Strong Interest Shown In Portuguese Classes

October 19, 2012

The Vasco Da Gama Club held a public meeting earlier this week about the possibility of Portuguese language classes being held at the Bermuda College,  and it attracted a strong turnout with many speaking in favour of the classes being offered.

The actual meeting was conducted by Bermuda College’s Dr. Duranda Greene and Vasco President Andrea Moniz DeSouza, and over 60 people attended, with another 30 calling in to say they were interested but could not make the meeting.

Ms Moniz DeSouza said: “People of all ages, races and all walks of life came to this meeting. The general consensus was that a programme of this sort was much needed and should have been implemented years ago.

“Many people recognized the important rule the Portuguese and the Portuguese Culture has played in Bermuda’s history and thought it was only natural the Island have access to the language.

“We also had members of the Youth Parliament present such as the Premier, the Opposition Leader and the Minister of Cultural Affairs to notify the crowd that Youth Parliament had taken a vote and that the vote had gone in favor of not only this initiative but also that Portuguese should be taught in schools. They each said some words which were followed by applause from the crowd.

“The decision made at the meeting was that there was clearly an interest in the programme and the numbers to substantiate it were there and that Bermuda College in collaboration with Vasco Da Gama Club were going to do all they could to take this initiative forward. I was very happy with the turnout and extremely encouraged.

“Anyone can still sign up at this point by contact Vasco Da Gama Club at or calling 292-7196. Also, I would note that Vasco Da Gama already runs a children’s afterschool and Saturday morning program through its Portuguese School of Bermuda for teaching Portuguese for any children from ages 6-12. Anyone who wishes to find other more information about the children’s program, please contact Vasco Da Gama Club,” concluded Ms Moniz DeSouza.

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  1. WhistleBlower says:

    Finally, this could have been done years ago instead of EXPELLING them from the country. I grew up in Smiths and have many fond memories of the Portugues community there. Many of my classmates were of Portugues decent and I was APPALLED that most of them were FORCED off of this island after offering such VALUE CONTRIBUTIONS to OUR CULTURE

  2. wasted time says:

    dont get your hopes up — the Premier and the Minister of Cultural Affairs are involved!

  3. Dit says:

    this is a sign of upward mobility of a country. is a plus to everyone having a second language so i say take full advantage all Burmudians.

  4. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    One interesting piece of information that emerged from that meeting is that the Bermuda Government has had an agreement with the Portuguese Government since the late 1980′s to teach Portuguese in the schools! The UBP dropped the ball and the PLP left it on the ground to rot! At least 2 generations of children who could have been bi-lingual! What a lost opportunity!

  5. Kaelyn's Daddy says:

    There has been French, German,Spanish, and Latin taught in our public and private schools,so if the Azores and Bermuda Governments had an agreement in the 1980′s,why wasn’t it followed up on. After all, Portuguese is a big part of Bermuda, they even figured out that its not Spanish Rock at Spittal Pond as I was taught in school, it is Portuguse Rock and that goes back to before all of our current population was ever thought of. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to learn the languge instead of being forced to take French and German. Now that I have a child that wants to learn the language as its a part of her heritage, I hope to be learning it with her.