Liquidation Sale At White’s Starts Tomorrow

August 14, 2012

KPMG confirmed that there have been no offers to acquire White’s in Warwick and that the staff have been made redundant. There will be a liquidation sale with all stock available at  ”considerable discounts” tomorrow [Aug 15] and Thursday [Aug 16] from 1pm until 8pm.

A statement issued by KPMG said: “Further to the Winding Up Order made by the Bermuda court on August 10, 2012 the Joint Provisional Liquidators have reviewed the options available for the ongoing business of White & Sons Limited (“the Company”) at 22 Middle Road, Warwick.

“As no offers have been received to acquire the business as a going concern, the store will be closed and stock realised on an orderly basis. Parties interested in the business or the stock should immediately contact the Joint Provisional Liquidators using the contact details below.

“In light of the above, the Joint Provisional Liquidators have made the difficult decision to make redundant the majority of the Company’s staff who worked at the 22 Middle Road store. A small number of staff will be kept on for a limited period to assist with the disposal of stock.

“The store will be open at the following times for a liquidation sale, to include all stock, household and health and beauty items, which will be available at considerable discounts:

  • Day 1 – Wednesday – August 15 from 1pm until 8pm
  • Day 2 – Thursday – August 16 from 1pm until 8pm

“Any creditors, suppliers and or potential purchasers with questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Khalid Davis on +1 441 294 2628, by fax on +1 441 295 8280 or by email at”

In a public notice today, Butterfield & Vallis applied to wind-up the other two White’s locations; Haywards in Warwick and Southside.

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  1. swing voter says:

    gee…wish I had a couple of M hanging around doing nothing… Whites, and a small cargo ship, and hire 10 fillipinos……nice dream

  2. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Vulchers …ON YOUR MARKS … SET.. GO

    • VJ says:

      I think you mean VULTURES. In any event, people like a good sale and a bargain….that’s just human nature and not being a vulture. I, for one, tried my best to support White’s to the bitter end. However, after awhile it got plain ridiculous to shop there with the owner’s blatant denials posted on the doors yet the shelves told a different story. Sad for the staff, but the liquidators have to….well liquidate and raise some cash so the debts can be paid. One way is a sale, and instead of labeling people vultures how about showing some support….

      • shoe on other foot says:

        could not have said it better VJ (thumbs us)

  3. airam says:

    that’s how business works.

  4. Opressed says:

    What is left to sell?

  5. Razor says:

    So a rotting loaf of bread will only be $6 now and a already souring 1/2 gallon of milk will only be $4? Sweet, I’m there!

  6. Politely Pompous says:

    White’s…I don’t know what happened but the more I think about it, the more I think that bad management caused this problem. White’s should have done what all the other major supermarkets do-they should have had a food court and bakery.

    When you have a food court and bakery, when produce, fruits and meats start going off but are still edible-but not physically appealing-you can chop that stuff up and throw it into a meal or cakes, muffins, etc. Think about it-that’s the way those stores reduced waste. They’d have bananas that may be going brown and people wouldn’t want to buy…bake it into banana bread or muffins and problem solved! Have some vegetables that are wilted, throw them into soup, casseroles or stir fry and problem solves! With White’s what would they do-throw the stuff away.

    A regular customer told me that they’d have stuff going bad or close to expiry and still have it sitting there at full price instead of putting it on special like the other stores. It was like they were hesitant to mark things down and wanted to hold out on getting full price…but once stuff started getting into that condition nobody wanted to pay full price so the stuff would sit there until it got to the point of no return where nobody wanted it at any price-then what…throw it out! What kind of sense did that make? They also seemed to have managers with no supermarket experience. Running a supermarket is different from running other stores and these people didn’t seem to know anything about supermarket merchandising. Everyone keeps blaming the economy but I really don’t think the economy was responsible for their demise-bad management was.

    Finally, I hope the affairs of this company get settled quickly because if not, the only winner will be KPMG who get paid huge administrative fees for acting as the agents of the official receiver. Have they even finished with the affairs of British American THREE years later? I don’t think so. Will the staff of White’s get their redundancy cheques a whole year later like British American staff did? I hope not. I really hope this doesn’t take three years to settle like British American is doing!

  7. Wake Up says:

    We all know who is gonna take over and re vamp the place

    A PLP Government OFFICIAL !!

    Come on Bermuda READ BETWEEN THE LINES !

  8. Dee says:

    Anyone shopped at that large supermarket on Church Street recently. The vegetable section is a disgrace. I was there on Saturday and even told one of the guys in that department that I did not know how they had the nerve to offer such awful vegetables for sale. The cauliflowers had rotten slimy leaves and the core had black patches, the mushrooms were grey and black and the carrots at $6.29 a bag were limp and in dreadful condition. I left and went to another store (the one on Front Street). This is not an isolated incident.

    • xfiles says:

      The stores on Church,Heron Bay and Shelly Bay are all the same.Rotting overpriced produce.They cover the “best before” dates with price stickers.I can’t afford the store at Waterfront so we now grow our own tomatoes,peppers and herbs.It’s really quite easy and inexpensive.

      • Dee says:

        I’m convinced that no one at this store rotates stock, Best Before and Sell Buy dates seem to be ignored. Fruit is chilled to within an inch of it’s life and once you take it home is rotten and mushy within a couple of days, and don’t talk to me about the one at Collector’s Hill in Smiths!!!

  9. Victor says:

    One wonders whether or not the owners gambled their piece of commercial real estate (the original middle road store) on trying to keep their grocery afloat or if they wisely hold it separately. If the latter, as landlords, they could ironically be one of their own creditors. On the obverse side, it could be that this is all just another real estate play by certain bankers with something of a political axe to grind – rather like what to an iconic Front St institution where a bank now stands…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Careful Victor, people are not supposed to know that.

  10. OBA sucks n so does PLP says:


  11. OBA sucks n so does PLP says:

    DO NOT BUY PRODUCE FROM MARKETPLACE…. a bag of potatoes is ful of potatoes that are 1 inch in diameter! over ripe tomatoes! rotten romaine! ugh

  12. VJ says:

    I heard that a wealthy, black businessman that owns several local businesses is set to purchase White’s….so don’t be surprised if the store changes names from “White’s” to another color hint hint…..