Cahow Way Gate At Airport To Close Overnight

March 12, 2013

The Department of Airport Operations announced that the gate at the entrance to the L.F. Wade International Airport located on Cahow Way will be closed nightly effective March 18th, 2013.

The hours of closure will be from midnight to 5am. Anyone needing assistance can contact Airport Security Police on 299 4846 and signage is posted on the gates with this information.

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  1. umm says:

    any reason why? that atm is quite handy

  2. Liars/Truth says:

    oh god now we are going to have rely on a bermudian to open the gate every morning….this should be good for the early flights…LOL

  3. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    anyone would think we live in an High Security Police State…

    this is waste of time and the gate was a waste of Bermudian’s Money.

  4. if you would only think says:

    Bermudians need to come into the 21st century. We are high security, high risk Island.
    You dont think so becuse everything is not your business. The minute something changes you all have a comment. Reaally how many of you even care that the gate will be locked.

    It is just that you have to reply to everything. The minute something happens t Bermuda’s only Airport that happens to be an interntional one you will be like OH they should have done somthing before now.

    Think before you type.

    If an expat was responsible for the opening of the gate you will have something else to say. GET OVER YOURSELVES and yes a bermudin will be responsible for opening the gate, isnt that whaat you have been screming for. BERMUDIANS TO DO MORE JOBS.

  5. thunk says:

    Maybe they are cutting back on security services and will just lock the gate instead of having guards on site.

    • if you would only think says:

      Do you really know how ignorant that sounds, especially in this day and age like really.

      Airport security is the one area that has no staff cutbacks, at least not the airport security police.

  6. lock it up says:

    the logic behind this is to stop the dirty people that go and dump trash overnight. it makes for a eyesoar and is illegal