Charity Mourns Co-Founder Judith Stewart

May 10, 2012

Project Action Co-Founder Judith Stewart passed away Wednesday May 9, 2011 after a period of illness in recent years. Project Action offers free transportation service for seniors and the physically challenged.

Project Action Co-Founder Cindy Swan said, “All those associated with Project Action are deeply saddened but most appreciative of Judith’s efforts to launch the charity that would go on to have such a positive impact on the lives of thousands of seniors and later the physically challenged.”

Mrs Swan expressed her deepest sympathies to the family of her friend Judith Stewart and reflected on how they [Judith and Cindy] came about meeting each other and later developed the charity Project Action.

Cindy Swan shared, “Judith and I met in 1997 when our husbands [Kim Swan & Robert Stewart] were announced as candidates/running mates for the United Bermuda Party contesting the then upcoming General Election in St. George’s North.”

“Judith, a retired school teacher, and I decided to visit St. George’s Parish Rest Home and read to the seniors. We would tell stories, Judith would play the piano and before long we became attached to the seniors and decided to raise money to buy them a bus to take them out on trips.”

“As our efforts gathered momentum we were encouraged to meet with seniors advocate the late Sir John Plowman who convinced us to expand our vision to encompass all seniors. When we broadened our vision, Sir John Plowman joined the board, introduced us [Judith and I] to philanthropist David Barber who donated the funds to buy our first bus and Project Action was launched in 2000.”

“Today, some 14 years later, Project Action has touched the lives of thousands and continues to remain a relevant and necessary free service for seniors and the physically challenged in Bermuda”

Cindy Swan concluded, “Judith was a caring, compassionate and loving person. We will miss her dearly, but we at Project Action feel that her caring spirit has helped thousands and will continue to be reflected through the free service still being provided through Project Action.”

“We send out our deepest sympathies to her family her husband Robert Stewart and children Iain and Elizabeth Stewart. May she rest in peace.”

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  1. Winnie says:

    RIP Ms Stewart you have made your mark and your good man should live on.

  2. Pastor Syl says:

    What a legacy!! May you rest in peace, Mrs. Stewart. Condolences to your family. May they be comforted by the knowledge of the good you have done for this community.

  3. island girl says:

    Condolences to the Stewart family. She was a wonderful lady and will be sorely missed