BPSU Supports Anti-Corruption Legislation

January 19, 2013

Anti-corruption legislation is important because maladministration hampers the quality of public services and undermines confidence in public institutions, BPSU President Kevin Grant said.

Mr Grant was speaking in response to the legislation proposed by former Premier Alex Scott. Mr Scott served as an MP from 1993 – 2012, and was Premier from 2003 to 2006.

Mr Scott recently unveiled a proposed Anti-Corruption Act, and called upon Premier Craig Cannonier and Opposition Leader Marc Bean to support the “furtherance of the legislative progress.

“I read with interest the article regarding former Premier Alex Scott’s proposal to bring legislation forward to address corruption and poor governance,” said Mr Grant. “Political ramblings will have people questioning why, when and who is bringing it to the forefront.

“But does it really matter? Isn’t this something that most certainly needs to be implemented? This is not something that should be kicked about like a political football; this needs to happen.

“This legislation is important because maladministration not only hampers the efficiency and quality of public services, it also undermines confidence in public institutions,” continued Mr Grant.

“Integrity in any organization is important in establishing good practices and transparency which is certainly appreciated by the public we serve.

“Unions have a role to play in that we must be vigilant in assisting in the exposure of corruption. Unionized workers within the public sector are ideally placed to bring attention to maladministration or corruption however; civil servants must not be penalized by any detriment to their future employment or livelihood.

“The BPSU wholeheartedly supports this important legislation but believe that there should be caveats within this legislation that protect the worker and puts the country first without any political agenda,” concluded Mr Grant.

The Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] represents more than 3,500 white-collar members within Government, quasi-Government and private sector businesses.

Saying he found it “curious” Mr Scott was not able to bring similar legislation when he was Premier for three years, Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy said the Government agrees that stronger laws should be enacted to address corruption, and noted the One Bermuda Alliance committed bring forward the Integrity in Public Office Legislation in its election platform.

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  1. Balanced Facts says:

    This is the biggest JOKE of all, a former PLP Premier who sat in the House for 14 years and the only thing he said about corruption was “Legislation of this type will taint Bermuda as a Jurisdiction.” Whats changed? PLP are OUT and now Scott has the audacity to start pontificating about Anti-Corruption Legislation!!! Really? Ignore the irrelevant Opposition OBA and lead by example showing them how a capable and qualified Government should behave!

  2. Longtail says:

    As always, Kevin Grant is a voice of reason. Too bad Alex Scott didn’t see the light when he was premier, or anytime before the plp was ousted. Amazing what happens when the clock stops ticking – a bit like Lance Armstrong, who waited just a few days after the statute of limitations was up to say he was misleading us all along! One would have had a lot more respect for Alex Scott if he said this BEFORE the last election!

  3. Webster says:

    Alex Scott just needs to come out and tell us what he knows !!!!! be a man Scott.

  4. KEMH says:

    They need to apply this to KEMH and MAWI. Corruption there is rampant!!! We Staff are SICK and TIRED of it. People complain about we staff there. But they fail to realize we are human too. And we do our best to put on a happy face. But you try being abused at work by management and can’t even leave and go elsewhere as the economy is horrible. I hope the OBA cleans up KEMH. Too much soap opera type foolery goes on there and that 5th floor is corrupt!

  5. Bobmarlin says:

    OBA introduce anti corruption legislation,and you will win the next election.Do not,and you will lose!

  6. Richard Osborn says:

    Your march to the Hill is remembered with respect.

    Too scared, connected or busy making money can’t say everyone showed.

    But, you did.
    May God bless you fir your courage and integrity, Mr. Grant.

    “One would have had a lot more respect for Alex Scott if he said this BEFORE the last election!”, writes Longtail.

    If Mr. Scott had shared his Anti Corruption Act before the Election 2,000 people would not have abstained.
    And a lot of people might have voted PLP.

    The OBA would not be the Government today if Mr. Scott’s Act had been adopted by the PLP.

    The PLP in its caucus would not commit to it, which tells us all we need to know.

    Mr. Scott did the right thing.

    Let’s see if the OBA will “lead by example” with a worthwhile Act of Parliament, as “Balanced Facts” says.

    We all have hope so.

    For as long as no Anti Corruption Act is passed associates of office holders can be positioned to get
    - commissions,
    - kick backs,
    - shareholdings,
    - consulting arrangements
    - benefits

    Selling of offices, permits and licences, contributions for favors, etc, etc in various ways are not illegal.

    That is NO JOKE.

    OBA Policies are great- but OBA and PLP platforms both say NOTHING about an Anti- Corruption Act.

    There is one of these Acts in every country in the Globe except for Bermuda.

    This has been costly omission to some people’s way of thinking.

    You know it strikes me that making assumptions and dumping on Mr. Scott for his initiative is not only ungracious it is certainly counterproductive with voters who expecting a change.

    Just as you call on Mr. Scott to “man up” Webster try signing your name or calling on your MP to bring in legislation.

    Why don’t you direct your hate blogs elsewhere – Alex Scott was the one decent Premier PLP had and so far as one can tell he has been out, on the backbench in the PLP’s Siberia, since the arrival of Dr. Brown with enough concerts, travel binges, golf courses, and of course ruinous capital projects, to clean out Bermuda’s bank account.

    Pass the Act and be done with the talking.

  7. longtail says:

    Anti-corruption legislation, Pati, human rights for all, extend the ombudsman’s powers to include MP’s…. what else is on the wish list?