Video Set #2: 2012 John Lennon Tribute Concert

September 23, 2012

An estimated 2,000 people attended the first ever John Lennon Tribute Concert held at the Botanical Gardens on Friday night [Sept 21], which saw dozens of artists from Bermuda and overseas join forces for the concert.

Organizer Tony Brannon called the event a “fabulous night” and said it went beyond what he ever hoped it could have. He said there were an estimated 2,000 people in attendance; spread out on the actual field of Botanical Gardens, as well as in the bleacher and hill areas.

“It was a mammoth task to assemble 27 artists and have everything flow so smoothly,” said Mr Brannon. “The person who can be commended for making the show run so smoothly was Jennifer Phillips, who whipped everything into shape so there were no delays. There were so many things that could have gone wrong, but they didn’t. I still can’t believe it went as well as did!”

“I have had so many emails today saying how wonderful it was…the Tourism Minister said he was blown away,” said Mr Brannon. “It took a serious amount of planning, but the beautiful thing was everyone pulled together. I got loads of great people together and connected the dots. The proof was in the result.”

Mr Brannon noted that 80% of the show was Bermudian, and there was some relatively unknown local talent “who blew people away.” He called the night “magical” and said that everything came together,and even the weather co-operated.

When asked he if was planning to do anything like this concert again, Mr Brannon laughed and said: “I need to decompress, and suck in some oxygen and regenerate my batteries.” He said he would be amenable if it could be done at the same level, as he would not want it to be lower in quality.

The 32-track double CD  that was done in conjunction with the Concert was available for purchase at the event, and Mr Brannon said he was quite pleased with the sales thus far.

“My next mission is to organize the international release of the CD,” said Mr Brannon. “We will change the flow and change a few things about the international release. We will tweak it a little bit, make a few improvements where we can.”

Mr Brannon said he hoped to launch the CD in UK first, and then “go from there.” The CD won’t be made available on iTunes until the internatonal version is released, however it is available at Gorhams, Music Box, Rock Island Coffee and Freisenbruch Meyer on Front Street.

Roy Young:

K. Gabrielle aka Kassandra Caines:

Robert Sai Emery:

Christina & Julia Frith:

Heather Nova:

The Von Friths:

Bailey & Tallula Tzuke:

Steve Easton:

We will be uploading the final set of videos of the concert, and you can view our first set of videos here, and all our photos/coverage of the John Lennon Tribute Concert thus far here.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    WOW! 2000 people! Good going Tony & the rest of your team. One has to wonder what you could have achieved if given the chance a few years ago?

    It would have been far better than faith based tourism or cultural tourism I’ll bet.

  2. Uzimon Army says:

    Wheres the uzimon footage? His performance was by far the best.

    • Bernews says:

      If you click on the links provided in the article, you can find the rest of the videos…there are about 25 in total, so we did them in sets…