Armed Robbery At Serpentine Liquor Store

March 15, 2012

[Updated] There was an armed robbery at Serpentine Liquors on Serpentine Road in Pembroke at approximately 4.30pm this afternoon [Mar.15], and multiple police vehicles and officers can presently be seen in the area, with crime scene tape surrounding the premises.

Unofficial reports from persons on the scene suggest this incident may have involved a weapon, with the female cashier said to have been threatened by a gun wielding suspect. Unofficial reports also indicate that the suspect[s] escaped with a quantity of cash. We have not officially confirmed that as of yet, and will update as able.

Update 7.02pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 4:30pm on Thursday, March 15th police responded to a reported robbery at Serpentine Liquors on Serpentine Road in Pembroke.

“It appears that two suspects were involved; one brandishing what appeared to be a firearm. Both suspects escaped on a light coloured motorcycle with a quantity of cash. No one was injured.

“Officers immediately conducted an area search for the offenders. Officers from the Serious Crime Unit also attended and are continuing inquiries into the incident.

“Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area at the time of the incident to call the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.:

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  1. Voice of Reason says:

    This is a bit ridiculous… Not good at all, especially at 4:30 PM. That place is chock o block!

  2. jt says:

    Crime’s down – no worries.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Normally I would argue, but this is some crazy BS going on.

      • Rummy says:

        Why is it so crazy Voice of Reason.
        Everyone that lives in that area knows.
        Look at the dood just sitting on the wall as if nothing happened.

        Black male, redish shirt.
        Bet he never saw a thing.
        Takes time but we will rid Bermuda and it’s BMW’s…………………..

        • Soooooo says:

          Come on Terry… He just wanted some black…..

  3. Razor says:

    Four cops standing around and no one with answers. Welcome to Bermuda.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Saw two guys in black clothing with black helmets, but the driver had his visor up. They were heading up the back roads from Orange Valley at around 4:15 to 4:20ish they were going the opposite way to me, so I didn’t get licence. The bike was light coloured. That is all I’ve got. Might be a coincidence.

  4. Ban Alcohol says:

    Maybe he was under the influence of the same poison sold by that shop?

    • jt says:

      More like they needed the money to buy another poison.

      • J says:

        I hope you’re not referring to that nasty narcotic.. “weed”

        : – o

  5. Amy says:

    Such lovely people who work there. My thoughts are with them. Must have been terrifying.

  6. Iwinbmskin! says:

    The tables are turning: It’s now a case of the NEEDY taking from the GREEDY! In this community everyone knows who the NEEDY are and who the GREEDY are. Those that are last shall be first, and those that are and have been first shall be last. Follow the trail of targets and you will understand where I’m coming from. No longer clueless!

    • Hmmmm says:

      Nope, it is the greedy and immoral stealing from working folk. Bad eggs stink and will make eveyone sick unless they are disposed of.

    • Oyeah says:

      It sure beats gettin of your a… And doing an honest days work huh!

  7. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    A light coloured motorcycle. Hmm, that makes a change. Were they wearing dark visors though?

    UBP is to blame. Racism too!

  8. CFC_BLU says:

    I wish people would stop with the racist remarks. Everything and anything that happens on this island always seems to bring up race. This small island is starting to become more and more racist. People should just embrace each other and help one and other instead of stabbing each other in the back. This island is too small for such negativity.

    • Hmmmm says:


    • AGREEEEED says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Racism killed the Onion Patch!

    • Me says:

      @Cedar Beams.. What planet are you from. Such a callous act was done to this fine lady and you want to bring up UBP and racism. Your shuttle is ready for you to go back to wherever you are from. GO AWAY

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:


      Remember what the Premier of the Caymans said about Bermuda’s race issues. Despite the attacks, from many Bermudians, we continue to prove him to be correct!

    • What Next says:

      You better open up your eyes the race thing in BDA NEVER went away….

  9. The nitty gritty says:


  10. Old Furberts kettle says:

    Commensurate with a banana republic

  11. Don't care what anyone says:

    Bermuda is circling the drain. The wirlpool is forming. The weekly hold ups, the monthly shootings. The ignorant lies spewed by our rabid government filth.

    Bermuda will be 3rd world in two or three years – PLP won’t even be half way through their next term. Most people of any intellect will have left. They will have started to make their exit plans in 2012 right after PLP was re-elected by the completely brain dead electorate.

    So sad that Bermuda once had so much. But the ignorant Bermuda people killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

    • The road to hell says:

      Totally agree with you there my friend – such a shame. I loved the thought of coming to Bermuda with a work permit, but the reality of the crime, expense, violence, drugs, thugs. I left before my permit expired, but seriously worry for the safety of the many wonderful friends I left behind.

      The government lack of action is appaling. Every day Bermuda becomes an island ghetto…..”Feel the Love”

      • Love Bermuda says:

        @ Road to Hell. Keep on that road. No country is free of Turmoil. All is not lost in Bermuda. We will not allow a small percentage of spoilers to destroy our Island. Why did you not stay and offer your services to Big Brothers/Big Sisters? We embrace all our positive work permit holders.

        • The road to hell says:

          @ Love Bermuda – you’re right no country is free from it, but having worked across the globe (USA, Middle East, UK, Europe) first time ever physically threatened was in Bermuda. So it was a personal reason for me to leave – and that was very difficult as the vast majority of people are the most beautiful and reflective of the island.

          I had a bad experience and left. My fear is that the small percentage of spoilers will tip past the point where Bermuda can be saved as the paradise it was.

          I actually did some work for free for BBBS Bermuda while I was on the island! A fantastic organisation with a heart of gold – if there is a distance support service, let me know!

          • amen says:

            It obviously wasn’t that bad because you are still reading about Bermuda, which means you still care enough to know what’s going on here.

            • Love Bermuda says:

              Sorry about your painful experience and happy to hear that you did get involved. And yes BB/BS always welcome financial support.

  12. @WAR says:


  13. Iwinbmskin! says:

    You racist white folks blame EVERYTHING on the PLP. Yes, in Bermuda and the worldover there is always going to be a Black & White issue, not just at the political level, but on all fronts, because your ancestors started it centuries ago and their bad apples today don’t fall far from the tree. Therefore, lay the blame where it squarely belongs – at your feet. You and yours have made the lives of Black folks one hell of a bitter struggle.

    • stfu says:

      Such a typical response!!! People like YOU are why EVERY issue on this island boils down to racism. Ever heard of progress, forward movement or letting go??
      I would like to apologize for the slavery that YOU personally had to endure. Also, I’m happy to hear that ALL black people have given up being racist.

    • scam says:

      long before white ancestors ‘started it centuries ago’, africans were xenophobic against other africans, and slavery was practiced throughout…

      Egyptians enslaved the Nubians….who were treated as a lesser people… so how can you say the white man started it?

    • Um Um Like says:

      Africans sold other Africans to the white man. You blame the white man for buying the product of slavery, yet you don’t blame the black man for selling their own relatives into slavery!

      Each person has the final decision when it comes to his or her success in life (or in your case, lack thereof). Stop blaming other people because you’re a nobody.

    • Bdaboy says:

      Yeah, blacks shooting blacks! Blacks committing majority of crimes in BDA. Blacks calling each other the N word ! All the racist political statements made in the house by the PLP. I often think about Rebbecca Middleton and how she had such a terrible death at the hands of 2 black men and how they got off ! And what her family has had to endure since then! If Rebbecca Middleton had been a black Bermudian woman and had been savagely murdered in the same way by 2 white guys there would have been race riots like in 77 ! So keep on struggling if you want because its your own colour that keeps you down and suppresses you !

      • Words to remember says:

        @Bdaboy So keep on struggling if you want because its your own colour that keeps you down and suppresses you !

        You sound like a racist!! Right from the clan.

        • Bdaboy says:

          Your an ignorant stupid person by your own words. Please look at what your own colour is doing to yourself s ! You call eachother the N word and its ok ! But im a racist without any of this !

  14. trees says:

    People used to say when the PLP get in power that crime would get worse, the economy would suffer. Looks like they were right!

    • Hmmm! says:

      @trees: I guess the PLP made the guns and bullets too…SMH Blame the PLP all you want cause when someone you know is confronted with this same bullshyt, I hope you have the ball to stand up for your fellow man at the end of the day to find these gun slinging fu*kers… Go back and hide in your trees.

      • trees says:

        They didn’t make the guns nor bullets. It’s the mindset, the corruption the poison they spread through lies and deception. As the famous quote goes

        “We had to deceive you”

  15. cant believe it says:


  16. A PROUD BERMUDIAN!! says:

    To all of you fools talking BAD about my beautiful island of Bermuda i want u to go and Ph$ck Yourself! Don’t talk Shyt about MY country. I said it B4 and i will say it again if u don’t love Bermuda like i do and u live here well Ph&ckin Leave then!Nobody needs another _ss Hole breathing our Air. Stop talkin shyt about Bermuda like shyt don’t happen no where else in the world. Most of u talking the most shyt are NOT even from here ,”your Foreigners” so u better keep ya mouths closed. If your country was that good u would have NEVA come to Bermuda and that goes for all you foreigners that come here and talk shyt. An to all u Bermudians that r always talking bad shyt about your OWN country… We don’t want you here either, your even worst than a foreigner bad mouthing Bermuda because u actually live here!

    • Shaking my head says:

      First of all, that same message could have been construed without all the angry profane language (don’t even know how Bernews allowed this to post). And second of all, it’s those “Foreigners” that are partially responsible for keeping our economy afloat. Many of them would prefer to live in their home country but were contracted by their employers to transfer here (not their choice). It’s nice to be patriotic but don’t ruin it by being so hateful of the people that allow for the luxuries that are taken for granted and I’m sure you don’t appreciate but certainly will only after you get your wish.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      I see that despite the long delays while comments are “moderated”, there are still some disgusting comments allowed on here. Bernews, run your website however you want, but this type of thing is not good for your reputation.

      • Victor says:

        I think I finally agree with you about something.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Do you love your education as much as you love Bermuda? I presume your excuse for slang and bad grammar is a direct result of years of UBP oppression?!

      If you truly loved your country then you wouldn’t close your eyes when the truth is right in front of you.

    • Victor says:

      Speaking as a born Bermudian, you’re an embarrassment. No wonder all those companies that Sir. David Gibbons, Sir John Swan and David Saul moved mountains to bring here are leaving for places like Zurich and Dublin. In case you just don’t get it as the saying goes in Alaska Hall, it’s because of morons like you.

  17. Don't get it says:

    How sad all of this seems, I am the mother of 2 children and am proud to say I know what they are doing and know where they are 90% of the time. Shame on parents for not bringing children up anymore, if you can’t afford to have them and look after them, so stop having them, and please stop saying every time one of them is caught doing something illegal ” He’s such a good kid” give me a break. I do not blame the government or the schools for all our problems in society, I blame the family unit that does not exist anymore.

  18. Beautiful Spirit says:

    You are all gone way off the subject, an innocent women and her family where robbed and all you can talk about if she where black or white….. really like come on and get your head out your own @sses. I live in the area and this lady is always pleasent everytime I go in her store. I am greeted with respect and yes I am black and that dosen’t matter to her she treats everyone the same.

    My heart goes out to her and her family

    • Bdaboy says:

      I think it is so sad to see how Bermuda has ended up over the past few years. We have come such along way away from how we once used to be. When I was a young child my first memories were of a peaceful safe and friendly place. In fact my very first friend at school was black and today he is a PLP MP . We always were good friends and got along so well, and to this day we still say hi and shake hands as if it was like yesterday. It seems like today race is such a huge part of daily life in Bermuda and it is so unnecessary. We have become hateful and bitter towards each other and as a result our country has suffered. I hope that one day we will be able to truly except one another as human beings and not look at each other as colours. Bermuda has truly lost its way!!