Bermudian Helps Restrain Unruly Passenger

May 26, 2012

According to US media reports, a Bermudian man helped restrain an unruly passenger after he rushed the front of the plane yesterday [May 25] in Miami.

Passenger Malik Cann told WSVN-Ch.7 that he was a trained security officer from Bermuda and helped restrain the man, who was subsequently arrested by the FBI.

“I gripped him straight by his arm,” Mr Cann said, “We didn’t allow him to harm anyone. He was screaming, ‘Get me off the plane! Get me off the plane!”

Mr Cann told WSVN that flight attendants tried to calm Mr Snider down by speaking to him. After he refused, two male passengers joined the flight attendants to try to reassure the man.

When he continued to refuse, Mr Cann said he stepped in and locked Snider’s arm behind his back to subdue him. “I actually extended my hand to shake his hand and maneuvered and flipped him,” he said.

Mr Cann also said he acted as he was concerned for the safety of children and elderly women who were seated in the immediate area.

Canadian Ryan Snider was arrested after the incident aboard the American Airlines flight which was traveling from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Miami International Airport

The plane pulled into the gate at Miami International Airport at 10:12am, and the passengers held Mr Snider down until authorities arrived on board and took him off the flight.

“We had what appeared to be a ‘disoriented’ male passenger who stood up at his seat in the main cabin after landing in Miami as the flight was taxiing in,” American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith told Reuters.

“He did not obey crew member instructions to sit down and then moved toward the front of the aircraft where he was subdued.”

The FBI said, that Mr Snider is in federal custody and is expected to face federal charges, which may include interference with a flight crew. It is anticipated that his initial appearance will be Tuesday in federal court in Miami, Florida.

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  1. Cox must Go says:

    Dear Malik,

    Great job, Testicular Fortitude at work we ae proud of you.

    Please teach the weak PLP MPs what you already know and give them the fortitude to send Premier Cox into retirement, Cox Must Go, Cox Must Go

    When are we having a Cox Must Go march on Cabinet???????

    Cox Must Go

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Idiot award of the year! Well done mr. Cann, we are all proud of you

    • Sad day in Bermuda says:

      You Jacka$$ what a stupid comment, what does the plp or Paula Cox have to with this story

      • Tisk Tisk says:

        For real! WTH!!!! Good work Mr. Cann!!!

    • Young person says:

      @ COX MUST GO

      This will not win the OBA votes. All it does is show that both parties have a$$ holes on them. You have been selected to be in the top 10!!! Mom and Dad must really proud of you.

    • Some Mother's do have 'em says:

      Why are you turning this into a political footbal match??? you sound like a real fool and the one that really needs to go. Yes Malik did a good deed but it’s nothing to do with the PLP or the Premiere

    • mixitup says:

      Give it a break!! Do you eat sleep and sh*it politics? sheesh.

      • You Know says:

        Yah like, cuz you people talk about politics everyday like its got something to with my life!! or anybody else for that matter.. people need to wake up and get on with ya own life. dem parlimatricians could do whatever it is they want. That aint my business. Anyway bigs ups to Malik. I agree 100% with switch it up. people that concern themselves, using big words like fortitude and retirement, just to sound all smart need to give it a break and pay attention to the REAL issues! Ya busy worryin about politics orr politrix as you extreme left wingers try to call them wif ya not so funny jokes.. ya busy worryin about some rich guy, when for all you know you could be on a plane tomorrow and it could get hijacked! and bam ya dead. but these people are ignorant.. they don’t see whats in front of their own two God-given eyes.. and they want to be all hypotheoretical with their concerns. SO i have to tell people like them, carpe diem. cuz like is what you make it, and all comedy is deception..

  2. VJ says:

    Well done Malik…proud of you my brother! As for Cox must Go, why turn this story political? We have a young man that has done something positive and you want to talk stupid!!!!

  3. WinterSun says:

    Congrats Mr. Malik Cann!

    May our Leaders please hold a well-deserved public Citizens bravery award for Mr. Cann! AA needs to give you free flights for life! and honor that route after you! You are a hero to all on board that AA flight and a Bermuda hero!

    Go! Malik!

    • Cat says:

      I agree with both your statements here. Free flights for life and a bravery award. I am going to send a copy of the article to Mark Selley of the Bravery Awards. But if Malike is not home yet a heroes welcome should be arranged at the airport for him.

  4. Big Moe says:

    My Boy!!! Give that a man a job AT AA security for surity!!!!

  5. Prayerful says:

    Mr. Cann is definitely worthy
    of a Bravery Award, and free travel to anywhere American flies.

    To “Cox Must Go”, you are the one that must go!

  6. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Well done Mr.Cann . Well deserving of the Black Rum milkshake you’ll receive when you get home . Oh and that solid gesture of humanitarianism and love for you’re fellow mankind will endear you more to the people of America than our last premier who did everything and nothing all in one go .

  7. REALISM says:

    das how we bermudians do it!i sure as hell kno i wouldnt sit der while sumones actin d a$$ on MY flight big ups mr. cann

  8. Laughable says:

    Come on… the plane was on the ground and some nut job wanted off the plane. If he was truly a threat of any kind, he would have pulled this stunt while the plane was in the air.

    Hero? Free flights? Naming a route after him? Bravery award? Get serious…

    • WinterSun says:

      You’re just jealous “Laughable”! …so back the …. Off !!!

      Congrats Mr. Cann! We’re all proud of you for standing up and being brave!

      Back off! “Laughable”!

      Yeah! Malik!

    • Cat says:

      your name befits you -laughable indeed are your yellow bellied comments. You know car bombs do kill folk on the ground. you don’t have to be in the air to cause havoc, in fact much more damage can happen on the ground at a busy airpport like Miami. Did you think at all before you added your comments?

  9. Wow says:

    Maybe he can get the heroes award ,we need a new one please!

  10. 50 Cent says:

    LMAO of course no Bermudian would allow some fool to act an ass on a plane they are also on! It will not end pretty for that person.

    • Franklin says:

      Bye nuh bye, plenty of Bermudians act an ass on a plane, next time you’re on a flight just watch, lots act as if they own the damn thing… that’s not the trouble here. The trouble here is your boy thought he was going to get off the plane AHEAD of a Bermudian… that’s fullish right there!

      Well done to Mr Cann – regardless of where (air/ground) this took place, sounds like he stepped in and helped where help was needed, can’t fault that

  11. VJ says:

    @Laughable…pleeze shut up!!! What difference does it make whether the plane was in the sky or on the ground? You’re probably one of those people who would have sat there waiting for SOMEBODY ELSE to control the situation or p—– your pants!!! At least Mr. Cann had the guts to step up and help. What would YOU have done?!!! Mr. Cann is a Bermudian hero!!!

    • Laughable says:

      I guess the term “hero” is a little looser here…

  12. Well done Mr. Cann,

    Yes you do deserve to be recognized for this. Laughable probably would have called the police – what a clown, no wonder she titles herself laughable lol

  13. Passenger 57 says:

    Well done Sir!!

    Although I must admit, this story is somewhat misleading on Bernews. It’s not mentioned until much, much later that the plane is on the ground during this incident.

    Every one of us has seen passengers stand up and get their belongings before the seatbelt light goes off. Some of us have indeed done it ourselves.

    Nevertheless, congrats to this fellow Bermudian who assisted in restraining this guy.

  14. whofeelsitknowsit says:

    @ Laughable your a freakin JOKE!! Lom@O!!! Tell me why are you hating SO much?? Maybe its because Malik CUT ya @ss!! & No he’s no angel but when DUTY calls HE will ALWAYS STAND UP… he’s NO punk he was taught to stand up for himself and for others who wont stand up for themselves!

    So No in your book he’s no hero but ask the elderly or the kids on that flight …..they would tell YOU different!
    Brother you done good. N yes we are so proud of you. Sista K

    • Laughable says:

      Great use of random upper case letters sista – you sure told me!

  15. outsiDe man says:

    Yes I cuzzo. Umma come check you when um back on di island. Respect.