Storm: Two Planes Abort First Landing Attempts

September 14, 2012

[Updated] Two planes had to abort their first attempt at landing this afternoon [Sept 14] due to the severe weather storm that passed over the island, however both landed safely on their second attempt.

Both the Jetblue and Delta flights circled around and made a successful second attempt at landing. Passengers on the Jetblue flight were delayed from disembarking for approximately 45 minutes as all ground operations were suspended due to the threat of lightning.

Video of the United flight landing just past 3pm this afternoon:

A Transport spokesperson said: “There were two missed approaches executed today at L.F. Wade International Airport, due to windshear and extremely low visibilities caused by the severe weather storm system that passed directly over the airfield this afternoon.

“Jetblue flight 1703 and Delta flight 656 both encountered the inclement conditions on short, final approach and as per standard procedures, circled around and made a successful second attempt at landing.

“The deplanement of passengers on board the Jetblue flight which arrived at the gate at 2:10 p.m., was delayed approximately 45 minutes as all ground operations were suspended per airport safety measures, due to the threat of lightning. The aircraft departed for its return trip to Boston at 3:38 p.m., 48 minutes after its scheduled departure time.”

The sudden storm also caused flooding in various locations through the island, and the gale force winds caused the Norwegian Star cruise ship in Dockyard to partially break away from its moorings.

Bermuda Weather Service meteorologist Michelle T. Pitcher said: “We accordingly issued a Gale Warning at approximately 2:30pm as we were seeing sustained winds of about 38 knots with gusts to 46 knots at our Commissioner’s Point AWOS station.

“There was extra text associated with the gale warning stating that the stronger winds were in association with heavier showers and thunderstorms. A very active thunderstorm cell passed directly over the Island from approximately 2-3pm. That passage coupled with the unexpected intensification of the low produced the gale force winds.”

Update 7.25pm: We are also made to understand via unofficial sources that a fire alarm was triggered at the airport — possibly by the weather — and caused emergency personnel to respond early this evening.

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  1. LongBayTradingCo................. says:

    my sisters and niece r on the flt. They hv called me and there have been TWO alarms………..waiting to see if they boarding ok….anyone with news???????????

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    That will get your heart pumping & another part twitching. Not uncommmon during winter storms. Had 2 missed attempts once, Pan Am days, at night, back to JFK we went.