Chewstick Seminar On Gombey Tradition

March 28, 2012

On Tuesday [Apr. 3] Allan Warner from Warner’s Gombey Troupe will explain at Chewstick’s Reasnin’ series why the beat indeed goes on for Bermuda’s oldest but most dynamic folk tradition.

Mr. Warner has described the richness of Gombey tradition, as an inspiring and unifying force in Bermuda.

Reasnin’ will give Mr. Warner the chance to expand on that sentiment and to share his thoughts on the past, present, and future of the Gombey tradition in Bermuda as well as to reflect on his role as the steward of one of Bermuda’s oldest and most notable Gombey Troupes.

The discussion will begin in an interview style, with questions fielded by Gavin Smith. Questions will probe into aspects of life, work and tradition that have led to the current ideals of Mr. Warner’s devotion to the Gombey.

The Reasnin’ series is free, but donations toward The Chewstick Foundation’s programs and infrastructure are much appreciated.

Each and every person is welcomed to attend on the first Tuesday of every month at the Chewstick Headquarters on the corner of Court Street and Elliot Street.

Talks start at 6:00 pm and questions and general discussion take place immediately following. For a complete schedule, future suggestions for individuals to interview and other event information contact Chewtsick at 292-2439.

Warner Gombey Troupe at Friswells Hill 2011 Christmas Parade

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