East End Stages Traditional Walk To Calvary

April 9, 2012

East End residents followed in the footsteps of Jesus Christ on Good Friday [Apr. 6], with congregations from the various St. George’s churches staging their annual reenactment of the Easter story.

Hundreds of onlookers turned up for the interdenominational event which recreates Jesus’ walk to Calvary for his crucifixion.

The walk included stops at Ebenezer Methodist Church, Richard Allen AME Church, the Unfinished Church, the Salvation Army Church and St. Peter’s Church with Jesus carrying the cross through the streets of the Old Town in preparation for his crucifixion

Between each location the characters, audience members and Salvation Army Band marched together, with the band  providing a musical accompaniment to all of the major events depicted in the Gospels.

Jesus’  betrayal by Judas, his arrested at Gethsemane, his trial before a Sanhedrin, Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas and his humiliation at the hands of Roman soldiers — who mocked him as the “King of the Jews” while flogging and spitting on him — were all staged prior to him being marched to the place of his crucifixion.

The Walk to Calvary production has been staged annually during the Easter season for more than 15 years, becoming something of a St. George’s tradition.

Photographs courtesy of Kim Swan

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  1. Boom Bye Bye says:

    Is that a black Jesus Christ of Nazareth?!! IMAGINE! Re-write the HIS-story books!

    • God have mercy says:

      God have mercy on you small minded individuals. Perhaps if you were there playing the part only then there may have been a chance jesus may have been white, BUT instead you chose to sit on your FAT A$$ looking for something to complain about.I guess that to will be blamed on the plp or the Hon Paula Cox. I just hope and pray that God does,nt really open his wrath on this tiny Bermuda and its small minded individuals as we see happen around the world on a daily basis. Thanks to you guys in st. geo for a wonderful display of togeatherness.

    • United says:

      You are a pathetic fool! People like you, no, animals like you make me feel sorry for the human race. Ignorant, imbecile and very childish talk. I bet that in front of others you don’t have the sack to say that but because your a coward you hide behind a computer and spew your vile hate speech. I will say a prayer for you though. MORON!

  2. just me says:

    It was a great unity of churches and people, from locals to tourists, of all denominations and races!

    Just one comment, you forgot Stella Maris, it was such a great job done by all, don’t think you should forget anyone!