Logic Opens Centre For Free Calls To Phillipines

November 13, 2013

Members of the island’s Filipino community trying to contact family back home have been given a helping hand by Logic Communications who are offering free long distance calls to the Philippines from their Victoria Street retail store.

On Friday [Nov 8] the Philippines was battered by Typhoon Haiyan, leaving thousands dead and millions affected. The had sustained winds reaching 195 miles per hour with gusts well over 200mph, and destroyed the majority of structures in its path.

A spokesperson for Logic said, “Our hearts go out to the Philippines and the members of our community in Bermuda, whose friends and family were affected by this tragic event.

“We understand that loved ones are still trying to connect with family members overseas.

“We would like to invite all members of the community in Bermuda to come to the retail store at 30 Victoria street, where there will be phones set up to make free long distance calls to the Philippines between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:00PM from Thursday November 14th, to Friday November 22nd. Please note the store will be closed November 16th and 17th.

“Logic will also have computer terminals set up to use the internet to connect with friends and family overseas,” the spokesperson concluded.

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Very thoughtful Logic

  2. O.k Digicel makes a effort to do something which I think is commendable and now logic, I do hope this is done out of sincerity because I did read a quote where a Filipino national was so impressed with Digicels gesture that they vowed that they were going to get all their family members to leave the other carrier Cell One and go Digicel ,then they promised to tell all their friends and family also.

    It is called marketing strategies but I hope it is being done in good faith because to often situations like this disaster, finds people becoming more of a victim to a scheme for others to get a bang for the buck through. just do your research and see how many companies in recent years through out a carrot for you to eat in hopes of taking you for a ride, that in the long run you pay out more to them that you can ever get in return.

    In short for the smart one that think’s they are brilliant, why not lower your rates across the board, period. cell phone rates have got to be the highest in the world in Bermuda and the deals offered by all cell phone companies are plain ridiculous, many though this about long distance when we only had B.T.C, paying $1 a minute and higher, now you can get a plan almost anywhere for less then $40 a month to have unlimited long distance calling to the U.S , Canada and the U.K.

    So if that works why we see the ridiculous rates on cell usage.

    • watcher55 says:

      Hey clown do you really think this is the correct forum for your rant, this is about people helping people and companies using their products to help people

    • Landlubber says:

      You can see it for what it is, Duane, but most can’t. These big companies turn tragedies like this into opportunities-that is the reality of it. It’s a winning situation for them-sad but true.

    • Wondering Why??? says:

      Who cares why they’re doing it?
      If they are being genuine, or simply competitive, we will never know. At least they’re doing something to help, rather than just running their mouth.
      Stop being a s@!t stirrer for once in your life!!!

  3. No Effin Way! says:

    Um, if telecommunications is down, what use are phone calls?

    This is nothing than a marketing ploy!

  4. Im just being honest . not future though says:

    Ok I understand helping the Philippine community is good but what about our own? I see people in the city of Hamilton sleeping on benches and side walks and its not just Hamilton its all over the island and no one wants to help them out, but as soon as something happens overseas we throw out our support real fast but yet we can support our own? GET IT TOGETHER BERMUDA! . . . helping is a beautiful thing but we need to take care of our own first !

    • Paradox says:

      Let me see, we pay our taxes to fund social assistance and food programs, we donate to Salvation Army and food banks, we donate clothing and other goods to the homeless, we give to the homeless and hungry and we are not taking care of our own? are you for real?…I thought not

      • Landlubber says:

        Paradox, you need to get out there and open your eyes to what’s going on in this country. Folks like you don’t want to know the true situation or you would know. It’s out of sight, out of mind for you. There are kids laying in bed right now who have gone to bed without a meal in their tummies, do you know that? Are YOU for real???

        • Paradox says:

          The discussion is around homeless people, try and pay attention please

    • Handbag Basher says:

      Im just being honest . not future though

      STFU!!! smuck!

  5. Well well says:

    To: “I’m Just being honest..not future though” what the heck are you doing to help those Bermudians living on the streets? Are you opening your door offering a hot meal or shower….hmmmm? We must all remember that Bermuda is a vulnerable place and something like this could very well happen here and we’d all welcome any help and support. How can we expect help/relief in times of crisis if we turn our backs on others. I applaud Bermuda government, businesses and individual people who are donating any little they can. All you negative minded people need to take a long hard look in the mirror before running your mouths about how bad you have it. Living in Bermuda is a breeze compared to most other places in the world.

  6. maria says:

    thank you Logic

  7. Mark Orchard says:

    Way to go Logic. The right thing to do!

  8. swing voter says:

    reading thru these comments, some of us are spewing some anal comments. The Filipino community are the most benign group of guest workers that exist, they organize trash-a-ton events to clean up our neighborhoods and they don’t make noise.