Nahki Wells Scores Hat-Trick Against Coventry

November 17, 2013

[Updated: Wells scores hat-trick to take his tally up to 12 goals this season. The game ends in 3-3 draw]

Nahki Wells is in top form, striking in the 17th minute and 28th minute of today’s [Nov 17] game against Coventry City, marking the first time he has scored following his recent layoff due to an injury.

The 23 year old Bermudian returned to the game late last month after going off during Bradford’s match against Shrewsbury Town on September 28th after taking a hard knock to his foot causing ligament damage.

Wells during the match against Wolves last month, photo by Claire Epton:

Bradford City V Wolves

Wells was in fine form during the first half, finding the back of the net in the 17th minute and 28th minute to keep Bradford to within one.

The score was 2-0, Wells scored twice to pull Bradford even, however Coventry scored again in the 42nd minute to go one ahead.

As of this writing, Bradford is down 3-2 to Coventry with a few minutes remaining in the first half, which has been a high scoring affair. We will update with the final score as able.

Update 1.28pm: It’s a hat-trick! Nahki Wells makes a huge return from injury with three goals, he follows up his two first half goals with a third in the last seconds of the game, converted a penalty during stoppage time. The final score was 3-3.

Update 2.42pm: Thanks to YouTuber Charlotte Swithenbank, a video of Wells third goal [penalty] is below

Update 6.19pm: Speaking after the game, Wells said: “It was a great game and an unbelievable atmosphere. Both teams created chances and played their part, I’m just glad we grabbed a point in the end. I think a draw was a fair result in the end.

“I just wanted to come out and give it my best. Thankfully, my hard work has paid off and I’ve got a hat-trick. I am not the one who deserved all the plaudits though. Big James Hanson did well, the entire team did well really to get us back in the match.

“I am just thankful that I could play my part in getting us a point. We’re just off the Play-Offs with this point and it keeps us right in there.”

Update 7.27pm: UK photographer Claire Epton posted a photo gallery from today’s game, with quite a few nice shots of Wells. One shot of Wells celebrating is below, and the full photo gallery here.

Byline Claire Epton/Bradford City FC

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  1. fed up says:

    Good game Wells team fought hard today.Good come back. Coventry should have had a red card today.

    • Well, Well, Wells says:

      What a return to the game. This kid has some real talent, as many have already said in the last year.

      @Fed Up, where are you seeing the games??? I would love to see him some Bradford games.

  2. Soldier says:

    I watched this game via the internet live/ It was also on sky sports. This young chap is gonna be very great, he has a very balanced game, he never panics under any pressure, he has composure beyond his years. The first goal was a flick on header from James Hanson that fell to Wells. The defender mistimed the clearance, Wells was there with one defender to beat and so very calmly slipped the ball between his legs. Awesome stuff.
    The 2nd goal was said to be offside by the commentators, but not the linesman!!! he is very brave because the goal he scored he could’ve
    been seriously hurt by the keeper. He managed to get between the defender and the keeper coming at full speed steered the ball pass him, again a great goal.
    To take that penalty at that time proves this kid has balls of steel… Man you are looking at 4 mins injury time gone, last kick of the game. 3 -2 with 15,000 fans chanting your name sitting on a hat-trick. As he ran up I was so damn nervous, the keeper went the right way but he put too much pace on it for the keeper… Great game!!!!!!! Hope you’ll visualized it,,, Peace !!!!

  3. Mazumbo says:


  4. observer says:

    this kid is the real thing !

  5. andre says:

    Bermuda when you need a lift look no further. ..Nahki Wells!

    • Um Jus Sayin says:

      A true inspiration for other young athletes. It will take hard work, but look at the results!!!!

  6. Soldier says:

    If Sky Sports can show this game live I can’t see why there is no television station or even channel 2 that can’t get some kind of a pass to show it too, Come on BDA we are talkn about our own bread & born but as soon as he does well we the first to read headlines… BERMUDA BORN Whoever…… Thats poor in my opinion, No wonder Parfitt is disowning this damn country. He too scored a hat trick today for West Ham Youth and he is claiming California!!!!!!! LOL

  7. Man Utd. says:

    All the way to Old Trafford!

  8. fed up says:

    You can watch the games on this site

  9. Hmmmm says:

    Nice Nahki, proud of your commitment and work rate… the team rewarded you with the opportunities and you rewarded them with a hat-trick. Keep it up ! Proud here.

  10. Kiwana says:

    Congratulations Nahki and all the best for the future!! Bless x

  11. Prayerful says:

    He’s definitely back! My eyes are filled with tears when I read the play by play from soldier.

    I wish my grandsons could see Wells play.