No Significant Anti-Social Behaviour Over Holiday

December 27, 2013

The Bermuda Police Service said they “would like to thank the public for their cooperation during the Christmas period as there were no significant occurrences of anti-social behaviour reported during the two day holiday.”

This makes a significant and welcome change from last year, when the holiday was marred by an act of extreme violence, with 20-year-old Malcolm Augustus shot and killed on the St George’s golf course just after midnight on Christmas Day.

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    so Spitting in a Referee’s face by some scumbag is Not Anti Social Behaviour?

  2. Perplexed Smith says:

    I think a naked man in a ski mask terrorizing the residents of Warwick falls into the category of anti -social behaviour.

  3. Tricks Are For Kids says:

    The article Clearly states that there were no significant occurrences of anti social behavior when compared with last year this time when a murder took place. It did NOT say that there were No incidences…….. Read with understanding….

  4. X man says:

    They should have just stated that the Holiday had a few minor incidents.
    It really shows how much they know.

  5. sage says:

    I was walking along Shelly Bay and said “good afternoon” to a young lady who didn’t bother to respond, would this be classified as significant or insignificant anti-social behavior?