Video: Heather Nova Hosts Online Concert

June 2, 2013

Bermuda’s alternative rock star Heather Nova treated her fans around the world to a live online request show on Saturday [June 1] via a webcast.

To help her build a fan-created set list for the event, she asked fans to vote online for their favorite songs in the weeks leading up to the show.

Prior to the e-concert, Ms Nova said, “It’s going to be low-key: Me and my guitar filmed on the laptop at home. It’ll be nice to revisit some of the songs I haven’t played in many years.

“I’ve never done this before, so I’m curious to know what it’s going to feel like….playing ‘live’ but without being able to see/feel/hear the audience.”

The 1 hr 15 mins webcast replay is below:

During the course of her 20-year career the Bermudian recording artist — born Heather Frith — has released 12 albums and more than 20 singles.

The musician and poet has toured internationally and her songs have been featured on the soundtracks of movies including John Cusack’s “Serendipity” and Sean Penn’s “I Am Sam.”

Her 2005 release “Together As One” was an EP supporting the Bermuda Sloop Foundation which operates the Bermuda sail training ship “Spirit of Bermuda.”

Heather Nova’s brother is reggae singer Mishka.

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