Northrock & Logic Communications Amalgamate

April 26, 2013

Logic Communications and North Rock Communications announced today [Apr 26] they have agreed to amalgamate their businesses. The amalgamated entity will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of KeyTech Limited, and they said this amalgamation will result in “more investment in new products and superior customer service.”

“We are creating a stronger and more capable service provider out of two very complimentary businesses,” said Lloyd Fray, CEO of KeyTech. “This transaction will be beneficial for consumers and corporate clients. We are going to use our combined strengths in the market to deliver new products, better service, enhanced value, and more choice for our customers.”

“With the new Integrated Communications Operating Licenses that are being issued by the Regulatory Authority we recognized that we could be in a more competitive position and deliver greater value for our customers as a combined business,” commented Vicki Coelho, General Manager of North Rock Communications.

With the merger the company will trade under the name of Logic Communications Ltd., but will continue to operate initially under both the existing Logic and North Rock brands.

Vicki Coelho, CEO of North Rock Communications, will assume the role of CEO of the amalgamated Logic Communications Ltd. There will be no service disruptions to any customers and the combined entity will honor existing agreements, service plans, and pricing.

Mr. Fray continued, “We are confident that, as we grow the service and product offerings, more and more customers will recognize the enhanced value. The combined businesses will allow for more efficient use of capital and funding for investment in new technologies and services. Customers will continue to enjoy residential Internet, Wireless Access, Local Telephone, and Long Distance services. Business customers will continue to have their dedicated Internet, MPLS, colocation, mail and web hosting.”

Over the next several weeks Logic and North Rock said they will communicate closely with customers, employees, and other stakeholders, to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.

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  1. slow potato says:

    Less choices for the consumers is always a good thing, I can’t wait. Imagine an extended outage like northrock are famous for now affecting logic customers. THIS WILL END WELL!!!!!

    • Pickup says:

      I was just about to switch to Northrock. I have been a long time (very, very long time)customer of Logic – every since they started as IBL. Just recently a friend pointed out to me that the rates advertised on Logics website were only for NEW customers or customers willing to sign a contract for 2 years. I checked my bill and found that she was correct. I was paying the same advertised rate as a 6MB (which is disgustingly high) but my bill has me listed at 4MB. When I called them, I was told the 6MB service was for new customers only, UNLESS I was willing to sign a 2 year contract. As a long time customer, I was offended that they would treat a new consumer better than an existing customer especially when you consider that even though I pay for 4MB I usually only get between 1-3MB of service. They were not willing to give me the upgrade -so I was going to give my business to Northrock. I guess I will wait for Link.

  2. Billy Mays says:

    Same crappy service, new higher prices.

    • Pickup says:

      I agree, I just wish the Dept of Telecom would make it so that if the ISPs offer 4MB and you pay for 4M that you should get 4M. Not this BS about 4MB only during off peak times? Can you image in BELCO did the same ? 110V during the day when you are not home….but at night when you need it they told you sorry, its peak – high traffic time – you should be happy with 55Vs! We know its not enough for you to get those bulbs bright, but hey try again in the morning when less people are using electricity.

      Minister of Telecom and CONSUMERS. Please – lets make the ISPs accountable! If they advertise 10MB then they must have the network and equipment in place to offer 10MB consistently during PEAK hours! If you cant deliver – then you should be able to charge for it!

  3. Loquatz says:

    Well, the new telecoms regime made it inevitable that consolidation will occur. Transact/FKBnet’s already gone, along with M3. By my recknoning this leaves TBI the odd man out.

  4. BIGGADON says:


    • Luis Suarez says:


      This is terrible news, PLEASE someone give us some choices and end this RIDICULOUS monopoly. Does this mean my bills will go even higher? Surely there is somewhere to go? I hate them.

  5. dmr says:

    Wow! Really Northrock!!! Very disappointed with that bit of news!!! Service levels will decline as there will be no competition!

  6. Good Stuff says:

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! :’(

  7. swing voter says:

    so instead of 3 ISP companies we’re now down to 2 (Logic & Transact). Perhaps the other carriers will offer better rates once the ICOL is issued. yeah right!

    • Amazed says:

      Not really, we can expect both TBI and LINK to jump into the residential market now. Previously they could only provide services to businesses.

  8. Y-Gurl says:

    Sounds like a good move for us the Internet public, surely out of two fairly good companies will come one good one, lets wait and see I guess

    • Oh NO! says:

      One fairly good company + one very greedy one = one very greedy company

  9. Mike says:

    So when Northrock were taking about offer cell phone service, they were talking about offering it through CellOne.

  10. Brace yourselves says:

    Link Bermuda is coming….

    • Truth (Original) says:

      I can’t wait.

      • Watch out now! says:

        Link Bermuda will force Logic-Rock (Logic\Northrock) to reduce the rates and offer better services.

        Link is huge and they will bring options to Bermuda that will be a game changer (fingers crossed and hope this happens)!

        I was shocked when I saw this but knowing Link is coming what other choice did they have?

        Let see what happens!

  11. Blah says:

    Someone remind me again why we have to pay two different companies for one service? Whether its Logic & BTC or Logic & Cablevision. That never made a lick of sense to me.

    • woah says:

      Its the law unfortunately. Change is coming soon!

    • Mike says:

      BTC and Cablevision are internet access providers
      Logic is the internet service provide.

      By the way… all of them are owned by KeyTech.

      • media says:

        Not quite – KeyTech own 30% of CV, not the whole thing…

    • Billy Mays says:

      @Blah, you are absolutely right. Among the many senseless, stupid things in Bermy, that’s the stupidest.

  12. Wait your turn says:

    Wait your turn BDA

    YOu need to get screwed out of an additional $100 per month, per household in the name of improved service that wont materialise, watch and see.

  13. campervan says:

    Population of 58,000 and dropping. Not enough customer base, mergers and price rises are the order of the day for survival.

    • Pickup says:

      There are areas with fewer people and better, less expensive service!

  14. Um Um Like says:

    This move is definitely Frayed. Talk about pulling a Rabbit out of a hat!

  15. Ben Dover says:

    58,000 people is a small town in Ohio. We are lucky anyone bothers with this market.

  16. Oh NO! says:

    What a disaster.
    Northrock at least provided service. Now we’re screwed.
    Logic / BTC / Keytech is just going to screw everyone they can for as much as they can for as long as they can, and that’s why I didn’t get my service from them. Now I have no choice, but those people don’t care.

    Roped in to be ripped off.

  17. Opressed says:

    Piss poor service will now get worse and the price will go through the roof! Such a shame.

  18. Miami Dolphin says:

    TBI -Digisell,anyone??

    • media says:

      Sounds about right. For them to stand a chance of survival.

  19. keytech= BTC,Logic,Northrock and cell one!!people watch your prices go up even more now, a bunch of leaches i tell you!!lets see how many will lose jobs in the future??So much for having a choice in Bermuda..

  20. bigcat says:

    Only one local company left; others are Jamaica/Irish and Halifax EH

  21. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    I happy with my logic service compared to northrock

  22. SoMuchMore says:

    i am still trying to figure out how northrock put in an application the other day to offer cell phone service and a few days later they partner with logic.

    there must be some rules in place that they could do this independently but after joining logic they won’t be able too. anyone can explain this?

  23. Voter says:

    I prefer northrock. Not happy with this.

  24. Come On Man says:

    Companies merge to become stronger I hope the rates drop to a more reasonable price. But the greedy b@#tards won’t do that. So the consumer won’t benefit from it anyway.

    • Pickup says:

      The customer base of two companies – less needed for advertising. Less office space and less equipment, less staff should equal lower prices – OR at least more for the same price. Somehow I doubt it will happen.

      • Billy Mays says:

        @Pickup, you’re very funny.

  25. Really says:

    The worst news I heard all week :(

  26. Mad Dawg says:

    The population has shrunk. Companies of all types will have to merge, reorganise, or whatever it takes to stay competiive. Thank the you-know-who.

  27. Hrmm says:

    Most of you don’t realize how much it cost to get a underground cable to go across the Atlantic Ocean shore to America and how much it cost to maintain that cable. What about repairs to a cable 1000ft below. What about the cost that ISPs have to pay for off island bandwidth so you can watch your HD movies on Netflix and boycott the local cable company. understand that everything here isn’t always expensive because someone is trying to rip you off.

    • swing voter says:

      most cable systems pay for themselves in 3 years or less. Please don’t make excuses for the top 1% that hold all the cards

  28. Victor says:

    That nice man Mr. Denis O’Brien needs to come in and sort this out just like he did with Digicel – google Moriarty and O’Brien.

  29. Tony Brannon says:

    HERE is the BOTTOM LINE….
    The Telecommunications under the former Bermuda Government was a complete DISASTER. There was and is NO WAY all these ISP’s can survive. The former Governments hatred of Cable & Wireless resulting in the propping up of all these ISP’s by ordering that Cable & Wireless & TBI could not sell into the domestic/home market was outrageous……BERMUDA has suffered the highest RIP OFF INTERNET PRICES anywhere in the world. It is indeed an outrage that we have all paid INSANE FEES for crap speeds.
    In Bermuda we pay insane fees for CABLE / INTERNET / CELL You name it.

    Until the day comes when we all see a BUNDLED CABLE/INTERNET package with high speed for under $ 50 a month I will continue to maintain that we are ALL being collectively RIPPED OFF……

    IMO…The merger is all about survival, and getting the owners of Northrock out without a loss….. I saw this day coming on DAY ONE….
    SO many mistakes and bad government policy and indeed “SELF INTEREST” by some politicians created a “WEB” that screwed the public !!

    • Verbal Kint says:

      Agreed and we still don’t have a good idea where the regulation currently stands or where it is going. Too many questions, not enough answers. With the population so small the regulation needs to be bulletproof to keep one entity from strangling competition.

    • Come On Man says:

      @Tony: I couldn’t have said it better myself. The cost for these services is beyond criminal. And they don’t seem to be controlled

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Tony you forgot it was under the former government that the robbery prices of the likes of the ISP as well as C&W was broken down tremendously. C&W was charging over $1 a minute for long distance then the minister of the time (Renee Webb) fought to stop that & the prices dropped to less then $0.20 a minute. The same minister also broke the ISP prices where they where charging over $100 per month for dial up & worked on introducing DSL connections for cheaper then what ISP where previously charging for dial up. If you really want to bring up about rip offs why not bring up one of the biggest of them all in the form of our local electrical utility company.

  30. Really says:

    Oh that’s great now make us feel privileged to get overpriced basic service Internet! Oh look digicell has a brochure in my mail box today when service providers screw up the customer moves on even at a higher price why because we are willing to pay for quality

  31. Bermuda Boy says:

    Monopoly Bermuda’s foundation!!!!!

    Keytech and another doctor will be running Bermuda soon.

  32. Malachi says:

    They can name the new entity “No-Lo”!

    • Come Correct says:

      I think “logicock” is more suiting.

      • Pickup says:

        I was thinking NO-LOGIC would be a good name.

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          @ pickup, I was thinking the same thing… LOL..

  33. Watch out now! says:


    I love my northrock customer service!!

  34. Winnie Dread says:

    Oh so now Key Tech has cornered the entire market, well almost just check the entities that falls under thier umbrella. Anyhow the service is still crappy in reference to northrock…….

  35. frank says:

    bermuda is too small for all these little players to servive remmember when c&w had the only lond distance cable and were bleading us dry now wehave cable company (keytech)the merger of m3 and cellular one now cellone (keytech)tbi long distance just a merger tbi and btc(keytech) so that wiil leave wow and digicel fighting to stay alive. i almost forgot cable vision 30% owned by keytech all in all looks like the doctor is slill calling the shots.

  36. Noel Ashford says:

    This is a bad idea… This is why other more mature countries have anti trust laws. No competition = no reason to offer decent speeds at a decent price. Bermuda internet is such a joke compared to the civilized parts of the world. They should be ashamed to offer what they do… in the US i get 50 down, 25 up for 25$. Cant say i miss Bermuda in this regard…

    • Come On Man says:

      You are so right Noel this is what happens when we elect business men to run our country. They will allow it when it suits their interest.

  37. Opressed says:

    TELCO was always one of the worst run monopolies in Bermuda, the BIU didn’t help matters either.

  38. swing voter says:

    Service has never been of importance to KeyTech. Will forever be a old skool big business owned primarily by the top 1% of Bermudians. Their service motto “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else, BTW we own the competition too you know”. TBI will be okay, their boys run the country now.

  39. Concerned Citizen says:

    I do not understand how Dr. gibbons allowed this merger to occur. But then again, it’s now a one stop shop. Previously, a telecoms provider would need permission from the “business development minister” who gave the sign-off so that the telecoms minister can give the go ahead. Well, Dr. Gibbons is the minister of both. That means that the Minister has allowed this to happen, and I bet the RA CEO and Commissioners did not know anything about it.
    Digicel and Link should be Very concerned and it’s clear due process has not been followed, and the ole boys shareholder interest is in full effect.
    Has anyone noticed the poor service from northrock over the last month? I got an email on Friday from them apologising for the technical difficulties and 15 min later, received another email from them announcing the merger! Guess what, there are no technical difficulties, just northrock and key tech merging their systems!
    I hope the RA, which suppose to be independent, puts a stop to this OBA old boy network. They are back in full power now, and yes, it’s a conflict of interest fr grant gibbons, as we know that he and his family are shareholders and creditors of both companies. The OBA are the UBP, crony capitalist, corporate opportunist. Their ole boys network do not like competition, and they certainly do not care about customer service. They are from an age of monopolies, and haven’t evolved into 21 st century.
    This is terrible new, and Link and Digicel should appeal to the RA or the courts. Dr. gibbons and the OBA are not good for ths industry, as Link and Digicel now know! At least under the PLP and it’s last Minister Marc Bean, we had fairness across the board! Smh!

  40. Time Shall Tell says:

    I wonder if Logitech is going to adopt the data limit caps per month with penalty fees for overages like Northrock does?

  41. Eliza says:

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