Woman Pleads Guilty: Stealing From Grandmother

June 13, 2012

23-year-old Aiesha Place pleaded guilty to stealing over $9,000 worth of jewellery from her grandmother in Magistrates Court this morning [June 13].

The Court heard that the jewellery had been stolen between 13 – 22 May 2012, and that Ms Place had made a burglary and stolen items report to Police on 22nd May.

On investigating, Police became suspicious that the information that Ms Place was giving them was not true. On further investigation, Police were able to recover several items from “cash for gold” stores and these were identified to transactions involving Ms Place.

On questioning, Ms Place admitted stealing the items and then selling them to “cash for gold” stores. This action caused Police to place a second charge of reporting an offence which was false.

Ms Place offered no explanation for her actions. Noting that she had two prior convictions for stealing. Magistrate Tokunbo ordered a Social Inquiry Report and directed Ms Place to return on 26th July for sentencing. She was granted bail of $5,000 with one like Surety.

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  1. Frank'N'Onions says:

    Another “Einstein level” crook off the streets!

  2. Joonya says:

    Another lowlife.

  3. amen says:

    LOL! She needs to be on World’s Dumbest Criminals.

    • Come Correct says:

      For real, did she not know she could have melted it herself so it couldnt be recognized? She would be cut from my will one time. Hate a thief.

  4. itsnot the FIRST says:

    And she has been a thief for a while! Mmm mmm Lock her up so she gets it in her head that what she is doing is wrong! The same woman who has protected her from her past ordeals with stealing, she steals from. Smh!

    • Fij says:

      Mmhhm…”never bite the hand that feeds you” is what they say!

  5. Bermuda Girl says:

    I just feel sorry for these silly girls. Grow up, go to school, get a career and make a decent life for you and your kid. If anything you owe your kid that.

  6. SMDH says:

    Unbelievable she clearly needs psychological help..she has been in the paper numerous occasions for this same act, this is the second for her grandmother the only one who cares anything about her..truly sad that her grandmother had to go thru this from this young mother/girl. I only hope her daughter is taught to value herself better then she obviously was not taught.

  7. serenity now says:

    Sad time for Grannies in Bermuda!

  8. milli says:

    place? Dats you actin crazy?

  9. BERMUDIAN says:

    This in not the first & it woul;dnt b the last let her feel this time!! Little DUMMY!! hope her kid dont follow in her shoe steps,,NOT a good look!!

  10. ANOTHER HUMAT RAT!!! says:


  11. ella says:

    Honestly, how stupid can one be? You steal and then take the stolen items to cash for gold. Idiot, you thought that you would not get caught by taken them to cash for gold? SMH rite know cause there is no logic……. Oh, Now I get it! You wanted to get caught cause you felt guilty stealing from your grandmom.

  12. let God deal wit it says:

    All u People with no positve comments are the same type of people Jesus had to deal wit in his time. Your souls are the ones that need cleansing. God bless n help Ms.Place and help these people wit

    • 2 Braceletz says:

      LMAO! You need to shut up and stop comparing a thief to Jesus you nutter. What is positive to say about this story?

  13. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Nana be very careful where you put down them gold teeth .

  14. Danny Boi says:

    I still love you girl, I will bail u out

    • living ass hahahah says:

      Yah jus sayin that to say it u aint got no money to bail that gurl out I jus dnt knw how u pull that one off de fam she prolly steal that frm u lol

    • Daniel Tucker says:

      Lmao!!! This is not Danny-Boi I havent been in contact with aeisha since 2008 but i found this rather funny.

  15. IDGAFWUT says:

    Wat ya dumb or something girl !You need to get ya life together….n some much needed jail time to get ya mind right !

  16. Girlfriend says:

    Whoever is pretending to be my boyfriend, please, grow up.

  17. whoever says:

    Sad that so many people are stealing from their own families. Can’t even trust our own these days

  18. LOLA says:

    I actually went school with Aiesha, and she’s being doing questionable things for attention since day one, hopefully this situation will get her the help she needs, she’s been a bothered soul for awhile nobody quite knows why she does these things except her and she definitely needs the therapy to get answers. Good Luck with your case, and I hope your granny finds forgiveness for your actions.

  19. Family says:

    Forgiveness is one thing forgetting is another. Attention seeking – not in the least, taught better – definitely,given all access to bridges to help her – she has burnt. Letting the cycle repeat itself with her child – NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! LESSON – IF YOU DON’T LISTEN YOU MUST FEEL!!

  20. Family says:

    @ its not the FIRST- she hasn’t been protected by her grandmother its the system that has been failing and still fails.