Video: E Michael Jones, OBA Candidates Eat Worms

August 14, 2012

The title above is not a typo, the video below shows E Michael Jones and OBA candidates Nandi Davis and Alexis Swan eating dried worms while visiting Powergirl’s radio show on Power 95.

Their unusual eating habits were for a good cause, as it was part of a lead up to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda “How much would you pay to see me?” fundraiser, which will see well known Bermudians perform ‘dares’ to raise money for charity.

Ms Swan and Ms Davis began their ‘dares’ by rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, before gingerly moving into the worm eating portion. While neither of them appeared to enjoy the experience, they both did down the dried worm.

E Michael Jones did not share any of their hesitation, with the former St George’s Mayor announcing he was hungry before happily eating a plate of dried worms and crickets along with peanut butter and a quiche which he called “very tasty.” Also joining in the worm eating was 9-year-old Marco Basden who was not disturbed by the cuisine, and tucked right in.

Video filmed by JROC Bermuda:

Some of the other contestants include: Dwayne “Sluggo” Leverock, Allan Richardson, Minister Patrice Minors, Minister Zane Desilva, OBA candidate Jeff Sousa, Rachel Sawden, Carla Zuill, David Skinner, Andrew Holmes, Dr. Neil Burnie, Corey Butterfield, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Hiscox Staff.

All the contestants have volunteered to raise funds for the charity by doing a dare on stage if members of the community pledge to see them do it. These dares will be performed live on stage at Harbour Nights on August 29th.

Each participant is aiming to raise at least $1,500 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda. People interested in making a donation towards one of the contestants can go to and clicking on the “How Much Would You Pay To See Me…?” link underneath the donations area of the website.

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  1. Emichael says:

    Hello Bermuda and all my overseas friends,
    Please help support Big Brothers and Sisters. I know I am supposed to eat cruciferous vegetables but I didn’t think that included larva, crickets, ants, roaches,beetles and bees.

    Please pledge lots of money for Big Brothers and Sisters….

    They were actually very tasty…better than coleslaw…em