OBA To Host Forum For Single Parents

May 5, 2017

The One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] will be hostinh a forum for single parents on Saturday [May 6] from 4.00pm to 6.00pm at St. John’s Preschool, Pembroke.

The event poster said, “Single parents – you are invited to a forum to be hosted by the Hon. Nandi Outerbridge, Minister of Social Development and Sports.

“Minister Outerbridge will be joined by other Members of Parliament for informal discussions on how the Government can assist single parents. Ask questions, come with suggestions and together we can create solutions to help parents and children and move forward together.

“There will be a fun castle, supervised play area for children and door prizes to be won.”

For more information call 441-294-3264 or email info@oba.bm

Single Parent forum Bermuda May 2017

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  1. Guess Who? says:

    This same UBP/OBA s*** again. To ALL single parents–mothers/fathers please stay away. However, if you must attend take all you can, ensure that you are accurately registered and on the day of the General Election vote solidly for the PLP. Keep the welfare of your children in mind. The UBP/OBA administration has been most unkind to Bermudians prior to and since taking office on December 17, 2012. Do not, I repeat do not forget their transgressions. They do not care about Bermudians. My final advice to you: Stay away! Please spread the word.

  2. mixitup says:

    lol – you mean the ones who you made it very difficult to receive any financial assistance? You want to talk to them now? ….oh rite… election year..

  3. I agree, Mixitup!!
    Who do they think we are?
    No way.
    P.L.P. all the way.
    Also, “born Bermudian” nonsense from Fehy; Immigration Protest; innocent senior citizens being pepper sprayed and Jeff Baron and his “people” taking NO responsibility for that dangerous act.
    You do know that NO ONE in that area: the governor, jeff baron, commissioner for police are all close-mouthed about that!!
    They do not even care about Bermudians who exercised their rights and are seniors.
    If single parents receive airconditioners,groceries, etc. from potential oba persons running to become an M.P.,….VOTE THEM OUT anyway!!