Two Men Charged With David Clarke’s Murder

December 27, 2012

Two men appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Dec 27] charged with the murder of David Clarke [pictured] in April 2011.

Darrion Simons [age 19 of Crane Lane, Pembroke] and Jahkeo LeShore [age 31 of Devon Springs Road, Devonshire] were both charged with the premeditated murder of David Clarke on 17 April 2011, and with using a firearm to commit the offence.

As the charges can only be heard in the Supreme Court, they were not required to enter a plea and were both remanded in custody.

A police statement after Mr Clarke’s murder said: “The Police investigation so far has determined that Mr. Clarke had been travelling west on North Shore Road at about 10:30pm last night (Sunday 17th April 2011).

“Mr. Clarke had left a function at the Mid Atlantic Boat Club and was riding his motorcycle towards his residence which was less than 100 metres away from where this incident occurred.

“Mr. Clarke was targeted by two persons on a motorcycle who were also riding west on North Shore Road. They shot Mr. Clarke at close range. CPR was provided at the scene by an off duty EMT but sadly Mr. Clarke succumbed to his injuries.”

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  1. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    There is something I have noticed about Bermuda that is very strange. I’ve seen several cases like this. What does a 17 year old have in common with a 30 year old (ages at the time of the crime). Why are they running the streets together and allegedly committing crimes together. This goes to show the abhorrent low level of maturity of the older perpetrators.

  2. Muslima says:

    for real :(

    • I agree. What ARE they doing running the streets, allegedly involved in crimes together at such a wide age gap??? At what age does a child become a man in Bermuda, anyway????

  3. WhistleBlower says:

    Have you ever met this particular older person or the younger one? Then be careful how quick you are to judge people before you start mouthing off. Maybe instead of judging make sure the young men in your life are on a good path

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      I will judge all I effing well please…

      And if the “young men” in my life are not on a good path, I will judge them as well. Go sit down somewhere

      • fedthef#$kup says:

        Clearly none of u knw f$%% about them so before u f%^&* judge someone look at ya god%^mn self. Tired of u dumbas$%es judgin ppl becuz of the s%^$ they r in. Grow the f&*( up all of u. Goes to show how godd%^n mature you du%^&ses are. Like f&*k we all make mistakes n mayb he was round he cause the younger looked up to him. You don’t nfn bout them two so shut the f**& up before u bring out the dumb s^&%. I’ve had with all of u all talkin the dumb s^&% Grow up n say the s*&^ to their faces n I guarantee none of u have enough balls to say it. But yet u all sit behind a godd&* phone, tablet, ipad, ipod, and computer and say s*(&. Typical, if u gt n e thing to say think bout wa u gt to say cuz clearly u r makin them feel good by commentin so something they’ve dne. But guess that’s all u bermudians do, is talk s^&% about one anotha. If u wanna talk s&*^, keep it to ya g&*(amn self. Aint gt time for the negativity. *stop judgin others cuz no1 likes to be judged n I guarantee u fu&*&^ pu^&*es don’t neitha.

        • What? says:

          Well you’re really gonna be mad now when I judge you and say that you need to return to school. Your grammar is below zero poor. Commenting on news threads is not for you boo. Stick to fb and twitter.

          • fedthef#$kup says:

            @what?- you dumbass, I wrote like that purposely. Obviously, a judge will find them innocent or guilty but you bermudians have no go&^%mn respect for no one and I’m sick and f^&*^g tired. Shut your fu&**( mouths. You feel that the parents are enabling them but you dumb c(*&^ are enabling them with your negativity.

            • What? says:

              You’re really irritating me. Just shut up. You aren’t making any type of sense. All you’re doing is babbling. Cursing every two minutes and making yourself sound real retarded. If you support these people then fine, just say that but don’t come on here with your poorly written essay trying to get no point across. Go somewhere with that BS.

              • hahahaha says:

                @what? Get the f&^% over it. Ya a^% aint gotta read my s^%&^. FOH a#s

                • Now. Carefully shut off whatever implement your momma is allowing you to play with, and go get some nice fresh air!

          • Tutti Frutti says:

            LOL for real though…maybe she’s mad forgetting words mispelling words…every other word is F this F that

            • hahahaha says:

              @tutti frutti
              Your a#s has some nerve. Who gives a s(&* what anyone says because clearly you could understand it. Stfu …. Gtfoh

    • What? says:

      Does it matter if anyone has met them??!! The point of the matter is “why the f*$k is a 30 year old hanging with a teenager?” If you know them, then maybe you can explain why. Until then, don’t come on bernews defending f*$%ery. And yes I do know Jahmeko personally. He’s a father of three whose brother was killed the same way a month before mr. Clark. Go figure, idiot…

  4. Will says:

    is this the same LeShore family who lost a son to gun violence..shame if it is that the parents have now lost two sons caught up in this nonsense.

    • ss says:

      Yes, i believe it is the same family that their son to gun voilence in March of that same year and this incident happened in April. Makes me wonder maybe retailiation was involved for his brother’s murder. Very sad.

      • bml says:

        lets not get ahead of our selves and listen to the evidence of the case

  5. GOD 1st says:

    @ dthtoo I rebuke you

  6. ECS says:

    I never understood! the relevance of putting the addresses of the accused in the paper! I mean why? dont you think with the stuff that goin on now days! where pple live should be kept in strict confidence

  7. Bubbles says:

    Everyone who has been charged whom resides, dwells, or congregates within the area of St. Monica’s has been charged with the least bit of evidence, or evidence that has been manipulated.

    Quite the contrary with the other side whom consistenly remain out of the justice system for the many murders, robberies and rapes they commit, with real evidence to incriminate them. Yet they stay out of prison free to roam the streets and cause havoc!

    I just don’t get it. (Well I do) I’m just tired as a young black educated Bermudian.

    I believe the younger generation has a lack of value for life but I also believe that we live in a system that has a lack of value for the people who come from broken homes that fall through the cracks and become menaces to society.

    There is hope and opportunity for those who come from broken homes BUT the chances of breaking the cycle take endurance, persistence,and self motivation. Not everyone is built to make it out.

    I just wish we could come together as one and unite for a greater purpose. We are losing to many young black males to the system, and death. It’s sad because they don’t even know what they doing and too blind to believe there is a resolution to the so called gang problem Bda faces. It only takes courage and strength to make a change. Who will decide your destiny? You or the system…

    We don’t even have gangs. We have misbehave men with the maturity of teens who idolize the visuals they see on BET and try to emulate that. Instead of trying to be a real man, with goals and ambition.

    All of you so called gangsters need to get your mind right.

  8. hmmm says:

    every family deserves justice!! David i miss you & i love you with all my heart! & may GOD guide & bless anything that involves this case!

  9. ICT says:

    Innocent until proven guilty #FREE# my baby “JL”

    • Come Correct says:

      I’m curious, what will you say IF he is found guilty? Will you condone his actions no matter what, or condemn them?

    • SMH says:


  10. cheaaaaa says:

    free harry buh

  11. spoons says:

    So your “baby” JL is in custody. Is he your actual “child”, in which case well done on the quality parenting. Or is he your “boyfriend”, in which case you are young enough to realise that a 20 year old man charged with murder is not the sort of quality person you should be associated with.

  12. spoons says:

    correction, 31 year old man….still young enough to know, though…

  13. ga#a's finest says:

    To the truthsayer you just need to shut the f#*k up cause your talking out of your a##

    • What? says:

      Think about it A*S, darrion is 19, keo is 31. I don’t hardly see the 31 yr old being the follower in this case. Get over it. No respect for you people who defend these low life bastards. Get mad if you want, you’ll be alright.

  14. MADDTINGG says:

    #freeharry yo

  15. Kei says:

    State your name darkside of the moon

  16. Kei says:

    F$%# yo

  17. cheaaaaa -nsb says:

    they aint gona state there name cause all they do is talk s$%# no action f all you hater’s buh str88 like dhat

    • Bubbles says:

      LOL war pun BERNEWS…um the pen is mightier than the sword my dear!

      Instead of stooping to the level of these “haters” why don’t you prove what they are saying wrong…GEESH!

      – is the BEST has been will always be no matter whaagwan seenn :-)

    • What? says:

      The ghetto mentality, I’m tellin you.

      • Leezy says:

        too much BET or something…

      • Will says:

        totally agree….Bernews is testament to the failed education system in Bermuda. Not Bernews in particular but some of the people on this thread are in serious need of re evaluating their academic careers and in some cases their lifestyle; such as those who actually support these guys because dey my nanas brothas cousin hur me.

  18. Chanida Degraff says:


    • What? says:

      Is she!! She needs to take several seats. Talkin about free her baby. Boo your “baby” is an alleged murderer whom no one should feel any remorse for considering the fact that his sibling was taken the same way. Keep it clean

      • It doesn't matter says:

        Like Simona said before INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. You have no Idea what you are talking about please do NOT point fingers unless your hands are clean & I am pretty sure half of the people commenting negativity about Jahkeo doesn’t know him or what he is about!

      • bml says:

        shut the f___ up!!!
        alleged doesnt mean he did it!
        one thing about you bermudian, you’re quick to label someone without knowing the facts of the case!!!
        grow up!!!
        were any of you there? did any of you see this take place? can any of you label the accused as guilty? . . . dont worry i’ll wait!

  19. FRS Family says:

    SIP David ! We Miss You!

  20. Richard says:

    Beautiful David was such a pleasent young man RIP young man and I hope his family and rest easy now as well beautiful people

    • Tutti Frutti says:

      Many of the young men taken were beautiful people. But I do know one where there is smoke there is fire. And NOONE gets murder just because someone wakes up and says Hey let’s go murder! No! It’s always the people saying not my son, brother, cousine! Whatever! Everyone has two sides! The side they show and the side they don’t!

  21. WhistleBlower says:

    Let he/she without sin CAST the 1st stone!!!! Mans law vs the ULTIMATE LAW!!

    • hahahaha says:

      @whistleblower I gaurantee none of them can cast a stone.
      Hypocrites …. Lmfao

  22. realistic says:

    Free Harry and Keo yo. F**& all u hatin as$ Bermudians

    • Will says:

      no, f#@k all you gang and criminal supportin real mate, if we had none of these little fake a$$ gangsters running around Bermuda would be a better place like it used to be

  23. hahahaha says:

    I gaurantee that none of you feel that David did any wrong but yet you all are judging this two and don’t know s^%$.
    Help me understand here?? so I am guessing that gives me the right to sit here and judge each and everyone of you as well as David and say “…….” but ya all will get on me because I said s$%t. Right. GTFOH!!!!!!

  24. The Streets says:

    No Country For Old Men

  25. Stay strong my ni654z…F%$k these wierdos

    • Will says:

      your name says it all…just keep to the streets mate and keep the blogging to those who actually want to see change in Bermuda…about the only change you want is for alleged murderers to be let out..smh

  26. Free D.Cox u —-

    • What? says:

      Free WHO?! Lol!! You’re beggin now! You will have to wait three lifetimes for that. You better tell him send you a pass lol (free David cox) hahaha. Why do you people believe saying “free so and so” will somehow free them? It’s a waste of breath especially if they’ve been convicted. Honestly, ugh! Bermuda is in a state. Ghetto minded individuals with serious lack of education. And you wonder why this nonsense is reoccurring? Get educated people PLEASE! You all think you sound bad or cute but it’s very much illiterate and simple sounding.

    • keepit100 says:

      *str8 face* . . . now you know as good as me david cox will die in prison!

    • Namaste says:

      Look at the name. WoW u are clearly a lost soul. Learn some History family. You are clearly not seeing life in the correct spectacles.

  27. WTF says:


  28. MazumboCann says:

    $80,000 a year to house a prisoner in Bermuda. It is cheaper and a major savings to the country to send them to prisons overseas. In 2010 …. “Defence lawyer Mark Pettingill said he had put forward the same proposal several years ago along with figures suggesting private U.S. prisons could be a cheaper option than incarcerating people locally.” ……. I pray that he moves on this now that he is the Atttorney General

  29. Mona Li$a (Simona) says:

    My names posted at the top im prolly the only person who has balls to do so! All ima say is none of people talking s$%t know Jahkeo Leshore! Dont know what the fu%^ his been through the past two years since the lost of his brother! Further more my cousin has a clean record! Never been to jail and his name has never been in this paper or any other paper before Yesterday! Age dont mean nothing either! Im 24 & when im in bermuda im with that boy day in and day out! Before you people go pointing fingers and judging take a long look at your lives! Innocent till Proven Guilty!

    • omg says:

      age doesnt mean anything sweatheart

      i believe the correct word is anything


      • Mona Li$a says:

        Out of all i said thats what you correct? You cant be serious!

        • omg says:

          well i wanted to start small, i didnt think your little mind could handle all of the correction in your rant!

    • Free says:

      And? All criminals have to start somewhere. Doesn’t mean he’s innocent. So unless you were with him day in and day out when he allegedly murdered this man-you can’t say he’s innocent either.

  30. Jonathan says:

    In order for gun violence in Bermuda to end, people need to stop supporting perpetrators of gun crimes. Just to be clear… silence = support.

    • Observant says:

      Amen!!! Parents, stop with the ‘not my boy, he’s a good Christian’ bit. Friends, if you have concerns about your friends being gang-related, SAY something!!! (The other gangs don’t care if YOU aren’t gang-related, BTW)
      Seriously, people, STOP burying your heads in the sand. We’ve had too many gun-related incidents/murders already for such a small place and it won’t be long before some REALLY innocent bystander gets hit…an elderly person, or a small child.

  31. m says:

    So are all of that are arguing family or friend if so why don’t help out of this so they don’t get lock up or died

    I’m sorry but I don’t can’t feel sorry for them if they lived that life style
    Like its simple
    Do you want to died or go jail choose wisely

  32. real talk says:

    Blah blah blah….

    Soon as somebody dies the first thing you fake a## b#tches say “oh he was such a wonderful young man he was so innocent” like shut the f#ck up you pokey Bermudians don’t know Nfn bout nobody….

    That’s all I have to say.

  33. WhistleBlower says:

    Sad! Sad day when you are innocent based on a CHARGE! He who feels it knows it! Who are were to JUDGE anything it is ALLEGED folks! Let the trial start and the evidence shown then see who is what okay folks. Stop ALL of the mindless attacks o each other and UNITE as a PEOPLE ALL of this is DESIGNED to TEAR PEOPLE and FAMILIES APART!!! The bottom line is NO ONE has the right to TAKE ANOTHER’S LIFE!!! Where is the togetherness that once HELD BERMUDIANS together???
    There is way toooooooo much VENOM in peoples MINDS and HEARTS O UR SPIRITS have become too TAINTED by ALL of the MURDERS in this country and WE as a people have to change!!
    Ask yourself what are you doing to make a difference to the drug trade in Bermuda? Corrupt police department? People LIFESTYLES not equalling their INCOMES? How much are WE turning a blind eye too???

  34. It doesn't matter says:

    To busy accusing and putting the innocent behind bars !

  35. RealTalk says:

    If these two pu$%^holes did this lock them Bxtch Ass N^%$z Up!!! F&^% themm str8! I dont rate cowards!

  36. Mona Li$a, I agree with you, f^&* what people hear,write or chat. Bermuda is in a sad state. Police don’t have nothing for any guys or families members that comes from 42 or Somerset. If you notices when a Parkside gang gets shot the police finds that person or peoples right away. If someone gets shot from 42 or Somerset it get sweap under the carpet. f&^% this System str88 up and those big shots that’s behind the scene your days are number. meaning the lord don’t sleep and you will get expose soon to come.

    • What? says:

      Don’t bring west in this. If you’re defending 42nd, do that but don’t bring west in this. Carry on.

    • Namaste says:

      I strongly agree and see this trend myself. Bermuda wake up!!!!!

  37. bunk says:

    free harry buh. f%^$ what you heard! f#$% all you a$%^^& talking s&^% gwannnnn so!!!

  38. @ What? yes I’m bringing west in it cause its the truth like it or not. & don’t tell me who to defend when I commenting. who’s you, now I will carry on. who knows knows, and who don’t know just don’t need to know 4 true.

    • What? says:

      Count the amount of murders that’s happened to a west person compared to 42 guys. Still counting 42′s right? As I said, don’t bring west in this becaus there is very little or no truth at all to what you’re saying. Know what you’re talking about.

  39. Namaste says:

    If we all look clearly at all the cases its revenge from something waaaaaay back when. Bermuda brace yourselves. This is only the beginning. If no one researches or sees this trend we are doomed for a bloody bloody police state island. We need more peace love harmony and unity in our community. There is toooo much fire in these comments.

  40. @WHAT you don’t no what your talking about, been there and done it all, matter of fact Go gets some rest. U don’t no nothing baby talk of my line

  41. @ What you sound like a cop! you just dont understand the street life, so baby girl like I said get some rest u need to catch up on life and facts in bermy.

  42. So true on what ya saying living life in bermy and @ What, u just don’t really no nothing.

  43. Family says:

    Awww come on. Where is the love and support here? Do you slam a man when he’s down or do you show love and support? I don’t give a —- what a man has allegedly done, he’s still someone’s child and someone’s cousin and family. Ok Darion, we’re family and I love you no matter what. So for all you cowards out there who have nothing else to do but throw blame and slander, get over it. This is family and we’ll always be family!!! Hold your head up. Can’t break your stride now … do you!!!

  44. OT# says:

    Free Swag & Free Harry Hold yuh heads

  45. butterpie says:

    Free my baby KEO!!! love you baby :) miss you baby :) xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxo