Auto Solutions To Acquire HWP Auto Division

February 12, 2013

Auto Solutions Limited will be acquiring the assets of HWP’s Auto Division, it was announced today [Feb 12]. Auto Solutions will be led by businessman and OBA MP Glen Smith, and the target transition date is May 1st.

HWP said they are “pleased to state that existing HWP clients will have on-going sales and after service support for warranty, parts and service with the new dealer group.

“The new company will be managed by a service orientated team of individuals who have a proven track record of creating and operating successful companies in Bermuda,” a statement from HWP said.

Jonathan Brewin, President and CEO of the HWP Group commented, “Following a very difficult period when we have been challenged with the combined effects of a global recession along with the impact of the fire that occurred in 2011 it is exciting that this opportunity to reinvigorate the automotive business in Bermuda is taking place.

“Our objective is two-fold: to ensure that many of our valued employees are hired by the new company and that our clients enjoy a seamless service transition to Auto Solutions”.

The fire at HWP in August 2011:

HWP said the target transition date is May 1st, and the actual date will be communicated to the public over the next couple of months.

HWP anticipates no interruption to auto sales, service and parts support for existing and future clients, and noted that the continuous supply of new vehicles to Bermuda is part of the deal. Auto Solutions has placed vehicle orders in anticipation of opening with current car inventory.

The new company’s management team said they intend to “bring innovations to the automotive business in Bermuda and good job opportunities which will promote Bermuda’s economy.” The majority of HWP employees will be offered positions with the new company.

“This is an exciting opportunity for me to grow a business, which in the long term will result in creating jobs for Bermudians and setting a high standard of service to our client base”, Mr Smith commented.

Don Mackenzie, Chairman of HWP Group, “We have given this careful consideration and have not made this decision lightly. Seventeen months ago, the fire severely damaged our automotive business.

“Since then, the HWP team has worked tirelessly to resurrect the company in order to protect HWP’s staff and our clients. This path we have come to is our best option. Glen Smith and his investor group have the track record to protect our customers and will provide new opportunities for our loyal team”.

The new company will be operating out of the existing HWP premises. Once discussions are finalized, the public will be informed of more detailed plans for Auto Solutions. HWP will be working with the new company to ensure a smooth transition for HWP clients and suppliers. Discussions with HWP’s automotive suppliers are at an advanced stage.

The non-automotive operations of HWP Group, including the Rubis service stations on East Broadway and St. John’s Road will continue to operate. HWP represents Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Subaru, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mazda and Skoda.

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  1. UBP says:

    all in the plan,. obaubp win and all the forty thieves start investing their hoarded up funds. all in the plan. they get richer we get poorer

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Ummmmm……& this has exactly what to do with politics????

      Perhaps if you were so all-knowing & smart, you would be the one taking over the HWP group of companies.

      It appears that the current owners, for whatever reasons, have had enough & see it in their best interests to get out of the business.

    • media says:

      When people are confident they invest. The fact is that the PLP made anyone with money to invest very uncomfortable and that put the brakes on business activity. The OBA are more pro business and we are likely to see more business activity as a result. The upside for Bermuda is the creation of new jobs, so you should be happy rather than being jealous. Certainly for anyone without a job this is a positive development.

    • tired of the petty people says:

      What, you have a better idea of saving their employees jobs – if you do not know the people involved personally, you best not comment. They are good businessmen, who care about their employees. Yes, they want to make a profit – who doesn’t?!

      Go on, slam the OBA – its a cheap shot. Remember, Glen was on the door step asking what his constituents want, and he is staying true to his word. Never saw Paula – believe me, she deserved to lose by 97 votes …

    • Um Um Like says:

      Considering how much you seem to despise the ubp, I find it odd how you name yourself after them.

      I’m guessing you neither work at HWP nor own a car that was purchased from HWP. Keep yourself busy by continuing to envy the success of others while forgetting to question your own failures.

  2. Opressed says:

    Congratulations Glen & Co. I know you’ll do a great job with this.

  3. aubrey says:

    @”UBP” .I fail to see how investing in a struggling company and creating job opportunities is a negative thing.

    • UBP says:

      They invested after the they win the election and run things. This has nothing to do with confidence just power and keeping the wealth with the powerful.

      • Victor says:

        Would you prefer they not invest and another business is lost?

  4. Watching On says:

    Whose next?

  5. Not Fooled says:

    Not only is it the plan. I wonder how this was done, Likely to get out of some existing contracts and screw the employees.

    Won’t have anyone to stop them as they are in charge.

    Bermuda, Pay Attention.

  6. Not Fooled says:

    Note, the ASSETS, not the employees, or anything else, just the Assets…

    Crafty Indeed. Wonder how many people will lose their jobs and likely have reduced benefits because of this.

    Pay Attention Bermuda.

    • smile says:

      are you always this negative

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Would you hand over your millions without a say in who stays and who goes?

      I know that if I was buying that company, I would have been “shopping” there for a car or van, calling for and buying parts, taking my existing cars in for service and having my friends do the same. I would also have be testing the management to see how effectively they handled complaints.

      Those that worked hard, were polite, were honest and punctual would be asked to stay and would not have a thing to worry about! Those that were rude, not helpful, listening to music, texting while working, or had a bad attitude would have something to be worried about right now.

      I trust the new management have done the same – wouldn’t you?

    • Deliverance says:

      take Econ 101 you fool

  7. Bobmarlin says:

    Congrats Glenn and Co. All the best on your new challenge. May you have a “landslide” of success!

    • Out n about says:

      Please be fair to the people who have invested in HWP over the years. They have made this an attractive offer for you, without them, this wouldn’t be yours. One person has put in decades and knows his area like the back of his hand. KEEP HIM ON.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    If this was a PLP MP the comments would be in the 100′s

  9. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Mackenzie and Brewin brought HWP to ruin . Now Glen Smith of the OBA has come to save the day . The ribbon cutting will be done by Cannonear , but only if Dunkeley is near .

    • Victor says:

      Iambic pentameter – that’s much better, but next time please space the lines correctly.

  10. BERR says:

    Suite Solutions, Auto Solutions. Glenn Smith, Don Mackenzie. Figure it out….

  11. Not Surprised says:

    OMG, getting pretty tired of the political conspiracy theorists!! Give it a rest alread! The purchase of business, ANY business, is a good thing for this country right now. Especially if it’s a local buyer, no matter the polictical allifliation. Never heard any BS from the peep gallery when the old government were lining their pockets and those of their friends. With this bloody attitude this country will never get any better no matter who is in power. Today I’m ashamed to say i’m Bermudian. Guess I finally hit capacity for BS. For the folks that want this country to do well, let the crazies ride the short bus on their own. Just ignore ignorant comments.

  12. Victor says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck Mr. Smith – a real investment of faith in Bermuda, Leadership with a capital L!

    And I’m pleased that old fox Brewin has landed on his feet yet again – back at the BHB where not much other than more waffling will happen with him running things. Only loser seems to be Mackenzie

  13. Y-Gurl says:

    Do I get a prize if I can guess where the next fleet of GP cars are going to come from?

  14. Happy expat says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice too see spike again gracing the
    Paint shop floor , grrrrrrrrrrr