White’s Building In Warwick For Sale: $7.6M

November 1, 2012

photo-1-620x465-280x210fsdThe White’s building on Middle Road in Warwick has been put up for sale, with an asking price of $7,640,000.

The property sits on 0.97 acres and comprises of over 32,000 square feet, with 2 freight elevators, 4 bathrooms and parking capacity for 50 cars.

The real estate listing on Rego Sotheby’s website says: “This Commercial Property being offered for sale consists of 2 buildings on 2 separate lots. The 1st is a 4 storey building favorably located across the junction of Middle Road and Harbour Road, Warwick, sitting on 0.97 acres with a bus stop bordering the property.

“The building was built in 1967 operating, until recently, as a supermarket and pharmacy and comprises of over 32,000 square feet; a lower floor with 11,226 square feet; ground floor 14,273 square feet; 1st floor 5,282 square feet and 2nd floor 1,655 square feet. There are 2 freight elevators, 2 internal staircases, 2 loading docks, 4 bathrooms and has parking capacity for 50 cars.

“Not only 2 large water tanks but there is also a well on the property and if needed has capacity to access Bermuda Waterworks. The 2nd building, included in the sale, is a Grade 1 listed building across the street originally known as “Bishops Spencer School” which sits on 0.216 acres. This historical building comprises of approximately 920 square feet.”

All three White’s stores were ordered to be wound up by the Supreme Court earlier this year, with 85 people losing their jobs when the 88-year-old company closed its doors.

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    I thought real estate prices had gone down, $8million (including stamp duty) for less than an acre in Warwick, unless your going to open a supermarket you would need to be out of your mind to buy this and even then you sanity would be questioned, guess its sitting on a gold mine.

  2. More with less says:

    7.6 million? Yea right, I am sure someone will buy this right up for that price.

  3. Time Passages says:

    I guess they are starting high. Less than an acre with an old supermarket building on it. I’m thinking 2 – 3 million.

  4. lyfe says:

    they should put a clothing store like walmart or something there. but just change the name..food one side clothes and electronics on the other side. if i had the money id do it!its plenty of parking there

    • cool... says:

      2lyfe—-please get a life…theres a clothing tiny mall and across the way rubber tree less than a mile away, WHITE&SONS sold all sorts of goods they had too much competition and not enough colateral..comprende? ask Terry what happened to Claras’, that is clothing, we are drowning in debt, not enough tourist or people on the island to sustain all businesses……they should have went to EEZ..sad, I miss them…………

    • i gotta be me says:

      what planet are you living on? retailers are shuttering up all over Bermuda! Besides, there’s no jobs, so no paycheck to go and buy stuff anyway!

  5. pebblebeach says:

    good luck with that asking price…

  6. Sharon Hensdiek says:

    I say make it an establishment like Sandys 360, or a shopping Mall with stuff in it that people really want to buy. #umjustsaying

  7. Not for that price says:

    LOL , just like all these landlords living in a dream world who think that they can still get $3000 a month for a place that they’ll soon be very luck to get $900 a month for.
    Time for them all to wakey wakey … the days of unbridled real estate greed (and the attendant cost structure) are over ! !

  8. Bermuda Love says:

    It would make a lovely little race track. Take out some walls, design a course, n add the cute little go carts . Any one interested???? Lol

  9. i gotta be me says:

    Re you kidding me? a race track anywhere in bermuda is just dumb. when i was a kid we built our own go carts and pushed or pedaled… no engine! but a noisey go cart track next to a church? no way.