Video Set #1: 2013 John Lennon Peace Concert

September 22, 2013

[Updated with more videos] Despite a small sprinkling of rain, crowds of people packed the Botanical Gardens on Saturday evening [Sept 21] for the second annual John Lennon Peace Day Concert, which saw a slew of entertainers take the stage.

Speaking after the concert, promoter Tony Brannon said, “I want to thank everyone who really helped so much. I am so proud of the Bermudian singers, they all stepped up an a big stage and delivered.”

Mr Brannon thanked the Bermuda Department of Tourism, Department of Parks, all the sponsors, the press, all the volunteers for their tireless work, as well as Premier Tickets, and said to “stay tuned for 2014.”

We will have substantially more coverage later on, and in the meantime the first set of videos is below.

All You Need Is Love with Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell & Shadow Minister Wayne Furbert:

Bermuda School of Music:

Jimmy Keys:

Robert Sai Emery:

McCartney K:

Phil Morrison & Mark Brown:

Joy T Barnum:

K Gabrielle:

Rachel Brown:

Heather Nova:

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  1. frank says:

    it rained most of the time but at the gate they would not let you bring in an umbrella I suppose that would have effected the rain coat sales

  2. My Kind says:

    Delayed at the gate for 30 minutes cos they didn’t have the correct wrist band (DUH!). After that it rained most of the time and you weren’t allowed umbrellas. In other words, a brilliant show!!!!!!

    Couple of the local acts dragged on a bit but they only did one or two songs each so no problem really.

    All in all a great evening.

  3. media says:

    Great show Tony. I could see your face beaming with the audience participation to your Nelson Mandela song “Free”. The rain only slightly got in the way of a wonderful night as we ducked down under our illegal umbrella! The event was first class. I though Jimmy Keys was the perfect MC entertainer to keep thing going. The Splash Band was terrific with their Marley songs and the Fab Faux were excellent. They were top notch musicians and were not just another copy cat Beatles band. They added there own flare. Looking forward to next year…

  4. Pax vobiscum says:

    An impressive evening! Everything ran like clockwork – and it was so good to experience such a professional and musically high quality event at home in Bermuda. Local musicians/singers were outstanding, and the visiting bands were the best. Congratulations to Tony Brannon and Michael Friesenbruch – and all the best for 2014.

  5. Kiskadee says:

    It was obvious that we were in for a wet evening yet we were not allowed to bring in umbrellas. I won’t be attending next year if that rule is still in effect . We were soaked to the skin and it spoiled the evening somewhat. A suggestion for the future. Put on one of the top groups first instead of the local entertainers. We only saw the top group for 15 minutes as we were so wet we left early as many people did