PLP Acknowledges Paula Cox’s Resignation

June 28, 2017

The Progressive Labour Party today [June 28] confirmed that the party “acknowledges the resignation of the former Party Leader and Premier, The Hon. Paula Cox”.

A spokesperson said, “The Progressive Labour Party acknowledges the resignation of the former Party Leader and Premier, The Hon. Paula Cox.

“This decision by Ms. Cox is disappointing but clearly Ms. Cox feels it necessary to follow her dreams and take this stance.

“We thank Ms. Cox for her decades of service to the Party in numerous capacities, and wish her well going forward.”

Recently, three videos had been posted on a Youtube account called “PC Elect” showing former Premier Paula Cox delivering National Heroes Day and Father’s Day messages, with the videos making references to Constituency 14.

There have also been internal discussions within the PLP over former Premier Paula Cox’s bid to be the PLP’s candidate for Constituency #14 Devonshire North West, with emails accessed by media indicating that Ms Cox said “if the Party continues to ignore the PLP C14 Branch’s stated decision I am prepared to let the voters of C14 decide the outcome.”

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  1. Navin Johnson says:

    Running as an independent?

    • Lualaba says:

      I hope so the candidate picked in her place is a puppet…

      • C14 Resident says:

        Let me guess. You support the OBA and hope that the votes are split.

        • Micro says:

          Let me guess, you’ll love to see another run of the inept bunch from your beloved PLP destroy this country further.

          • Seriously though says:

            She told the country she was just a clog in the wheel, and hence the dept … why come back.. ? Bye Felicia..

      • Lualaba says:

        Actually, not for one party or the other… however the PLP candidate in 14 is nothing but a puppet and a yes man. Has been for as long as I’ve known him… would rather vote OBA than for him

        • ROGER L says:

          WOW, sounds like You know him personally. If you right Hope he is not that way from today on. He is only one person of the hopefully 20 PLP winners, so please vote for him if in his area. The other 18 may not be his way.

        • I can't believe it. says:

          Lualaba, you are OBA plant. Wayne Caines is the most outspoken strong candidates out of all of the MPs. I suggest that you crawl back under the OBA rock that you came from. How much is the OBA paying you to say that?

          • bdaboy says:

            “Lualaba, you are OBA plant. ”

            What’s an OBA plant? Is it like a vegetable?…oh, no, that would be the PLP…all the intelligence of a potato. :)

      • Onion Juice says:

        Ok, moving on.

    • A Chap called Vanz says:

      Cue OBAers saying they always liked her and PLPers calling her a traitor.

      • Point boy says:

        Absolutely correct. Very nice lady who stands with her convictions. Why wouldn’t any reasonabl voter see that?

        • Point boy says:

          I would love to see Mrs Cox cross the floor! That would be nice to watch.

    • JAWS says:

      Mrs. Cox cost the PLP the last election and also lost her seat!! What does that tell you????

      • Point boy says:

        It tells me she knows right from wrong!
        The Government of the day are truly moving forward despite lies and half truths.

        An OBA vote is a responsible vote. We have seen the tides change before!

        OBA all day! Everyday

      • wahoo says:

        Tells me that people wised up to the fact that plp did whole pack of igrance.

    • Mb says:

      “to follow her dreams”
      LOL … good one PLP

    • Mb says:

      Yes…she is running as an Independent

    • Encyclopedia says:

      She times the last election completely wrong. She lost her safe seat. How can she still demand to be a candidate? She should gracefully retire. If she runs as independent, she will be left with zero influence or perhaps even friends after the election.

  2. wahoo says:

    Well done Paula I am sure that took guts and I bet that the elders did all they could to dissuade you, more concerned with image than a true appreciation of you and your history.

  3. McGooner says:

    Will she run as an independent?

  4. Warlord says:

    Get the popcorn ready

  5. This is a shame--and a sign... says:

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Ms. Cox’s tenure when she was Premier–one thing is certain, she cared deeply for the country and took her role seriously.

    I am sure this was not an easy decision for her given her deep history with the party.

    Her resignation is the PLP’s loss.

    This does not reflect well on the current PLP leadership cadre. Is the current slate really up to running the country?

    One does have to question the experience of some of the candidates and their ability to manage the complex affairs of today’s Bermuda if their challenge is successful.

    Thank you for your service Ms. Cox.

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      I think she cost the PLP the last election. I don’t see this as a loss-BYE!

  6. Cedar Stump says:

    David Blurt hands another seat to the OBA. We could see a Somerset PLP stronghold broken AND a larger St. George’s swing to the OBA. Uighur Burch will try for the fourth time to get a win.
    “Let’s move forward. Not back.”

    • Mad dog says:

      The OBA will never win this election

      • Cedar Stump says:

        You truly are a Mad dog.
        “Let’s move forward. Not back.”

        • Mad dog says:

          You are right not back… pepper spraying seniors and children trying to lock people up for protesting

          GO BACK TO THAT!!!!!!

          • Hey says:

            The police pepper sprayed, nothing to do with government.

          • Hmmmm says:

            That had absolutely nothing to do with the OBA. Stop your lies.

          • Fisherman says:

            You are in bondage by your own thoughts or perhaps thoughts of others as well. Go fish!

      • Unbelievable says:

        @Mad dog……I don’t know. You might be surprised.

        As for what’s going down in C14…..from what I have learned is that Glen Smith has been the only candidate that has been continually canvassing in that area for the last 4 years. As popular and well intentioned Mr. Caines is, he’s A. not from the area and B. only just begun canvassing.

        Still though, Glen unseated Paula in 2012 and that was a huge shock. It could happen again too but I know who I’d pick.

        • aceboy says:

          Do you really think the Digicel CEO will be canvassing outside the election period? He’s there to give some business credibility to the PLP but I wonder what the PLP supporters think of all those Chinese workers now, and all the ones that will be coming shortly……? Deal with that one later? Gotcha!

        • Truth Teller says:

          “Unbelievable” do not discount the impact on the pre 2012 boundary changes on the outcome that occurred in 2012 in 14.

          For those who really study politics, even without the other headwinds that influenced the race in 2014 it would have been difficult to pull it off considering the mentioned boundary changes.

          14 may just be too much of a climb now for any PLP candidate just like constituency 25 and largely for the same reason.

        • Islander says:

          Good for Mr. Smith because Ms. Foggo hasn’t been seen in 4yrs in Constituency #3 doing anything but attend a recent Wake and canvassing. She needs to go! Come OBA announce your Candidate for #3

      • Toodle-oo says:

        + The OBA will never win this election +

        Nobody thought they’d win the last one either but thank heavens they did .

        • Seriously though says:

          Actually last election everybody knew ..PLP was very weak and some people I know never voted.. seat out happened..and others voted for OBA

    • wahoo says:

      Burch is unelectable and they know that he is filling a void.

      • wahoo says:

        Wonder what it is like to be in the same room as Col. Burch and Wayne Furbert.

  7. Nbbajabbadingdongbabydaddy says:

    Er history?… man a legacy of dept don’t you?

  8. Disgraceful says:

    I wont speak of people who are no longer with us, but this is a disgrace

  9. puzzled says:

    I had a lot of time for her Father.
    I had some for her.
    Fruit don’t fall far from the tree.

    One PLPoscopy is enough lady.
    Best of luck.

  10. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I’m skeptical as f#%. She’s a diehard PLP member and sweats green blood. I think it’s a ploy by the PLP hierarchy. Let the games begin!!

  11. Mad dog says:

    John Barritt did the same to the OBA so keep quite
    Why know one is asking that question you OBA hypocrites.

    And by the way John Barrett is not a member of the OBA anymore
    and plans to run as a independent candidate because premier Dunkley never ask him to join his cabinet what a shame and you’re Worring about Paula Cox…you OBA’s have your own issues in your own party to worry about…

    • Cedar Stump says:

      You truly are a Mad dog.
      “Let’s move forward. Not back.”

    • wahoo says:

      Are you sure about what you just said? I hadn’t heard that. Don’t care if it is true or not…You sound very defensive though – hypocrite is a big word.

    • bdaboy says:

      lol, mad dog….you seem to type fairly well for a 12 year old. Bravo.

  12. Election Year says:

    I am sorry but she was a horrible leader and made some huge errors under her watch. The PLP need to get rid of all their old watch dogs and make space for its new delegates. I hope she puts her huge ego aside (but looking at the history of that party, I doubt it) and doesn’t run as an Independent. PAULA YOU WILL NOT GET IN AS AN INDEPENDENT SO PLEASE DO NOT WASTE THE INK TO PUT YOUR NAME ON A BALLOT!

    Thank you for your contribution! Politics is a short lived business and you my former leader are done!

  13. Kevin says:

    The PLP have attempted to smoke and mirror the public into believing they are not the party of 2012 but an improved version. Well one only has to look at the slate of inexperienced politicians they have chosen , they are a splintered group one that Burt took control by force and he was well situated in the last few years of governance to be influential in all of the decisions made ….. Burt you are still the same guy and you turned your back on the Lady who brought you along
    good luck but good to know Ms Cox stood on her principles
    Only going forward not going Back

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      Regarding your first sentence-uh, the OBA did THE EXACT SAME THING! At least the PLP are sticking with the same name and the fact that they are the same party instead of trying to rebrand themselves and trick people like the UBP did! People gave this ‘new’ party a chance, based on all sorts of false promises and then the real party soon reared its ugly head. The apathy of the OBA is the same as the apathy of the UBP and that will be their downfall-they don’t even PRETEND to care about the average man in the street. What are they going to promise now? Nobody will fall for it this time! All the OBA will be able to do is try fearmongering-the same type of fearmongering we heard prior to the PLP being voted in in 1998. They’ll make it sound like the Earth will fall off its axis if the PLP gets in power. Well, guess what-it won’t. We won’t fall for those tricks again. You can change the cover of a book but it doesn’t change the characters or the content inside-same thing goes for the UBP/OBA.

      • Kevin says:

        guess you have no problem with dropping us in the dark ages wow how easy it is to accept mediocrity if you truly believe the PLP is the way good luck to you i wont ever say i supported failure

        • Positive Pessimist says:

          All the OBA is doing is putting money in the pockets of a few. They couldn’t even get through one term before their disdain for the common man began to show. I’m tired of them pretending they care.The PLP has new leadership-who says they will ‘fail’? Fearmongering as I said. I see the OBA’s failure to deliver on jobs as a failure. I see their disinterest in public education as a failure. I see a million-and-one things they failed on. As much as I would like to give them a second chance, I just cannot.

          • aceboy says:

            In 2007 the island gave the PLP their THIRD chance. Look where that got us.

  14. Optics says:

    I must confess that “Mad dog” does raise a valid point!
    Why is this so much more salacious than Mr. Barritt’s recent announcement to go it alone. Moreover Mr. Thad Hollis recent public stance seems to have escaped the heat.
    Paula makes her decision with her in mind, clearly. For she should simply run for the OBA if she feels so strongly about being in politics and can’t stomach the rejection by the PLP. This leaves no winners here. It is a guaranteed OBA win in that district. That is not the worse thing; what is worse is the disgraceful triumphalism for no real cause. If she wanted to be brave she missed the window of opportunity. Now she limps like a worn gladiator seeking revenge desperately in a corner where there is no action or battle to be won.

    • aceboy says:

      Because she was the former Premier and leader of the PLP.

  15. Rocky5 says:

    It’s clear that Mr. Burt’s a “junior version” of Dr. Brown. If PLP win Bermuda can expect “I had to deceive you” and PLP supporters will suffer in silence, but others will march.

  16. frank says:

    sad to see all this stupid nonsense going on with ms cox
    to bad her and the party could not work things out
    but paula made a lot of mistakes that cost us
    like by allowing herself to be used by the former leader
    and not standing up for right and wrong
    and by not calling the election when she should
    the party has to move on and it is not about you acting
    like a silly little child grow up

  17. aceboy says:

    The long knives are out in the PLP camp. Nothing new.

  18. Double S says:

    So Cox isn’t good enough for return but the destructive and hateful Burch and Scott are considered to be legitimate candidates?

    Leopards never change their spots and neither does the PLP.

  19. Zevon says:

    So both the last two leaders now want nothing to do with the PLP.

  20. wondering says:

    I am glad that the litmus test is not carried out on these pages but it is funny when people refer to other people as OBAers or PLPers…..we have lost our way in the words of one of the candidates who stopped at my house recently and admitted that “we have lost our way”. it was used in a slightly different context but it was definitely on point for many a scenario.

    WE are human beings at the end of the day and we all breathe the same air and die the same way..

  21. Somerset Girl says:

    I wish I had a membership I could cancel in the PLP. What I do have is a vote. PLP consider my vote for you cancelled.

  22. Oh,I see now says:

    I guess” THE COG ” is gone ,what a way to to end a political career…….so sad

  23. John Rastafari says:

    PLP are falling apart… Clearly they are divided

  24. Really says:

    Is anyone really surprised by this ? A simple analysis of her time as a Minister and then as Premier shows that her policy outlook was far removed from any concern for the people. She really should make the full journey and join the OBA. Her fiscal and social policies are far more at home there. So I guess the leaked self-righteous emails claiming to be a team player and being prepared die for PLP causes are a thing of the past. Roll on Ms. Cox’s true colours. Aided and abetted by all those who called her a “cog” and an accessory to all manner of evil now hailing her independent streak, she marches merrily into the breach. Her candidacy is an affront to political principle and says nothing except she considers herself bigger than the ideals she allegedly supported as a member of the PLP. So, Ms. Cox, if you lose, whose fault will it be this time? And if you win and your vote in the House is irrelevant to the winning Party’s majority, what then? You will have accomplished your obvious goal: a point of personal privilege. Dismayed, but hardly surprised.

  25. Madge says:

    Paula,you needed to stand on your princioles when you were our Premier !!!!! but you did not…. so now why the hell should we vote for you now ? I think your father would be proud of the stand you have now taken …he was never a cog in the wheel…. so why were you ?

  26. Trump supporter says:

    Make the cog great again..
    I think she does have Bermuda at heart. But clearly didn’t show it with handle she didn’t have on the check book..

  27. Postpone the election says:

    The opposition is in disarray and needs to recalibrate and source deeper talent.

    Bermuda needs the legislature back in session right now as there is some really important legislation needed to be implemented.

    If Bermuda gets caught out on the international stage due to lack of proper legislation being in the books it will squarely fall on the PLP shoulders.

    Hope the gamble pays off for the PLP. At this stage it’s looking very messy for the party.

  28. Coffee says:

    The sun is shining ,there’s plenty of light . A new day is dawning , sunny and bright ,but after I was crying all night , the new day is old and what’s sunny is cold …. Since I lost my ….. Oh since I lost my …. Next time I’ll be tryna , will you please help me find ….

    Marley sang ; She’s gone , she’s gone , she’s gone … Oh mockingbird have you ever heard …

    Baby it’s sure nuff cold outside ..

    Suddenly there was a fork in the road , she took the one lest travelled !

  29. Sherbet man says:

    The PLP are DIVIDED!! Oh boy….

    • Seriously though says:

      No so fast, new leadership… clean up continue

  30. Mb says:

    The big problem for Paula Cox is she lost her seat
    as sitting premier to the OBA in a major upset in
    the last election, so to argue she deserves to run
    again in that seat is fairly brazen…and unfair
    She obviously feels slighted…
    but it was a business decision and she
    should respect that for sake of her party.
    She obviously does not and Burt was not able to
    soothe her
    I do feel for her …she has devoted many years of service to the party…following her father…and she was a cog in Dr Brown’s wheel
    she maybe should have stood up to him and Bermuda more
    if integrity means so much to her though…

    Sorry … Paula

    • Hey says:

      Was Col. Burch a business decision as well.

      • Mb says:

        Have no idea on that one…don’t get it…plp needs to move fwd

  31. No Laughing Matter says:

    Two sayings come to mind:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


    Never underestimate the power of an extremely pissed off woman.

    You are one of the few politicians whom I hold in high regard, despite what happened in 2012. Mistkaes happen; no one is perfect. The way the current PLP leadership brushed you aside like an afterthought is despicable! This is not the way to treat a party elder who has given two decades of honorable service to the country and to the party. Some in the party act like it was all your fault. They forget that when they point a finger of blame at you, tree fingers are pointing back at them! All the best to you Mrs. Cox!

  32. Triangle Drifter says:

    Paula’s expiry date passed many years before 2012. This is a non story. She will get very very few votes.

    She needs to spend her time continuing to admire all of those non-awards for who knows what that she spent so much time jetting off to collect while she was Premier.

  33. ella says:

    Paula – If i was still in C14 i would vote for you! I still have family in C14 and we love you!

    I hope you do stand as an Independent.


  34. clearasmud says:

    I find it ironic that there is little talk about Thad and John who are contemplating running as independents. Clearly they don’t find value in representing a party that they once believed in. Why is that?

    • Publius says:

      deflect much?

      • clearasmud says:

        No deflection just pointing out how people who clearly don’t care for the PLP and who are pointing to problems in the PLP dont mention the clear problems in the OBA. if all was as great as some suggest why would these former high profile supporters not be involved. Leah Scott has already laid bare that the OBA has its own problems so pretending otherwise helps noone.

  35. Real Onion says:

    Hopefully we have seen the last of the mad hatter’s tea party!

  36. Nikon says:

    Don’t let the door hit you Paula. You ruined this country with your willful negligence and deserve no place as a representative.

    My support for the PLP ended with you and Brown and the hatchet job you did to our future. We are still struggling as a result.

  37. ROGER L says:

    I DON’T LIKE THIS PRESENT PLP EXECUTIVE & MEMBERS POSITION!!! IT WILL HURT THE PARTY & SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS “AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS”! One side says changes were made to the Selection process in 2014 & the other side says the majority of the Branch & some others want Mrs. Cox. We’ve known an election was going to happen anytime from the start of 2017, it was just a matter of when. Were The selection rule changes given out as reminders to the Branches early in 2017? Did Branches know who wanted to be regarded as a candidate early in 2017 and didn’t care about any 2014 changes? Dunkley certainly caught the PLP not paying attention. NOW FIX IT PLP! Don’t rant & rave publicly PLEASE!

  38. Cromwell says:

    Why does a former Premier and Minister of the Bermuda government feel she needs to work with Constituency 14 voters earn their trust and confidence when she held the highest offices in the country!!!

    Her comment as a former PLP Premier and resignation from the PLP appears as a repudiation of the past and former PLP governments.

    It sounds to me as she is saying don’t vote for the PLP but vote for me.

  39. Rado says:

    Frankly, as a politician she is useless. If she had had the nerve to call an election when she became Premier rather than wait, she would have won. When she did call, the campaign she ran was hopeless, in fact an embarrassment – especially that Commando jacket she threw on, what was that about? Then spending an afternoon or two running around St. George’s pretending everything was wonderful – Pathetic. The lady needs to go away gracefully and stop harming the party, which through the years has given her every benefit of the doubt, though not this time.

  40. Aqua cadit resugere says:

    Oddly…the plp wants budgetary money you cannot touch….but they touched every one’s private pension…I cannot put my funds in a higher interest…better return…with a proven history and with other powersof usage…but tonight they want money once there you cannot touch.
    Oh no…don’t touch that!

  41. vida S says:

    Mrs Cox if your running as an independent,you must be doing it out of
    spite,because you know you are taking votes from the PLP,there is no
    room for independents in the house,its party one way or the other,the
    OBA is laughing at you,its funny how we forget.

  42. John says:

    She did not want to be part of the TBAthe two bermuda alliance