First Healthy Harvest Community Garden Opening

June 6, 2012

Greenrock, as part of its Healthy Harvest initiative, will host the official opening of the Catlin Community Garden located at the Sunshine League property at 7 King Street in the City of Hamilton tomorrow.

Judith Landsberg, President of Greenrock, and Graham Pewter, CEO and President of Catlin Bermuda, will open the garden at 12:30 on Thursday June 7th.

The Catlin Community Garden is the first of several gardens proposed to be developed over the course of the next 18 months as part of Greenrock’s Healthy Harvest project. The goal of Healthy Harvest is to revive interest in local food by building and maintaining sustainable community gardens in partnership with Bermudian landowners and with the support of community volunteers and local organizations.

Greenrock’s Healthy Harvest team will plan the community gardens so that they meet the needs of the immediate community and are sustainable over the long-term with community resources; this means that each garden will be quite different in scope and content.

The Catlin Community Garden on the Sunshine League property is comprised of two produce planting areas and a section of fruit trees. The produce gardens are maintained by Greenrock’s Healthy Harvest team headed by Omari Dill with a band of enthusiastic volunteers, and boast a healthy crop of tomatoes, peppers, squash, cabbage, onions, zucchini, okra, corn and cucumbers.

Occupants of the Sunshine League site will participate in the gardening, and produce harvested from the gardens will be distributed amongst local community organizations. The Healthy Harvest Development Project is sponsored by Catlin, however Greenrock is also looking for individual sponsors for each of 6-8 gardens planned for the next 18 months.

Anyone wishing to explore partnering with Greenrock by offering financial or in kind support for the community garden projects or anyone who simply wants to lend a hand should contact Greenrock at

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  1. plato says:

    Wonder how it’ll take before night farming takes its toll…

  2. More with less says:

    This is awesome! Go Greenrock!