U/12 Team Wins Rugby Tournament In Bahamas

May 15, 2012

The Bermuda U/12 team returned to Bermuda last night [May 14], having won the First Caribbean Tri Nations Mini Rugby Under 12 Tournament in the Bahamas, which saw Bahamas, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands take part. In a strong all around effort from the entire team, 15 of Bermuda’s 23 member squad scored a try.

On Day One Round Robin action Bermuda played two teams, a Red and a Blue Team. Bermuda Reds defeated the Cayman Islands 30 – 0 in their first match. Bermuda got two tries from Liam Page and Johnny Page, while Adam Kiernan and Nic Martin scored a Try each.

The Reds then defeated the Bahamas 30 – 0 with Liam Page scoring two more tries. Johnny Page, Nic Martin, Yizharyahs Williams and Robbie Turnbull all scored a try each.

The Bermuda Blues went down 35 – 15 to the Bahamas. Bermuda got two tries from Padraic O’Shaughnessy and a single try from Enyche Zuill. The Bermuda Blues then defeated the Barbarians 30-15. Melvin de Rosa scored two tries while Zuill, O’Shaughnessy, Zahyinde Caan and Kelin Williams all scored a Try each.

The Barbarian team is made up of players from all of the countries, thereby helping to develop teamwork, camaraderie and fair play.

In the Test Matches, Bermuda defeated the Cayman Islands 45-5. They were led by Padraic OShaughnessy who scored two tries while Nathan Morgan, Liam Page, Zayhinde Caan, Yizharyahs Williams, Melvin de Rosa, Kelin Williams and Sean Tucker all scored a try each.

Bermuda then defeated the Bahamas 25-10. Bermuda got tries in this game from Nathan Morgan, Alex Doyling, Zayhinde Williams, Kelin Williams and Jacob Robb.

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  1. Sean Field-Lament says:

    Congratulations!! Well done to the Bermuda Rugby Union for developing grass roots rugby. I am sure that all the youth who went on this trip will remember this experience for the rest of their lives. It bodes well for the future of rugby in Bermuda.

  2. What about the People says:

    Thank you to Bernews for this excellent coverage of Community Events!

  3. Alpha says:

    Well Done Guys, Many more trophies to win

  4. Mountbatten says:

    What a handsome , talented bunch of young men living life to the fullest and WINNING !! Congrats to the players , moms and dads , and also the coaches .

  5. Let's Think About This... says:

    Well done, Under-12 team!!

  6. David says:

    Well done guys. How much do government give youth Rugby a year? I hear very little but they win!!

    • Nothing But the Truth says:

      I play rugby and that is a true understatement. Not just for the youth but in general. Our national teams consistently bring home wins and we hear nothing about it until now. Thank you Bernews and BSN

    • great says:

      Bermuda government doesn’t give a dime to rugby. All of the money either comes from corporate sponsorship, fundraisers or donations and guess what……we win! Bermuda given does give cricket money and what do they do? lose 90% of their games. I think rugby is the future for Bermuda. I’ve seen so many new players from various background and races. Rick, poor, black or white…….they are playing rugby!

  7. markus says:

    Nice to see a variety of Bermudian Athletes excelling abroad. Congrats to the youngsters

    • simon says:

      It’s all relative–stop with the useless comparisons

  8. Watcher says:

    Great result! a group of young men doing positive things with their time! very proud of our kids!!

  9. Brian says:

    Big Respect

  10. BermudaPool says:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen in years.
    Well done boys for keeping hold of the Conyers Cup.
    If you actually watch the videp we can all see what this sort of camaraderie, teamwork and effort means to these young men. Keep up the good work BFRU and boys; Bermuda is proud of you.

  11. true dat says:

    Excellent Work Bermuda Under 12 Rugby TEAM!! I am so Proud Of You GuyS!!!

  12. samu says:

    where some more infos about this tournament?

  13. Sarah says:

    Congratulations under 12s! It is great to see young men so passionately involved in their sport, and being such supportive team members. These boys will remember this forever, and will maintain the friendships made for a long time to come… good job BRFU… and a big thank you to the volunteers who put in their time and effort!