Woman Jailed After Assaulting Police Officer

January 8, 2013

Appearing in Magistrates Court on Monday [Jan 7], Ms Tenora Steede was sentenced to thirty days in jail after she pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawfully assaulting a Police officer.

Ms Steede, 22, faced three charges of unlawful assault and one charge of possessing an offensive weapon. She pleaded not guilty to two charges of assault and the charge of possession of an offensive weapon. All four alleged incidents arose out a family altercation in January 2013 that ended with Police being called in.

The Court heard that Ms Steede had allegedly attacked a relative with a fireplace poker. After Police had arrived, Ms Steede had assaulted the Police Constable who was dealing with the matter. Ms Steede spoke up and said: “If you attack me, what do you expect me to do? I’m going to defend myself.”

Before passing sentence on the one count to which she had pleaded guilty, Magistrate Archie Warner asked for her previous record to be read out. When the Magistrate referred to a previous conviction and incarceration, Ms Steede shouted out that he was lying about her.

In passing sentence, the Magistrate noted that on a previous Court appearance, Ms Steede had said: “She would do it again.”

The Senior Magistrate sentenced Ms Steede to 30 days, with the sentence commencing immediately. He also set a trial date of 5th March for the other counts and granted bail, after release from sentence, of $2,000 with a requirement for one like surety.

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  1. mixitup says:

    MAWI case?

  2. Xman says:

    The people of Bermuda no longer have the patience , tolerance , and reasoning that we once had.
    So many of our people have resorted to violence as if it solves problems.- due to lack of reasoning and
    a consistent state of rage.
    Not only do we have clean up the Islands economic problems ,crime,or national debt but we have to
    find a way to calm the minds of a good majority of Bermuda’s people.

  3. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    she should have been given much longer,the Magistrate was far too soft!

    • What we need to be doing is have the proper expertise within our facilities, to deal with people who find themselves in a position where anger management is the key issue.

      MAWI is not the place and neither is the co-ed facility or womens prison.we have to many that think throwing an individual in prison resolves the issue, when in most cases their are deep relative issues that go un touched.

      We put them in a revolving door system and show them there is no other alternatives or answers for them,then we expect them to do better and become a model citizen.so the real fools sit behind a desk with a degree attahed to their name,when they think justice is in a prison cell.

      • Come Correct says:

        I see what your saying but at the same time people need to do for themselves. You can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. How many times do you need to get locked up before you realize you need to make a change in yourself. Apparently she said she would do it again, so she clearly has no remorse and doesnt want to make a change, she likes the way she is. Then yelling at the magistrate and calling him a liar? Wayadumb? She must have been cute to get away with that one. On top of that she assaults a police officer and says she’s defending herself. You know what fixes that attitude? 60,000 volts coursing through your body. Before anyone says the police officer could have been aggressive or what not. From the moment she picked up a weapon, that officer has every right to defend the victim. She needs to watch her attitude, sounds like a real easy way to “accidentally” fall down some stairs or “bump” your head getting in the squad car lol. The name sounds familiar, isn’t ths the same chick that “slapped” an officer trying to search her belongings ouside St. Geo club? Once you’re known to the police you start making life really hard for yourself. At the end of the day she’s responsible for her actions.

  4. Joonya says:

    Model citizen. Bermuda is turning into one big Jerry Springer episode..

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Model citizen with the Bermuda attitude.

  6. SMH says:

    30 days (WTH) I agree with nuffin but de truth, should have been longer, a fire place poker is a dangerous weapon, it may not have a blade but it is pointy which can do some serious damage. bladed weapons are 3 years, a pointy one should be at least one year. She attacked her relative and assaulted the police officer and only gets 30 days.They should keep her until her trial date in March

    Just don’t understand this system.

    • cant fool me says:

      I thought the article said she has to go back court,after 30 days in jail to face more charges………SO WHAT THE F#@K DID U READ??????????WAH YA DUMB………..lolllllll

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        READ it again…Properly this time,then sit down and shut the eff up smuck!

  7. cant fool me says:

    Ppl talk so much sh%^ no wonder the place is how it is dumb f&^%$

  8. Liars says:

    nasty little — isn’t she

  9. Keep Fit says:

    No people talk so much s…. but instead of making a stand for whats right, they on her venting out like it is there problem. Its very obvious that Bermuda does not have the professionals in our Jails, MAWI, Drug Treatment center etccc. If we did then there will be know reason why once they come out of these facilites they return. So lets start questioning the Government as to how are they are going to fix this moving forward instead of bashing Judges, Police and the society on a whole. Everytime I read on this site it just shows how many negative minded ppl we really have on Island all ways ready to down press ppl comments and making a big argument out of nothing. We are suppose to be better than that but klike I tell ppl BB, Whats App, new technology is the mark of the beast which is destroying our economy.

  10. Y-Gurl says:

    Maybe it’s the police that need training on how to approach irate people, they sure need training on how to deal with law abiding people

  11. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Just had a discussion with a parent torn between getting her 13 year old child a video game that ‘all his friends have,’ and sticking to her guns because the game is rated ‘M’ for over-17s.
    Our children, and many of us adults, watch violent movies, play violent video games, watch violent TV shows, including Jerry Springer, and call it entertainment, not recognizing that this daily fare is slowly but surely reprogramming our brains and changing our sense of what is normal and acceptable behaviour. Even the children’s cartoons are full of characters who knock one another around.
    Surely I am not the only one who can see a correlation between what we watch and the increasing violence in our community.
    I am not advocating a ban on such fare. I know there would be an outcry, and such a ban would be totally unsuccessful anyway. I am also not saying that everyone who enjoys this form of entertainment will become violent…but those who are susceptible are at risk.
    I am only saying that we need to recognize that we are setting our own stage.