Berkeley Students Raise $1500 After Typhoon

November 15, 2013

The Berkeley Institute Student Council has organised multiple school efforts to support the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, and as of this writing have already raised over $1,500.

The students had a “grub day” today [Nov 15] which so far has raised over $1,500. Students were asked to wear the colours of the Philippines flag, and donate a minimum of $1, however many students donated more, with some chipping in up to $20.

Berkeley has 5 Filipino students who assisted in today’s collection and are pictured below:


Student Council President, Lady Carmela Robinson said: “Within our Berkeley family are a few Filipinos, including myself, whose families have been affected by the storm. This affects us as a whole community.

“Any other donations from members of the community can be made at the main office of the Berkeley Institute between the hours of 8:30am – 4:00pm on November 15, 2013. Please help those who are in need. Mabuhay Pilipinas – Long live the Philippines!”

Student Council President, Lady Carmela Robinson:


As of yesterday, the Bermuda Red Cross has received a total of $105,600 which includes pledges from Digicel Bermuda and Bermuda Government. Quite a few schools and organisations are holding grub days and fundraisers, so that amount od expected to rise.

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  1. Concerned observer says:

    Did i read it right that the president of student council is a filipino?

    • Family Man says:

      Is there a problem with that?

    • Clive Spate says:

      If that is your first thought after reading such a positive story about the efforts of the young people on this island then I feel for you.

      Well done students!!

    • Media says:

      Bermudian too! Fancy that!

      Well done raising all that money.

    • Micro says:

      That right, and she’s doing an excellent job

    • Berkeley Head Boy says:

      Yes, and I for one think it is great that the Berkeley Institute students VOTED for a dedicated, passionate, intelligent student council president regardless of her country of origin. It shows that not all of us are as small minded and childish as some, specifically the “Concerned” Hater above.

      I will not allow your hate to counteract such a positive story.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        What kind of person would ‘dislike’ this comment? These kids are a great example to all of us about getting along with each other. And about doing something to help others when they need it. I admire what they’ve done, and how they did it.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Why are you concerned? Are you afraid that she’ll take your job when she graduates?

  2. Sandy Bottom says:

    Well done. What great kids.

  3. Worth Mentioning says:

    Yes, the Student Council President, Lady Carmela Robinson is Filipino and she is beautiful.

  4. Really?? says:

    I hv a lot of Filipino friends and I find them to be very respectful and well mannered. My heart goes out the the Philippines and anything I can do to help I already have and will continue to do so. Well done for raising funds to help this country.

  5. Cdogal says:

    You’re all doing a good job Carmela. Salamat.

  6. Victor says:

    Well Done Students, you are a fine example for the entire community to emulate, and indeed many of you are clearly tomorrow’s leaders.

  7. Prayerful says:

    Good job Berkeley. Respice Finem

  8. One of those amazing students is my sister. I’m so proud of you for doing the right thing. Mahal kita! :)

  9. S4 STUDENT says:

    Carmela is a hardworking, well mannered, determines young lady! She has outstanding grades but a more outstanding personality! She’s student council president because she fully deserved it! Its sad, that you took a good story and turned it into this!

    Anyways, go Berkeley #tunnnnup

  10. thankful says:

    Thank you to all Berkeley students who helped out and to the staff and teachers who endlessly supporting the student council on every step they make. I commend you all for your efforts! I believe that these efforts is not only helping the typhoon victims but it is also teaching our youth to be kind, understanding, to have the feeling of empathy and to accept people regardless of race and nationality. This is the time when people unite for the common good. Also, I would like to thank you all for the kind comments and support. God bless.-Carmela’s mom