National Security Council Meeting Held

March 29, 2012

The first meeting of the newly formed National Security Council was held yesterday [Mar.28], with a press conference after the event.

Last month a Government House press statement said the National Security Council will be established to discuss internal security matters with a focus on police resources.

The National Security Council will aim to meet every 2 months, and will consist of the Governor, Deputy Governor, Premier, Deputy Premier, Attorney General, National Security Minister, Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment and one other Minister [or Junior Minister] to be nominated by the Premier.

Premier Cox said one of National Security Council’s “benefit is it brings together key decision makers and opinion makers in the area of law and good order.”

Governor Sir Richard Gozney said topics they discussed included the gangs, armed burglaries, security at and after football games, and witness protection.

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  1. Tommy Chong says:

    Hopefully the transport minister is there to talk about banning dark visors & creating road block measures.

    • Sh%$ Happens says:

      What difference will it make banning dark visors? It’more then a dark visor that can do the same job.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Lets say hypothetically dark visors were banned before the serpentine liquor robbery. The person wearing the dark visor would have been spotted by the public riding to serpentine road. Hopefully someone would be a good enough citizen to call 911 & say I saw someone riding on this road with a dark visor. Then hopefully the police put a call out for all in the vicinity to head down that way. By the time the perp has collected the money & stepped out the door tadooow! look who’s waiting outside. This situation can also apply to those punks lurking around waiting to roll along side victims to rob them.

        To those who whine, “Guns are illegal & criminals still use them.” Criminals don’t ride around with their gun in the air they stash it in their pants. Try stuffing a visor in your pants & then sitting on a bike & feel if it doesn’t rub you the wrong way. Plus even if its winter & someone stuffs it in their jacket it will take lots of skiller practice to whip a visor out clip it on the helmet in time to do a robbery then take it off again while making a getaway. Trust me these dummies aren’t that skilled.

        Of course there will be some who will chose to rebel that aren’t criminals. Oh well! Thats what massive fines are for & I won’t feel sorry for them at all since they’ll be making law enforcement harder for their OWN CONVENIENCE.

        • I'm just sayin... says:

          What are you smoking?

          If a person decides to commit a crime (felony), with an illegal firearm (felony) do you really think that the they will be worried about having a dark visor (summary offence)?

          The simplistic atttitude of legislating our way out of trouble won’t work because it hasn’t worked. Public safety requires less government involvement, not more. There was once a time when criminals were afraid of the public, after all it’s a heck of a lot more of us than them, why are we the ones afraid?

          High intensity policing is what we need, these gun thugs are allowed to exist and roam freely because police officers are spending their time arresting people for having an ipod or playing music too loud. BPS supposedly “know who the gangsters are” so lets make them look over their shoulders for a change.

          So forgive me when I say that your hypothetical suggestions are a load of bunk!

          Actually, nawwww don’t forgive me….it really is bunk!

      • Jamudian says:

        Dark visors do aid crimminals to conceal their identity. Sure they can use other things but this would help. Maybe their make shift disguist won’t work as well as a dark visor.
        But also, on the flip side its not always good policy to band every little thing they can…
        Kinda strange how they made a decision to ban hoodies but not dark visors……makes you wonder….

  2. Concerned says:

    Yay… another brilliant committee with grand ideas. Can we talk about what measures are being implemented?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I think this committee is talking about what measures should be implemented. At least its not just the plp members doing the decision making this time. Surely we will get more than a guide book to gangs out of this one. I’m glad the Governor, Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police & the Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment are involved now. I think they’ll bring more ideas out of experience to the table. They’re not going to let the cat out of the bag till they’ve made a solid decision so we will just have to wait.

  3. I'm just sayin... says:

    @ Tommy Chong, Why don’t you just go up in smoke?

    While we are at it lets ban bikes and ummmmmm clothes ’cause along with a dark visor the culprits were wearing clothes when on the bike. Hey lets ban illegal firearms too…….ohhh cha thats already banned and look how well thats working out?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      WOW! What a coincidence I was just mentioning people like you above. Yup you just sayin, just sayin NOTHING! because the only clothing they would have to ban after banning visors is bandanas worn around the neck & since there’s no room for outlaw cowboys around the no room for clothing worn around their necks. But don’t take it from me take it from those who are trying to take our IB away from us.

      The only thing that will go up in smoke is our reputation for being a safe place for IB if these crimes continue to happening. OHHHH CHA! Thats already happening well run rabbit run to get it back before cayman does.

  4. Tolerate says:

    Reading RG and an interesting question was raised. “Why is the Commissioner of Prisons not a permanent member of the Council?”
    Reply, “Anyone can be bought in including the Commissioner of Prisons.”
    I go on another story and Chris Furbert is on the new Tourism Board?
    Wow some great minds at work here. With Mr. Furbert on the Tourism Board, maybe we can get fewer strikes during tourist season.
    On the other side with Mr. Lambe, sorry; my opinion yesterday of being the fall guy looks more and more like a reality.