Court Gives White’s Supermarket 30-Day Delay

July 23, 2012

In Commercial Court on Friday morning [July 20], before Chief Justice Ian Kawaley, the group of creditors who are seeking to recover funds from the supermarket group White & Sons Ltd have agreed with the owners of the company to a 30 day delay to allow ongoing negotiations to continue. The two parties will come back to Court in August.

A petition for the winding up of White’s was filed on June 29th in the Supreme Court by International Bonded Couriers of Bermuda [IBC], following after writs already taken out against the company by Pitt & Company and BGA. In recent weeks the shelves of both supermarkets have been looking very sparse, fueling rumours that the company is facing severe financial difficulties.

The company — which has supermarket locations in both Southside and Warwick — has been business since 1924 and employs approximately 85 people.

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  1. Family Man says:

    Guess they didn’t want to lay anybody off before Cup Match.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Without stocked shelves there are no customers. Without customers there is no money to pay for goods to stock the shelves. Without money to pay to stock the shelves suppliers & not going to extend credit already beyond its limits.

    30 days extends the inevitable.

    Bermuda take note. What the PLP have done is really no different. The credit tap has to be turned off sooner or later.

    • Compassion says:

      Wow, it’s amazing how every topic turns into a political story. White’s has NOTHING to do with PLP or even the state of the economy. White’s had it good back in the day, everybody shopped there but they never invested any of their profits to keep the store up (like LINDOS for instance)! I am not saying this to be rude, I am sure in hind site they wish they had. So please let’s keep politics out of this and I’m not even PLP – I was but this coming election I don’t plan on voting! This is about White’s People. To the owners and employees, I know this must be a difficult time for you, keep your heads up!

      • JCS says:

        Well said!

      • BLDC says:

        Well keeping up of the building is the landlord’s (BLDC) responsibility. Which they were not keeping on top of, same as the furniture store and the bowling alley.

    • andre says:

      Triangle please suggest where to start budget cuts?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        If you get a government paycheck your job would be under review.
        The civil service is not a paycheck for the lazy & unemployable.

  3. OH MY MY MY says:

    @ Triangle drifter
    Drift on buddy, PLP PLP PLP I guess the PLP are solely responsible for everything thats seems to go wrong on this Island. Mybe just maybe the real problem here simply boils down to poor buisness choices. Perhaps whites should of been content with thier two warwick locations and left southside to someone else. Do you think for 1 minute if southside was going to be so lucritive that market place would of snatched it up long ago??????? I know there were many shoppers who live in the east who would drive past whites only to go and shop at market place shelly bay, and that was long before whites ran aground. I think its time you and others like yourself always pointing the finger should take a minute to eveluate the situation for what it is rather then go here trying to put the blame on the goverment. I guess the PLP are also responsible for you being so small minded as well!!!!!!!!!

  4. tricks are for kids says:

    The creditors should not have let their line of credit continue…..once they got into difficulty they should have cut them off completely or dealt with a ‘cash only’ basis upon delivery………That;s how it is if you have a charge account anywhere else…if you don’t pay you get “cut off”…

    I agree with “Triangle Drifter”……if they have nothing on the shelves to are they going to settle their debt with no income???……SMH…

    This could have probably been avoided if Whites and Sons were HONEST from the beginning when it was first ‘rumoured’ that they were having difficulty…but no, PRIDE kept them from being forthcoming to their loyal customers….these are the same customers that would have rallied around them and continued to patronise them…..

  5. TRUTHBETOLD says:


  6. Unbelievable says:

    Unbelievable . . . they get an extension but never told their employees that they were in trouble and closing. All of the workers should just quit at one time.

    Don’t blame the PLP . . . they have made their money and now they are out!!!!

  7. I See you Looking says:

    I feel badly for the staff at Whites.

    I used to enjoy shopping at Southside, because of the larger shopping areas and parking.
    But I had to stop, as most of their items were past their expiry dates and the shelves were often bare.
    Unfortunately, the Southside building cannot be sold, as I’m sure the Lindo’s or Marketplace clan would purchase it and turn the supermarket into a mega market.

    Shopping at Lindos is great, but with the closing of White’s Southside it has become a nightmare with the parking and gorcery shop socializers and small unattended children who are running through the ailses!

    Perhaps Lindos may want to revisit their opening hours to 6:30 a.m. and on Sundays from 1 p.m.- 5 p.m.

    • No Sunday Shopping says:

      I shop at lindo’s because they dont open on Sundays, and many more do the same. That is why they have such friendly and Loyal Staff. I am in there 3 or 4 times a week and I dont have a problem with unattended children running through the aisles, but I do have patience so perhaps I don’t notice it as much as other people.