‘Public Officers Are Entitled To Due Process’

January 19, 2018

“Civil servants and public officers are entitled to due process and should never be exposed to the vagaries of a political witch hunt,” BPSU General Secretary Edward Ball said.

BPSU TC Jan 19 2018

BPSU General Secretary Edward Ball said, “The Union takes exception to the recent comments made in the public domain by some politicians and others that attempt to give a broad brush characterisation and spin to denigrate the role and function of officers in civil and public service.

“Civil servants and public officers are entitled to due process and should never be exposed to the vagaries of a political witch hunt or campaign of belittlement, defamation and vilification. Nor should civil servants and public officers be scapegoated for the purposes of political expediency.

“For good governance and constitutional reasons, civil servants and public officers are, on a regular basis, held to account for their performance and effectiveness, and are committed to the principle of openness and transparency as outlined in the Public Service Commission Regulations, Conditions of Employment and Code of Conduct.”

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  1. somuchless says:


  2. facts of the rock says:

    Ed Ball,GROW UP and get your head out of the sand and quit lying to joe public,not all of us are deaf, blind and bloody stupid!

    • Onion Juice says:

      UBP had a free for all since day 1, get used to it.

      • nerema says:

        the usual moronic nonsense reply

        • facts of the rock says:

          is that the best you got,telling the truth about people like you really gets under ya skin huh!

      • facts of the rock says:

        plp gonna leave you guys with NOTHING and then the Banks gonna grab ya house n car and toss ya all out on the street,meanwhile you brainwashed fools sing n dance and wear green and adore everything your plp/biu masters tell you.

  3. Mark says:

    Would he have made the same statement if it was plp politicians saying it? Me thinks not

  4. Onion says:

    The BPSU has become completely political. Sad.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Same as Chamber of Commerce,remember acegirl sitting off on de porch down Front Street when workers were marching made rude remarks?

      • Onion says:

        Remember that she lost her job over it.

      • Zevon says:

        She lost her job for “making rude remarks”. I know you had forgotten that, because you live in a world where jobs are guaranteed for life no matter how rude you are.

  5. nerema says:

    Suddenly they’re worried about “due process”? When did this happen?

    What ‘due process’ is he talking about? When someone expresses an opinion, and as long as it’s not defamatory, there is no reason to prevent an opinion from being expressed. There is no other “due process”.

    And a lot of people, Bermudians who live here and pay taxes through the nose to employ these people in their well-paid and secure civil servant jobs, apparently hold the same opinion.

    If Ed Ball wants to help “due process” maybe he could bear that in mind next time his union decides to illegally block Parliament and prevent the elected Government from doing their job.

  6. Telling it like it is says:

    AND Taxpayers are entitled to Value for money and according to the COI we are getting anything but from our yet to be accountable senior civil servants. Why should that be any different under a new Government?

    • aceboy says:

      No kidding. They came to the conclusion that a bunch of senior Civil Servants were simply unqualified to do the jobs they were appointed to perform. I suspect they are still there.

  7. boo freaking hoo says:

    This is laughable–the same people that are moaning now would be the first to go after the private sector with a grip or a whinge about how international business and companies cause all of Bermuda’s whoas.

    Grow up sunshine!

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    My my, looks like the higher ups in the civil service have had a a few meetings to plan an attempt to defend themselves. Wonder if these meetings were held on Taxpayer time? You can bet your booties that they were.

    • wahoo juice says:

      Well at least they did something on taxpayers time. You would think that perhaps they could stop and ask themselves why the people who pay them are incensed when they do not get value for money. Shame.

  9. Sorry Sir says:

    Typically these press releases would come from the president of the BPSU.

    I guess Hayward thinks we’re stupid enough to think that we don’t know he’s still running things over there…

    The BPSU has turned into a farce.

  10. sandgrownan says:

    oh poor Ed Ball….he needs to grow a pair.

  11. Y-Gurl says:

    Why is it they feel like they can do what they want, honestly or otherwise, can do a dismal job in the solving of criminal acts, use chemicals during peaceful protests, and are allowed to cry foul when criticized by the taxpayers, you can’t do a bad job Most of the time and not be judged on poor or no performance, we have the right to state the obvious without you crying about witch hunts

  12. Joe Bloggs says:

    Unfortunately, I must disagree with the majority of comments so far. There is nothing Ed Ball said in the article above that I would disagree with.

    Civil Servants are people and are entitled to the same rights as all other people.

    • Rocky5 says:

      This is so laughable!! What did the BPSU say when PLP GOVT frog marched Dr. Freddie Evans off the job last year – NOTHING, NADA!!!

  13. Rocky5 says:

    This statement clearly demonstrates – “PLP/BPSU in lock-step together” which should make Bermudians more concerned about the Politicization of our Civil Service than ever before!

  14. Lloyd Van putten says:

    So what happened to Dr Freddie Evans.

  15. Ringmaster says:

    These accusations seem to be directed against the comments made by a certain ex Premier who derided the Minister of Health because of lower costs, so benefiting Bermudians? It’s hard these days to know when reduced costs that benefit Bermudians is good, as they seem to be bad if it affects the wrong person.

  16. Respect is earned says:

    Respectfully. I think the thrust of these comments represent the simple premise that respect is earned and is not an entitlement.

    There are many civil servants that are exemplary employees and go to work each day with the hope that their contribution really does matter to the betterment of our country. Then there are others that are milking the system and know that their “rights” are protected.

    I say let’s celebrate those that actually show up wanting to make a difference but don’t ask us to respect the whole lot and the clingers that drag the whole system down.

    You Mr Ball do a deservice to those awesome civil servants by marginalizing them with the non performers and wasters of tax payers dollars.

    Blessings abound.

  17. Jobs For Life says:

    The headline should have read: “Public Servants are entitled”

  18. Axelrod says:

    Some senior civil servants in Bermuda, especially those in the senior positions in the Health Ministry/Department are socialists they simply do not believe in free enterprise! Their only belief is that free enterprise should be taxed and regulated as much as possible in order that the government be able to raise sufficient funds to pay their salaries, overly generous benefits, and travel expenses! Most of them have no experience in organisational management out side of government what so ever!