Video: New Mona Li$a Song: “Living My Life”

October 19, 2012

Bermudian hip hop artist Mona Li$a has released her latest song “Living My Life”, which contains many of the same anti-violence messages her previous songs have.

“What is happening in the country I was raised in…everybody shooting bullets” raps Mona Li$a. “And I’m just saying it’s got to be a better way.”

Mona Li$a — aka Simona Eversley — was born in Bermuda and moved to Bellwood, Illinois in 1998 however frequently returns to the island and ‘bigs up’ the island in her music.

She said her musical journey began as poetry, expressing her inner feelings about subjects such as her non-existant father, struggles with finding herself, and her cultural change from Bermuda to America.

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