Trial Of Policeman Begins [Found Not Guilty]

November 30, 2015

Update: Inspector Carrington has been cleared of all charges

The trial of Police Inspector Emmerson Carrington, 49, got underway in Magistrate’s Court with Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo presiding.

In September of this year, the Inspector had plead not guilty to knowingly prejudiced a money laundering investigation contrary to section 47 of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Two senior police officers were required to take to the witness stand and were cross examined, and depositions from two other police officers were read-in. After this, Deputy Public Prosecutor Cindy Clarke said that the Crown’s case had been presented.

The evidence sought to explain the impact of key parts of a police document, which the Crown alleged demonstrated that the Inspector communicated to someone else.

Much of the information in the document had been collected by a police computer expert who had examined a Blackberry issued to and used by Inspector Carrington. The expert was said to have recovered a ‘What’s App’ message.

Inspector Carrington’s lawyer submitted that based on the evidence heard and read-in, his client had no case to answer. He argued that there needed to be proof that a specific act or actual action had actually occurred.

Ms Clarke, for the Crown, argued that the element of the offence required that the Inspector had to have knowledge of the police investigation into the financial affairs of another person and that the Inspector had then leaked or otherwise communicated that knowledge.

Magistrate Tokunbo said that he would hand down a ruling of the defence lawyer’s application on December 11th and adjourned the trial until that date. A number of uniformed police officers could be seen in the Courtroom as the proceedings took place.

According to the police website, Inspector Carrington joined the Bermuda Police Service on the 1st June 2003, after serving with the Royal Barbados Police Force for 17 years and attaining the rank of Sergeant.

He has served in several departments and units within the Service, including all three police stations, Criminal Investigations, Serious Crime, Community Action Team and Training School.

After Inspector Carrington was charged in September, Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes said, “A serving police officer appeared in Magistrates Court today charged with an offense in relation to an ongoing investigation.

“The officer is currently suspended pending the outcome of the Court Case. As this matter is now before the courts the BPS will have no further comment on this matter until the conclusion of the case.”

Update: Inspector Carrington has been cleared of all charges

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