31 Yr Old Receives 3 Year Sentence For Burglary

October 30, 2013

Andre Tucker, 31, who had earlier pleaded guilty to burglarizing a house in Cavendish Heights in Pembroke on 13th September 2013, was this morning [Oct 30] sentenced to three years in prison to be followed by two years probation.

The victim impact statements from the nine year-old girl and her mother who were both in the house at the time were read out in Court. Both statements recounted the trauma and post-trauma impacts of the September break-in.

The nine year-old said that she was now always frightened, was always scared coming back to her own home – especially at night; and was in counselling. Her mother said that she was suffering from sleepless nights and, at night, jumped at every little sound. She said that her daughter had asked to leave Bermuda and live elsewhere.

A woman who said that she was a friend of Tucker stood and told Senior Magistrate Archie Warner that Tucker, who she said had five children, had a drug habit and needed help for this habit. She said that she had been helping him, and that since coming off probation in August 2013, Tucker had sought help but had been turned away by several agencies.

Tucker said that he had been “getting high since he was fourteen years old.” He said that he had been doing well when he was in the care of the Drug Court and needed help.

The Senior Magistrate said that Tucker’s record showed that over the years, Tucker had been put into every program that was available. The Magistrate went on to say that this particular offence was a very serious offence. He said it is more insidious because it violates personal security and a person’s home.

The Magistrate then handed down the three year sentence. Immediately after, the female friend got up and saying something that was unclear, and stormed out of the public gallery.

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  1. sage says:

    And so the revolving door system continues…

  2. watch says:

    Tucker boy u still at it. Stop de s*** bra. Its getting old.

  3. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    hmmmm…no mention of which drug was his addiction …had it been cannabis the headline would’ve been… HEAR YE! HEAR YE!..MARIJUANA!! addict convicted of burglary.

  4. Herb says:

    This guy is on something more than bud!

  5. godson says:

    Yep, if he has been through every program available to him and is still on this unfortunate path…why are they sending him back to prison? It would be more beneficial to send him overseas to get the help he truly needs..If not the cycle will continue, and more innocent people will fall victim to his habitual negative behavior…we need to help SAVE OUR YOUNG MEN, OR WE WILL BE FIGHTING EVEN HARDER TO SAVE OUR ISLAND IN THE FUTURE- peace n love

    • just a thought says:

      Because thats what the system is all about… FAILURE!!!!!

  6. ABM says:

    SHould have given him more time. It was his choice to take the drug and his choice to continue using it. That old addicted cop out excuse is getting just that, OLD!!

    He needs to man up, and own his mistakes! He has 5 children right? Now he should imagine how they would feel if someone had done that to one of them!!

    • Indepedent says:

      @ ABM,

      I can tell you know nothing about drugs, because if you did, you would understand it’s a real addiction. No cop out or excuse, real addiction. Being your on the internet, look it up. There is plenty evidence to prove my point.

      • Hmmm says:

        Yes, but you reconize the danger signs, stay away from access people.

        He should have recognized the signs and gone for help. i know that’s not easy…but life ain’t easy addict or not, but you still got to climb those steps to do the right thing.

      • ABM says:

        Sorry, but i know all to well what its like. At the end of the day he needs to nut up and say NO! Only he can get himself off of drugs, no program is going to help a person who doesn’t really want help. Speaking from experience here.

  7. JusMyOpinion says:

    Unfortunately guys think once they become drug free they don’t need to go to nightly meetings. They think they can hang around company that drinks and smokes and that’s where they go wrong. You get clean, and to stay clean you need to continue the program even when you are released . You have to continue your meetings and you MUST stay away from company that can send you back to using. This includes relationships with the opposite sex. You shouldn’t involve yourself in a relationship until you are at least 2 years drug free. Because as you know clean or addict women can send you.

    • TOM says:

      Poor Tucker boy,
      Drug addictions are serious. He just recently relapsed. He was clean for a while. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

  8. Kiwana says:

    Clearly he wants the help, so why not give him the help he NEEDS!! Praying you for you Andre. Bless x