Police: Multiple Men Involved In Christmas Murder

December 27, 2012

One man is in custody in connection with the murder of Malcolm Augustus, and the police believe “at least two other men were involved and possibly more,” Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said today [Dec 27].

The 20-year-old was shot on the St George’s golf course just after midnight on Christmas Day, and a 24-year-old George’s man was arrested that same day on suspicion of murder.

When asked if the victim was a gang member, Detective Pedro declined to answer, but said the police have “had contact with him in the past.” Asked about the potential of retaliation, Detective Pedro said he “strongly encourages people to allow the law to prevail.”

Detective Pedro also said that detectives are interested in speaking with anyone that may have witnessed a disturbance on Wellington Road St. George’s at about 10:30pm to 10:45pm on Christmas Eve.

Anyone with any information about the murder of Mr Augustus is urged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1185 or on the confidential & independent Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro’s full statement follows below:

The members of the Bermuda Police Service would like to extend their heartfelt condolences to the friends & family of Mr. Malcolm Augustus who is now tragically the sixth young Bermudian man to lose his life by murder this year.

Mr. Augustus was a 20 year old single man in the prime of his life.

The Police investigation so far has determined that Mr. Augustus was killed by gunfire on the border of St. George’s golf course at about 12:05am on Tuesday 25th December, 2012 [Christmas Day].

A 24 year old St. George’s male is in Police custody, and because of the sensitivity of the investigation, I am unable to comment on the particulars of the case any further.

An overseas forensic pathologist has flown to Bermuda and is assisting the investigating team. Evidence from the crime scene in being processed and the results will be known the investigators in the coming days and weeks.

The investigating team believes that at least two other men were involved in this murder, and possibly more.

Detectives are also interested in speaking with anyone that may have witnessed a disturbance on Wellington Road St. George’s at about 10:30pm to 10:45pm on Monday 24th December [Christmas Eve].

I would like to appeal directly to anyone that may have knowledge of this crime to make contact with the investigating team. Any information received will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Whilst an arrest has been made, we will not rush to judgement on the facts known to the investigators so far. It is however vitally important that any other persons involved in the killing of Malcolm Augustus are brought to justice.

Detectives are working flat out to bring these perpetrators into custody. Anyone with evidence, information, or that can assist in any other way is urged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1185 or on the confidential & independent Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477 [TIPS].

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  1. Bermudian says:

    The BPS are doing a great job!

    • swing voter says:

      Its about time they push the envelope on this issue, 1980s style. Bring in more UK, Carrib cops again and get rid of the Bermudians that are under performing.

    • Dougie Wilson says:

      Excellent work by the women and men of the BPS.
      Maybe now they can try and get some sleep and a Family Christmas dinner.

  2. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Vicious brutes ..

  3. Raw Onion says:

    The word on the street (which was confirmed) on Christmas day was that there were multiple persons involved. Sure, only one pulled the trigger but a few others were there hunting him down. They all need to be prosecuted.

  4. THE HiGHeR pOweR says:

    U think they’re doing a good job??! Always picking up & charging innocent bystander that are only guilty by association. They’ll need to start collecting the real killers!

  5. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    Bring in police/detectives no one knows or has any affiliation connection with.

  6. What? says:

    This is an easy one. Make the interrogation for the culprit already in custody HELL! Don’t feed him or give him anythIng to drink for as long as he’s in custody. Don’t allow him any phone calls. Make him feel imprisoned!! Do this long enough and he will give you whatever information you want. Cops need to start laying the pressure on these dudes. Enough is enough…

    • Bubbles says:

      Don’t sound so ridiculous! Every human being has and is entitled to rights regardless of if they are a child rapist or convicted killer whilst being held in custody.

      Breach of these rights can result in a dismissed case! SO with your tactics all the alledged killers cases will be dismissed!

      • Seems like yesterday says:

        Well said…. Depriving one of basic human rights is illegal and yes his case could thrown out and BPS would be charged with abuse of a prisoner. We don’t need that!

    • alicia says:

      Unfortunately studies have shown that information gathered via harsh police techniques usually end up being mainly false with just a thin string of the truth in it somewhere as the suspects will say anything, true or not, just to get the torture to stop.

      • What? says:

        Unfortunately we’re referring to young bermudian boys. If you think for one minute they won’t run their mouth under harsh police interrogation, think again. All the police have to do is lie to them and tell them they have taken someone into custody and they told them that he was the sole culprit in this incident. I bet you any money his ass will sing like a bird. Ain’t no young boy taking life for nobody. Especially not these spoiled lil bermudian brats.

        • Stop&Think says:

          Please, it happens all the time. More then one person at West Gate doing life for someone else

        • Tutti Frutti says:

          Well that is also illegal. To mislead an individual to retrieve information is not the way the LAW should be prescribed. It is quite unfortunate that we have so many unethical police whom resort to such pathetic means. Justice is not fair in Bermuda.

        • Ganja mon says:

          Not many Bermudians snitch, because there is only one prison. So if your branded a snitch it will stick to you for life

  7. Stop Complaining for 1 Second says:

    I can hear it now. The BPS Bermuda Police Service in NOT Bermudian and these damn cops are booking people like crazy.
    They pulling over ALL the Black Bermudian Men for nothing.

    You people are a bunch of jokers.
    No matter who is wearing that uniform, you will complain.

    God forbid, they bring in more UK cops, then they gripe will be a bunch of white cops this and that.

  8. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    All of yall are pathetic when plp was in government all of you blamed the PLP now OBA is in and now all of you are saying GOOD JOB POLICE …smh..
    also why was the leader of the OBA the Premier dancing in the streets with the gombeys a day after the murder and he lives in ST Georges??????? Is he not sensitive to the tragedy that took place a few hours before, shouldn’t he say something to that instead of dancing the day after a murder????

    • Bermuda Girl says:

      Would you prefer he stayed at home and cried all day?

    • Bermuda Girl says:

      What would that solve?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Just as a point of clarification, I still blame the PLP. The left the country in a bloody mess.

      • 41st thief says:

        Yes, their god-awful governing of Bermuda will take years to heal. Don’t be blaming the OBA for this kind of thing for YEARS

      • Tutti Frutti says:

        I AGREE!!! Isn’t it peculiar that Bermuda having guns was once taboo.

        It sorta reminds me of a politician vendetta against the UBP to destroy Bermuda. For what’s its worth the guns aren’t getting in by walking across the Atlantic someone of a higher power has assisted. Furthermore, I do believe it’s strange that the police can find out about crops of drugs being grown but can’t find out who the killers are. And the excuse is “people won’t come forward” that is BULL. They clearly place more value on seizing drugs then they do anything else. Furthermore there was a point in time when the former former premier wanted the Police Service under his jurisdiction…hmmm WHY IS THAT?

        Something just doesn’t add up with this black on black warfare! Didn’t Louis Farrakhan mention a case of guns going missing right off of the docks SO why didn’t we ever hear about that! —

        • Please wake me says:

          Total agree. What we need to do is get rid of this Police Service we need a force! I think it’s tooooo much money being made and the big boys at the top are not the little punks you see walking around with there pants around there azz. However we must be ready for the truth because when it comes out jaws with drop!

    • Seems like yesterday says:

      What do you expect him to do? You ppl need to stop and think before you open your mouths. Yea he can do the Gombeys did Ewart ever postpone his trips due to murder – NO so stop brining down OBA.They havent even had the policies typed up as yet so back off

    • SMH says:

      Is it written somewhere in the government law book that he has to stay home n mourn the death of someone he doesn’t know (I’m confused) I’m sure he was just as upset n shocked as the rest of bermuda when they first found out and I’m sure he said the exact same thing that others with good hearts said (my heart goes out to his family and friends) n just like everyone else he went on with his life he isn’t obligated to stay home because a death happened in his parish

  9. ABM says:

    Everytime a Parkside gang member is shot, someone is immediately arrested!! Let it be someone from 42 or country that is shot and majority of the time the case goes unsolved with no arrests! Makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….could it be that all of Parkside is a bunch of pricks? Or is it that the public just hates the individuals from 42 and country?? I tell you buh!!

    • Tutti Frutti says:

      You sound like an outright fool! Do you know how many people have been murdered from 42 and their cases are unsolved you IDIOT!!

      Did you know that parkside had protection from the police wayyyyy before anyone was murdered on their team and over 5 people had been shot up 42 and yet they didn’t have any police protection A**! No what you are talking abt b4 u open ur big dumb mouth! FOOL
      Furthermore, what makes you think it wasn’t his own team that brought him down! Your an idiot who doesn’t know anything!

    • Tutti Frutti says:

      Oops I misread your comment SORRY @ ABM!! I thought u were supporting those back of town waste rats from Prick Unit :-)

      • Ganja mon says:

        That rant you first typed had me laughing hard as hell lol…I though I read wrong till I realized it was you

      • ABM says:

        No worries, made me re-read what I typed, thought I siad it wrong myself!!!

  10. SMDH says:

    @Lord Have Mercy

    What has dancing in the streets got to do with this murder, Maybe you should get up AND “DANCE ON THE CEILING” (remember that song) Crap give the Premier a break.

    As a matter of fact give the PLP & The OBDA a break:

    Dancing relieves tension in the body and mind.

    Try it you may like it. DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY.

    Bermudians are shocked by this murder and accident. Deeply saddened. I know because I my-self have lost someone at this time of year. Memories are bought back every xmas.

    A Happy & Healthy New Year To You:

    LET GO ! LET GOD !


  11. Wise Up says:

    Just so you know the Premier went to the young man’s home and spoke to the family and gave his condolences on behalve of Bermuda. Sometimes people just need to check the facts before they write…..SMDH

  12. Tutti Frutti says:

    They say they down for the team and playing two damn sides…NI***S aint loyal nah NI***S aint loyal…

    All I can is watch the crew you roll with and who you call your friends…

  13. just think about says:

    Now that OBA is in Power your not going to see Soft on Crime,,,Big Up OBA Mr. Canionier Show them how to Run this Country,,,Chase the them Crazies Otta Town !

  14. Jango says:

    @ lord have mercy. get a life.

  15. Real Talk says:

    RIP Bubblas…. Who feels it knows it…

  16. 50cent says:

    the world is a cycle, everything that happens goes roun in circle. (=== read between=== )

  17. bermy$hotta says:


  18. Live by the gun. Die by the gun.

  19. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    He is so use to dancing around subjects its no wonder he was gombey dancing when news of a murder was fresh…it shows a man disconnected with his community.

    • o shut it says:

      What do you want the man to do? its a country problem not just OBA or PLP these are our cousins brothers nephews uncles sons. Everybody needs to sort their families out.

    • Smiling says:

      You are such an idiot. Mr. Premier was connecting with the community. Why should the actions of a few put the rest of the country on hold? I do not hear you complaining about the gombeys paying tribute in front of The Weeks’ residence.

      • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

        Smiling . . .first of all it wasn’t necessary to bring the Weeks family tragedy into this to make your point . . .but let me say this . . .their son (Weeks) loved the gombeys period, hence he was an avid follower, so their tribute in front of his father’s home was out of respect for the young man and his passion . . .you would have known that if you had known the tradition of gombeys and how they work. If from a political aspect. Mr. Weeks was a grassroots boy . . . as you all called it, a part of
        The Gombey Party,” so there should be no shock that they would go to his area and dance.

        What’s more interesting is that I have never seen Craig Cannonier dancing behind the gombeys before. So now that he’s Premier he wants to connect to the people . . .REALLY?????????

  20. young bermudian says:

    Why does the government have to do with this shooting
    Are you saying the politicians can be in with these so called gangs
    Are the politician the big drug dealer

    Why don’t all young man get educated and do something better with your life

  21. young bermudian says:

    Since you all have stuff to say when shooting happens

    What are you doing to help prevent this
    If you don’t want your family to be shot died
    Try and help them

    I’m sick and tired of this being blame on the government like shut the f*ck up with that

    This is a community problem and we need to come together so this can stop all we all are you going to be crying over or losing family member s

  22. The stuff has gone way 2 far from wen wheels got shot the deal was sealed that’s a life that can’t come back

  23. cheaaaaa -nsb says:

    bubblas we miss my brotha

  24. Goes around says:

    What goes around comes around KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Pedro go —-! you fake —– you no everything, now go pick up someone from the 42 or somerset, we all no what time it is, you wish not to comment if he’s a member of the gang. PLEASE yo! —–!!!!lofl