Video: S20 Around The Island Powerboat Race

August 16, 2012

[Updated] Steven Bridges and Aaron Sims zoomed around the entire island in only 33 minutes and 45 seconds during Sunday’s [Aug 12] Around the Island powerboat race, claiming second place in the S class.

The video below shows the view of the top speed 33-minute race around the island from the vantage point of the actual driver, as well as takes a look at the driver and co-pilot as they navigate S20 around Bermuda. You can view all our Around the Island race coverage here.

Update Aug 18: The 35-minute video of the full race is below

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  1. Shaking the Head says:

    Great video, but they didn’t seem to go round the buoy at Gibbett’s Island outside Flatts?

    • check that says:

      were they disqualified?

      • race head says:

        the buoy is on the right side of the boat in the video

        • Shaking the Head says:

          Fair enough, I wasn’t trying to be contentious but thought the buoy was closer to shore than that. The yellow cat ahead of them S22? certainly went much closer to shore.
          Anyway, great footage and well done.

  2. sugra says:

    Great video!

    Too bad it cut off just at the chaos of Hogfish Beacon. Looking forward to the rest of it.

    A bit more pace than the RISR for you there, Steven… well done!

  3. jovon says:

    great footage. can’t wait to see the whole video especially south shore n st davids. well done.

  4. Ha says:

    S22 came tuning cross them! Clearly way faster. Needa ask them there secrets

  5. Lmao!!!! says:

    Nice cant wait for the rest!!!!!!!!

  6. Lmao!!!! says:

    Best race ever!!!!!!!!!

  7. jovon says:

    now that’s what im talkin about. what a ride. thanks for the footage. n congrad.

  8. Don says:

    Excellent footage! ESPN would be pleased to air this video

  9. Clint says:

    What skater is that?

  10. tris says:

    great video footage u guys r soldiers .throttle man great job