Police Seeking Wolde Gardner [Now In Custody]

December 28, 2012

[Updated] The police said they are “seeking to speak” with Wolde Gardner [pictured] as a “matter of urgency” in relation to the murder of Malcolm Augustus.

The police said Mr. Gardner is urged to contact them, and also asked anyone knowing his whereabouts to contact the police or Crime Stoppers.

Mr Augustus, 20, was shot on the St George’s golf course just after midnight on Christmas Day.

A 24-year-old George’s man was arrested that same day on suspicion of murder, and yesterday the police said they believe at least two other men were involved.

This afternoon a police spokesperson said: “The Bermuda Police Service is seeking to speak with Mr. Wolde Gardner as a matter of urgency in relation to the murder of Mr. Malcolm Augustus.

“Mr. Gardner is urged to make contact with Detectives from the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1185 or on the main Police number 295-0011.

“Anyone knowing how to contact Mr. Gardner or knowing his whereabouts is also urged to make contact with the Police at the above numbers or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

Update 8.45pm: The police confirmed that Mr Gardener is now in police custody, and thanked the public for their assistance in this matter.

Update Dec 29: It is understood another male the police sought to speak with in relation to the murder of Mr Augustus left the island on a flight to the UK on Dec 27th.

Update Jan 2 2013: Wolde Gardner has been charged with the murder of Malcolm Augustus.

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  1. Loquatz says:


  2. Catch 22 says:

    Check outgoing flights

  3. Will says:

    well the good thing about putting these ‘Contact Us’ photos up is if they don’t then they clearly know something or committed the alleged crime. We should use this tactic for every violent crime on this Island.

    • KMA!!! says:

      Funnny you say that…Why is it they publish photos of persons they want for a Pside getting popped off??? SMFH… That should send a bell off in ya head right there!!! The police are — this lil boys and allowing them to do whatever they feel when they feel. Thats why they think they can go anywhere and do anything.

  4. omg says:

    well i guess he aint going out 2night

  5. On the Lookout says:

    That doesn’t look like a graduation photo?

    • Out of flight says:

      That is so funny. Not a graduation photo.
      Cute name. High expectations but the name, the ear-rings and the baggy pants don’t make a man. Hard work, guidance and ability. Then pass the exams to graduate.

  6. Well I will say that this is sure a whole new approach.

    • Out of flight says:

      Why didn’t the country listen to you and that guy Fubler from Dockyard when you said there were guns in Bermuda and gangs.

      • The same reason why they keep targeting young black males and wont do a sweep into some suit and ties homes and offices.as long as they can keep us focused on the pain and not the root of the pain we will continue to cover the ass of the one that needs to be hung upside down.

        • Claudio says:

          What is the demographic of the people who do majority of the crimes?

        • agood job says:

          Mr santucci..really??? So you really think that is ttge answer to rhe problem. People like you make me laugh. Guys like you look the way at their “boys” hanging out on the walls and dev dock all day and urge them not ro better themselves. Idle minds lead to no good my friend!
          Do the guys in the shirts and ties hold the keys to their minds???
          Are they weak. No, just idle . Keep giving them an excuse and they will never rise up and be men and father figures. Instead they will always be thungs and punks.

          • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

            @ agood job . . .I think you missed the point here. To bring guns and ammunition into the island first and foremost requires money, real money since these guns have to be being bought on the black market . . .the guys sitting on the dock that you refer to do not have that sort of collateral to imposrt the guns and ammunition, so therefore they must have financial backing from somebody or persons who have that kind of money (amount).

          • Webster says:

            agoodjob, Santucci changes like the wind !!!he makes all kind of allegations but has never backed them up.

          • REALLY?! says:

            Try Spellcheck

          • Richard says:

            Well said Agood Job well said sorry but live in the area with these cat mainly Parkside and Middle Town went times where good and there where jobs out there they didn’t want any job or to better themselves now it the system fault sorry not buying it my friend. And as far as the guns go the financial backing your talking about is our own. In BDA we try to act like where so clean let be real I said it before this island was built on drug money with there links in every part of government let in the drugs and guns as well. why don’t we check to see how many of have two or three house that don’t match their salary lol

  7. Limey says:

    As its the end of the christmas holidays and pantomine season is over, all i can shout is – ‘LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!”

  8. sooooo says:

    Come on guys… Do you think the police would “ask him to call” or for that matter advertise this guy all over the news if they wanted to lock him up…

    • Bermy Girl says:

      I agree sooooo. This is a new tactic from the police. I really dont think he is the prime suspect. Maybe a key witness.

      • Soooooo says:

        Or the next target….. My first thought, but didn’t want to add that to the mix…

    • RawOnion says:

      This strategy is often used in the U.S.A. Flood his picture to the community forcing him either into hiding or to come clear himself. If he is guilty of something then whomever he is with may also encourage him to turn himself in.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Yes, I’m sure they only want him to assist with their inquiries.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      That may be so and I agree whole heartedly…….
      However, I have a problem with the posting of his picture….IF (noticed I said IF) he knows something he may or may not want to share and IF the preps perceive him as a “threat” he maybe in danger….

      While it maybe perceived by some as a good tactic it definitely has its pros and cons…

      Let’s hope this new practice doesn’t lead to more violence…….

      • One gentleman quoted quite clearly…….”By any means necessary……”. That too has it pros/cons/informers……So who is above the law? Not one?

  9. Just askin says:

    Where’s Wolde?

    • Pitts Bay says:

      Where in the world is Wolde? (Waldo?)?

    • Theres Waldo says:

      good lord, if there was ever a time for a ‘Like’ button on Bernews, now would be the time…hahahahaha…good luck finding Waldo in Bermuda (not being racist)

  10. fedup says:

    lock his ass up! we the people of st.georges young and old do NOT like or want him around us and/or our children!

    • Will says:

      is he a known trouble maker in your area? Would be good to hear. Also if anyone else has information on people in your area that are known problems then please tell the public so we can avoid them and the area they live in. Thanks

    • Simple!!! says:

      @fedup – speak for yaself. Clown

  11. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Release the hounds !!

  12. Get Ready says:

    Yes, let talk Wolde!, ha! Please call…

    • Out of flight says:

      He is probably on line that that other guy who escaped and was using facebook.

  13. MJ says:

    Looks like “A 24-year-old George’s man” has started to talk !

  14. Surf's up! says:

    Good…put his mug shot out there. Small island!!

  15. joy says:

    FUGITIVE ON THE RUN…. CHECK AIRPORTS, CARGO SHIPs, and every other way to get off the island.

    if the police are putting his name on alert like this, it means his a serious threat of jumping ship and catching the next means off the island.

  16. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    if he does not show up asap….then the others can say it was he who pulled the trigger, then he cant show up…if he’s innocent, then he should be in contact with the police soon…i know i would.

  17. Aware says:

    Funny how when its a parkside guy that gets murdered, they seem to get the killers on point & on time

  18. MAAAAAAAN says:


  19. smh says:

    U shouldve followed ya farthers footsteps n went sold fish sandwhiches. Hopefully I can c u before the feds do ;)

  20. Judge Dredd says:

    “I ain’t scared of you mother£u©k€®$” (Bernie Mac quote)
    Everybody if you see Bernie Mac it’s not Bernie Mac, call de police ok!

  21. poochie says:

    innocent till proven guilty, give him benefit of the doubt

  22. 80's Role Model says:

    East side n^%^as —- on others and their own..smh #297FAKE

    • Claudio says:

      What is exactly ‘real’ when it comes to a bunch of young men trying to emulate a foreign culture ‘usa gangsters’ who kill each other?

      You all are trying to be like the gangsters you see on BET… even using the term ‘ni**as is fake.. Bermudians don’t talk like that.

      • 80's Role Model says:

        Who’s tryna emulate foreigners doe? I ain’t watched BET since Tiger was in the basement..And jus cause you dont use the word doesnt mean bermudians dont talk like that.. so i guess um pose to talk like dis inna? lame ass n*****

        • Claudio says:

          Ya sers? first sagging pants, then tight pants, then for a min everyone had a Wiz Khalifa blonde patch etc… I bet if 2 Chains started wearing pink thongs most of the guys on the block wuld start wearing dem too.

          Whats real? Who’s real? Jokers I tell you – always trying to defend BS.

          • Will says:

            damn i remember when wearing socks up was gay, piunk shirts were gay, mohawks were gay…all it takes is someone on BET to rock the style and these guys pick it up here in a flash…but if a white kid were to do it back in the early 90s you were called gay..smh

  23. This ish is Crazy says:

    While this maybe a good way to get someone turn themselves in I honestly believe this Tactic will cause revenge n put people in danger.

  24. Claudio says:

    it’s amazing whenever people from a certain ‘group’ get killed police seem find a lead 85% of the time. Yet when members from that same group are behind certain murders they are never found.

    Interesting indeed.

    • Steven Gerrard says:

      Google him. Lovely boy.

      • tricks are for kids says:

        Google searching???…..that’s deep….

        • Will says:

          no seriously..google him..his name is in every database from here to the Caribbean as a ‘wanted’ man

          • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

            WOW “Will” . . .I googled him after reading your post and the only other info I found was a cannabis conviction. Most of what I saw was this blog of him being sought popping up . . .stop dramatizing!!! I also googled the victim in this case and his name came up . . .this whole thing smells like gang stuff all over again.

    • Interesting says:

      Well said Claudio… I’m wondering if a formal inquiry will ever be filed.

    • nana/mom says:

      thats true

  25. The Truth says:

    Poochi stfu!

  26. funny says:

    Since when police do this why they never did this for any of the other murders? Interesting tactic you parkside guys are feeling how it feels fastest um ever seen the police try to act hmmmm lol

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Why would Parkside feel someway?

      • What? says:

        Act like you know please

        • tricks are for kids says:

          @ what I DO KNOW….I guess YOU’VE.never heard of sarcssm…..
          Many of you come on here and ATTACK the wrong people…..my son too has been a victim of the park side prics….so yeah I KNOW…

          • What? says:

            Please learn the meaning of “attack” before you use it. I
            Said five words. “act like you know please” how is that an attack? Make sense.

            • tricks are for kids says:

              If you are able to read with understanding you would see that you alone were not singled out….hence the use of the word :MANY….apologies in advance if YOU took it personal….
              If you read many of the commrnts you would SEE the verbal ATTACKS to which I refer.

  27. reall doe says:

    you people have some ignorant comments just shut up.

  28. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Hopefully another wannabe gangbanger off de streets!

  29. ijsye says:

    Finally someone else realizes how fast someone gets locked up for a parkside murder but when someone from west or 42 gets shot that stays a mystery!! Police bend over backwards for the P%^$#.Sucking.Cowards!! Then they wonder why we have this war continuously going on because you taking the innocent when you know who’s guilty!!! Free all my n&^%$ doin time stay up OG Cox

  30. Will says:

    tell the UK authorities…seriously once he is off the plane Immigration can detain him and send him right back on the next flight
    and now it is clear that the person who did flee is —

  31. why isn’t the other guy’s picture up to, that’s not right and why would they put this guys picture up. He hasn’t been brought in guilty! oh forgot these guys must be a part of 42 and the guy that got shot was parkside. Well don’t — you think ya smart, but jah know’s and going to lick you you down.

  32. only in bda says:

    This is so wrong!!! Posting peoples pics before proven guilty of anything. Why they never post pics of Rapist or other people that’s wanted in connection to a murder??

    • nana/mom says:

      you are so right,think they have caused a lot of harm to his family

  33. SMFH...Fed Up With The BPS says:

    WoW…It Is Truly Unbelievable How The Police Are So Quick To React To One Of These Lil Parkside N%^$# Getting Murked But When It Comes To Others They Just Lay In The Cut…I Know None Of Them N^&%$ Is Making Money Like That To Pay The Man Off…So What Is It?…Why Are You Not Locking Parkside Up And Throwing Away The Key?…Police Officers Feel Free To Answer My Question…Or You Know What Better Yet How Bout The Commissioner…LMAO…Yah Right…hahahaha…Like That Would Ever Happen…SMFH…Do Something…Like Maybe Your Jobs

  34. granny says:

    Why are people so ready to judge, the police have made a grave mistake by posting this picture of the young man, he can bring harm to him or his family. how come the polioce did not post the man to borded the BA flight, just wondering, when is he coming back ,please put his photo on display like you did Wolde’s

  35. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    a bunch of sick and pathetic wannabe tough boys posting stupid comments as usual!

  36. Bermudian. says:

    Remember when we had that really smart chief of Police, I think his name was Jackson, not to long ago, who said there is no gangs in Bermuda,he now collects a Pension. Hmm.

  37. the family says:

    I pray to the good lord up above that they r wrong I was devastated when I got the phone call about my Nephew being murdered but I’m even more devastated to see that my nephew who is also the victims COUSIN has been picked up for it I’m sick to my stomach and I pray they are wrong

    • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

      Wow!!!! A double whammy for your family . . .hearfelt prayers to you and your family!!! Unfortunately, these youngsters don’t see and feel the pain that they bring to families!!

  38. family also says:

    It seems to that you all can not read, it clearly say’s Wolde is in police custody. So their not looking for him, it say’s there is another male who,left on a flight to the UK;who they would like to speak with.I don’t believe Wolde would shot his cousin. We all need to pray for our young black males.

  39. Umjussayin says:

    Ask Kenny Bascome? He stood with Kenny Bascome at the polls on election day! Interesting.

    Things that mmake you go hmmmmm! SMH

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      yes its that funny..whats the clown favorite saying “adults created children imitation” that was his pre election stance……He and the fprmer area M.P. both jokers… continue on Cornell Fubler…

  40. Really says:

    Where in the Wolde was he?

  41. bermy$hotta says:

    RIP Bubblas
    Who feels it knows it…

  42. The Ridiculist says:

    Sad for the family involved

  43. Glasshouse says:

    Who feels it knows it