance and stupidity!!!! As you said no wonder our country is in a shambles!!!!

      • Christina says:

        The ignorance is in making mean comments, for no reason, when we all could have a respectful and elevating consultation. The ignorance is in knowing that when the seas are overfished it causes a great imbalance in the ocean. The balance of a healthy sea is what keeps a earth healthy. Without a healthy earth, the “millions” mean nothing. The ignorance is in calling names or letting the ego lead the comments, rather than being thoughtful and considering all sides, respectfully. There is much to learn here. And we certainly have much to learn in our ability to communicate kindly and maturely.


        • Cousin says:

          Lmao, I’m out on a boat now that just released a blue marlin about 400 lbs…. It’s a shame we released it cause they change such beautiful colors when you hit them over there heads !!!!

  16. Allan says:


  17. jredmond says:

    whaa, whaa…sportfishing…whaa, whaa… The clothes on most of y’alls back are probably made by by workers in China, or Bangladesh, or India that get paid pennys an hour and live in slums with no infrastructure. You should protest this travesty by going naked.

    • Amazed says:

      Or not wearing shoes……

    • Floyd Pitcher says:

      That isnt going to happen Jeffery you know these lot have to have the best Nikes, Gucci, Sean John they all made in sweat shops where the workers work for pittance and are ill treated but that’s ok!!! $100 plus for sneakers that cost less than $25 to make!!! What of that poor child that works the loom making Afgan rugs for around $2 a day yet the rug sells for thousands of dollars!!!??? Im sure thats ok

  18. Amazed says:

    Oh, and by the way, the number of marlin killed as bycatch in Asian longline fisheries far outweighs the 3 fish killed today. If you have ever eaten a tuna sandwich made with Geisha brand tuna – you are responsible for far more violence and destruction than any fisherman that catches fish in a tournament.


  19. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I hope all you killers in the afterlife come back as a blue marlin getting pulled on the back of a boat by 100lb monofilament with a six inch hook in your mouth at 15 knots! Feel the pain!!

    • sugra says:

      Not for nothing, but it’s 130lb test line and trolling speed is around 8.5-10kts

      Granola anyone?

  20. Wow thats some big fish!! must have been over on the south shore eating all those grease balls over the past few years..

  21. Christina says:

    This is Horrible and Horrendous! I can not believe anyone would kill such amazing creatures for sport! Disgusting… Killing any animal, land or sea, should be outlawed! Shame, shame, shameful… and heartbreaking.

    • Floyd Pitcher says:

      Hmm just wondering if you own a leather handbag or shoes!!!! Can you say HYPOCRITE!!!

      • Christina says:

        I can see that it makes your ego feel very good to leave random mean comments.

  22. Timothy Hickey says:

    What has happened to the people of Bermuda??? You complain when Americans come to the island. You complain when Americans DON’T come to the island. You complain about cruise passengers not spending enough on your island yet think that tourists paying $300-$500 per night for a hotel is OK. You hate us for inundating your “transportation” system (buses & ferries)when the ships visit even though the operators of the ferries and buses spend more time in mid-day meetings then doing their jobs. And all the time blaming your tourism board for the decline in visitors!! Get over yourselves!! There was a time when I would visit your island that I considered it my home away from home. NOW, when I vacation, I look elsewhere because of what I have been reading from the many thankless citizens of a once wonderful island!! We used to feel welcomed on Bermuda. Not anymore!! If it wasn’t for international types of competition like in this story, your crime (which is on the rise) would overtake your once beautiful island!! Why not concentrate on that and NOT those that still wish to visit Bermuda? It’s obvious from most of these posts you are hungry for income on the island. You, NOT the tourism board, are going about selling your island the wrong way. Posts to Bernews and the Bermuda Sun are not isolated to the island when it comes to the internet and people of other countries are reading what YOU post!!! And no, I am NOT a member of the tourism board, just a past visitor that lives in Florida that chooses to feel welcomed at my vacation destination that I worked all year to attain.

  23. Robert says:

    He should have pushed Wayne ovver board !!!

    • Unjrust Realities says:

      LOL!!!! Now that was funny!!!

  24. tugboatannie says:

    I have to admit, they would look a whole lot better swimming in the sea than hanging from a crane.

  25. Rick Olson says:

    Another form off gaming that draws big money in tourist dollars to the Island ……let them play

  26. Car Battery says:

    Bermudians will find a way to complain.

  27. Vulpes says:

    Not a good day to be a Marlin, what between the dangers of getting hooked and avoiding beer cans. Seriously, what happened to photograph and release, the way the tournament was run a few years ago?

  28. Anti killing for sport says:

    Terrible that these Marlins are being killed for sport when we need them to keep our oceans healthy. People need to see the big picture!! That adrenaline rush of catching a marlin is like a drug to people that is destroying our oceans and will lead to Marlin extinction.

  29. Erenst Hemingway says:

    Bermudian fisherman have always killed marlin for use as bait. A group of friends would all fish for them on their separate boats on the way to and from the banks and whoever caught one would share the meat with the rest. Now that these fish are being caught for the tournaments (which are only a few days every year) the local fisherman rely on these fish as their source of bait. The meat is passed around amongst the commercial and recreational fishing community and everyone is happy, except for a few people who seem to think that killing anything is a travesty.

    In reality, no more or less marlin are being killed than they were before. Take away the tournaments and the commercial fishermen will go back to catching them themselves, and we will miss out on the tourist $$$.

  30. Grand Wizzard says:

    What if extraterrestrials came to earth and started doing this to us? Imagine a human snagged on a barbed hook, reeled up off the ground onto their ship, hung from its mouth, blood pouring out, exhausted from fighting for its life…its children now without a parent…while the extraterrestrials laugh and celebrate how big and fat the human is they caught.

    What if? Could humans cry injustice?

    “The intellectual evolution of a species is marked by how it treats lesser species. Barbarism is only found in lesser species. Humans are still at the level of barbarian.”

  31. Sumset says:

    “He always thought of the sea as ‘la mar’ which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her… Some of the younger fishermen, those who used buoys as floats for their lines and had motorboats, bought when the shark livers had brought much money, spoke of her as ‘el mar’ which is masculine.They spoke of her as a contestant or a place or even an enemy.” Papa Hemingway.

  32. Sumset says:

    Some people keep pointing out that these big game hunters bring millions to Bermuda and so should be encouraged. Maybe Bermudians shouldn’t keep winning the prize money. Maybe we should also organise turtle hunts (delicious), whale hunts, dolphin hunts, cahow hunts, longtail hunts, dog fighting, cock fighting, bare knuckle fighting. We could make billions. At least for a few years. Some people also point out that the Marlin are pelagics that would just get caught somewhere else. But there’s strong evidence that they breed here, so it’s more like killing groupers in their spawning aggregations. Of course, some people want to bring fish pots back because there appear to be so many mid-sized groupers in some of those aggregations…