Photos: Premier Hosts Senior Citizens Tea

July 2, 2012

Premier Paula Cox hosted a senior citizens’ tea yesterday afternoon [July 1] at the Botanical Gardens, with hundreds of the island’s senior citizens making their way to enjoy the afternoon’s events.

The Premier welcomed the guests and remarks were given by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Patrice Minors. The afternoon was filled with entertainment including performances by Wendell “Shine” Hayward, Bermuda School of Music Steel Pan Orchestra, Comedian Bootsie, Kassandra Caines and the Gombeys.

Minister Minors said, “The Premier’s Seniors’ Tea has always been a highlight on the Government’s calendar of events and I can’t begin to tell you how thrilling it is to join you today in advance of next weeks Seniors’ Week activities.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today is your day and it’s an opportune time when the Government can collectively thank you for your contribution to our society. You should know that the needs of our seniors are of paramount concern to us.

“For our part, this Government remains committed to ensuring that all seniors who have played such an important role in building the Bermuda we have today enjoy the services aimed at making their lives comfortable and fulfilling.

“For 12 years now, this Government – through Ministries such as Health, Finance and others – has worked tirelessly to lay the foundation toward improving the quality of life for this very important segment of the population. And we will continue to seek ways to build on these advancements so that you can maintain a level of comfort during your Golden Years.

“So today, we pay homage to you. You are the lifeblood of this community and today our Bermuda is a better place because of your sacrifice and dedication.

“Finally ladies and gentlemen, I encourage all of you to continue to live life to its fullest, and always being mindful to impart your wisdom on our current generation. It is vital that the young be aware of the progress achieved by older generations, to ensure that those achievements continue to live on in future generations.

“Now on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, thank you once again for your contribution to this society, you are our unsung heroes and I wish you continued prosperity and success well into the years ahead.”

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  1. flikel says:

    I am not trying to be controversial, but from these pictures the racial makeup of those in attendance is not very diverse.

    There only seem to be black people here. Were there any white people or people from other races?

    Shouldn’t an event for seniors draw seniors from all races?

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      It should, but it never does. Maybe thre aren’t that many peoople from other races that at seniors.

      • give me a break says:

        that is TRULY the STUPIDEST thing i have heard in months. no seniors in other races. what an IDIOTIC statement…..not that it surprises me, coming from you.

    • invitations were sent out to all seniors, like other functions
      the whites do not come out.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      All the white seniors were busy modeling for the BDOT

  2. hmmm says:

    Well unfortunately white bermuda never supports black events – and while this was not a black event, it was held by a ‘black’ government and therefore white bermuda is unlikely to support.
    Now if the OBA wins the election I guarantee all the white seniors will be at next year”s tea. That’s just how it is unfortunately.

  3. Concerned says:

    Why does color come up daily? Be thankful to the Lord for those Seniors who are mobile and able to attend any function. For there are still hundreds who are bed-ridden, without transportation, aren’t able to enjoy a sandwich and piece of cake because they are hooked up to feeding tubes 24 hrs a day, who Dr.’s feel it is to dangerous for them to leave the hospital for other reasons, who have suffered strokes and aren’t able to talk, walk or speak – pray for these seniors and be grateful to Father God for those Seniors who are volunteering their services in so many ways throughout this Island for no matter the color of their skin, their blood continues to run red like the blood of Jesus the Christ. Praise Him and always give Him Thanks!

  4. Specialgirl4YOu says:

    What a wonderful event and day. Invites are send out to everyone, those that come,often enjoy a great afternoon tea, and many look forward to it. No one is prevented from attending. So if there is more blacks than whites, that speaks to the fact that white seniors choose not too, and also that Bermuda is still a divided society. No all white Seniors are not able to walk or move, so that is not a good reason at all.

  5. Chaz says:

    I can’t believe I feel obligated to point this out, but my mother (who is white) was in attendance at the Tea yesterday with a friend of hers visiting from the States (also white) and they both had a fantastic time!

    Why on earth do people feel the need to promote racial hostility in the aftermath of a SENIOR CITIZENS TEA? Think about how utterly ridiculous and unnecessary that is!

    Its so unbelievably depressing that people think this way, because it sounds like it was a lovely event. Our Seniors would be ashamed to discover that people are lowering themselves to this level of discourse.

  6. cw says:

    SMH:: Why do people continue to bring up race, regardless of the topic?

  7. it only hurts when I breath says:

    I have a friend who is white, who is a Senior and was invited to attend. The only reason she did not go is because, like many of us baby boomers that are now entering our golden years, we struggle to consider ourselves as Seniors!!! Why, oh why, oh why, do these boring same people, who obviously lack brain power and thought processes, have to keep spitting the same ol colour c##p?!!! It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH COLOUR and more to do with whether you have the plain ol simple “want and PERSONAL INTEREST” to go. Geesch!!!!!!!!!! Why cant these brainless people get it that if you are not interested in gardening then you don’t attend garden club functions!!! STOP reading reasons that are NOT THERE. Change the record folks – its just sooooooo boring and soooooooo out of date! You are dinosaures and you show it, all the time, every day, every time you write your meaningless ill thought dribble.

  8. Amen says:

    Maybe it’s because racism still exists in Bermuda I went to the new Madea movie the other night one. Of the few white people there dunno why but that’s how it is!

    • bermy$hotta says:

      Who goe$ a madea movie neway?! Lma0

  9. Michael H. Dunkley says:

    I was invited by the Premier and I attended and had a great time talking to everyone and it is fair to say all those that attended had a great time. Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make it happen!
    It is interesting that the first comment made was about race and as I thought about it ( there were whites in attendance ) i note in the pictures and report that while Government received ample coverage the Opposition received nothing…hmmm.